How to Record a YouTube Live Stream on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - June 28, 2022, Last Modified: June 29, 2022
How to Record a Youtube Live Stream on iPhone

Live video streaming is a good way to reach a mass audience on the internet. Top social sites and media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc., all have dedicated options for users to create streaming channels. Live streaming, especially on YouTube, is much easy now and doesn’t need special equipment as long as you have an iPhone in your hand. Did you know that it is possible to record YouTube live stream on iPhone? Yes, you can do that, and we will guide you on how to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone with ease.

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Why do you need to record a live stream on iPhone


Before we describe how to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone, let’s have an idea of why users seek this function in the first place. Typically, when you are on YouTube, you frequently see influencers go live, selling products, motivating, advising, sharing experiences, trendy news, etc.


We bet, at some point, you felt that it would be great if you could record them for future availability. The grief is even greater when you discover that the YouTube video you wanted to watch has been deleted, removed, or moved to private.

Video removed notification on Youtube

Now, when talking about YouTube live video capturing, it is different from the query of how to record YouTube videos on iPhone. Fortunately, YouTube streaming video recording is possible, and the process is convenient. In fact, there are two ways to record YouTube live streams on your iPhone.


How to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone | 2 easy processes


Now comes the main subject of this article, and that is how to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone. We confirm that the process is super simple and doesn’t take a whole day for the setup. There are several third-party YouTube live stream recorder apps for iPhone, making the process convenient. Nevertheless, it is possible to record a live stream on iPhone without third-party apps. We will discuss both scenarios so that you can choose the best way to record a YouTube live stream.


How to record streaming video with the default function

Default screen capturing function of iPhone

So, as mentioned earlier, the default process doesn’t involve any external apps. iPhone has an integrated screen recording feature that does the job. To record a YouTube live stream, you first have to swipe down the control center from the top right of the iPhone screen. You will get the Record button. Tap on it, and it will start recording your iPhone screen.


Next, launch the YouTube app on your iPhone and watch the live stream till the end. Once the streaming is over, pull down the control center again and tap the screen record option to finish the recording session. You can do this operation in-between the live stream watching session as well. Simply drag down the control center while on YouTube and hit screen recorder to record the whole streaming session.


How to record a streaming video-Quick steps

  • Drag down the control center from the top right of your iPhone screen.
  • Hit the Screen Recorder icon.
  • Move out from the control center and launch the YouTube App.
  • Play the Live stream show you like to record.
  • Orient the video stream to full screen.
  • Once the live show is finished, Leave from full-screen mode.
  • Pull down the control center again.
  • Tap the Screen Recorder to end the screen recording session.
  • You will get the recorded video on the Photos.
  • Trim out the unnecessary portions from the recorded clip.

How to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone with third-party apps

Screen Recorder for iPhone screen recording live Youtube video

The second method uses a third-party app. Many apps on the App Store provide the specialized function to record live streams from YouTube. Some of the best apps, like Screen Recorder for iPhone, Live Recorder, etc., from the App Store, make the YouTube stream download convenient.


Most of these apps have dedicated functions that allow you to screen record the screen with one tap. This is true for the default screen recorder. However, these apps offer instant video cropping and advanced enhancing functions, which you cannot get with the in-built iPhone options.


In Summary


Now you have more than one solution to deal with the quest of how to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone. You can choose either default function, which is the easiest and quickest way to record YouTube live video. Nevertheless, the procedure with a third-party app is relatively more dynamic. You can instantly record, edit, and enhance a video in one go.


Additionally, these apps come with multiple other features. For instance, Screen Recorder for iPhone gives you audio commentary-making, face-cam reacting, and other functions along with a screen recording option. Now, if you have a Mac and would like to get similar tips for it, then don’t miss our article on how to record screen on Mac with audio.

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