How to Record a Podcast on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - June 29, 2022, Last Modified: July 2, 2022
How to Record a Podcast on iPhone

How to record a podcast on iPhone? An interesting query, especially among content creators who tends to avoid complicated gadgets and mounts for podcasting. However, before solving this puzzle, first, we should have a clear concept about recording podcasts on iPhone. You should also know the tools required to record a podcast on your iPhone in the first place.


When discussing podcasts, it typically refers to a series of audio or video-recorded programs on the internet. The audio or video content of a podcast can be original or recorded for television or radio broadcasting. The content, on the other hand, covers a wide range of topics, including casual, humorous, lifestyle, educational lectures, national or international events, etc.


So, now as you have learned quite a bit about podcasting and the equipment needed to make one, it’s time to explore the processes of recording a podcast on an iPhone.


How to record a podcast on iPhone | Different methods

Different podcast recording options on iPhone

When talking about how to record a podcast on iPhone, certain necessities cannot be ignored. Professional podcasting requires a wide range of equipment, for instance, a computer, mic mount and mic stand, mixer, headphone amplifier, etc.


All these heavy tools limit mobility. Luckily, you got an iPhone, which is the most convenient and competitive alternative of these tools that fits comfortably in your pocket. An iPhone often seems to pair up with specialized apps to record podcasts on iPhone. Nevertheless, there are ways to do that correctly using your iPhone.


There are two ways to record a podcast with iPhone. You can either get a specialized third-party app or use iPhone default podcasting functions which also work fine. Now you might have doubts about the quality of your podcast using an iPhone. We assure you that iPhone is very competitive, and the rendered results are superb.


Moreover, you apparently get instant editing and sharing facilities after recording a podcast. If that’s not enough, you can also add up podcast equipment for iPhone to further boost the audio outcomes.


Record podcast on iPhone with a third-party app

show various third-party apps for podcast on iPhone

The query on how to record a podcast on iPhone brings up many third-party apps from App Store in return. Apps like Podbean, AudioShare, etc., have excellent podcasting capabilities. Each of these apps is super easy to use and gives you impressive results. All you have to do is simply download one of the podcast apps from the App Store, get it for your iPhone, and you are good to go with your next podcast program.


Record a podcast using the default function of the iPhone

show default process for podcast on iPhone

While podcasting is more convenient with a third-party app, there is another option as well. The iPhone has a built-in function to make podcasting anywhere, anytime. However, for the best result, you need an external microphone and a sound managing app to reduce background noise as well as boost voice clarity, followed by the Voice Memos app on your iPhone.


The Voice Memos app comes in default and helps you make a reasonable podcast. Moreover, with an external microphone device and an additional sound controller for the final audio tweaking process, you can create impressive podcast shows for audiences. When going native, the Voice Memos is not the only option. Try Garageband, for advanced options.


Garageband is one of Apple’s native apps and has a dedicated podcasting function. Whether you wish to record a podcast on an iPad or iPhone, the Garageband can be a reliable tool. The app not only has a dedicated podcast station but also has effective editing and audio-enhancing tools that let you create smooth content.


Moreover, it is so effective that many professional podcasters have been using it for years. So, once the app is installed, you get the Audio Recorder module under the Tracks function. Following that, you have to tap on the + icon to make some audio adjustments before beginning your record for podcasting. Garageband offers many audio effects to wrap up your podcast and make it sound more professional.




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