How to Record Screen on iPhone 12

how to record screen on iPhone 12

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The iPhone 12 is a better option than the newer iPhone 13 series when it comes to value. Apart from some minor differences, these two versions of the iPhone are identical. Furthermore, Apple continues to lack compelling screen recording features. So, how to record the screen on iPhone 12 with advanced tools? You can do that with a third-party app like Screen Recorder for iPhone. Alternatively, you can choose to rely on the native tools provided by Apple on their iPhone for basic screen recording.


Learn how to record screen on iPhone 12 with Screen Recorder for iPhone app


Screen Recorder for iPhone is not an ordinary screen capturing app. Its design and functionality speak of versatility. This app shows utmost detail to give users the freedom to record screens in various ways. Say you want to screen record on iPhone 12 and broadcast simultaneously; it provides these tools. What about making GIFs out of videos or screen recording with a microphone? Screen Recorder for iPhone gives you the tools for that too. Therefore, follow the steps below to learn how to record the screen on iPhone 12 with the screen recorder app.

Want to learn how to screen record on iPhone conveniently? Install Screen Recorder for iPhone for free from the App Store and explore its advanced features

Learn how to record screen on iPhone 12 with simple steps

how to screen record on iPhone 12 with simple steps
  • Download and launch Screen Recorder for iPhone
  • Adjust the video settings (optional) and press the START button on the first menu of Screen Recorder for iPhone
  • Tap the Microphone icon at the bottom to enable screen recording with audio
  • Now, select Start Broadcast from the menu that appears
  • A three-second timer will appear, after which screen recording will begin
  • Minimize the Screen Recorder for iPhone; it will capture everything on your screen
  • To halt the procedure, select Stop from the red pill in the top left corner of your screen
  • You’ll get a notification; press it to go right to the editing menu of the app
  • You may trim, modify the volume or speed of your taken video, apply filters and stickers there
  • Now, tap on the Export button at the top right corner and select an export resolution of the video
  • Finally, tap on Save to Photos to save the video on your iPhone 12. You also have the option to share the video to other platforms from the same menu


Learn how to record screen on iPhone 12 with the inbuilt screen recorder app


The inbuilt app for screen recording on iPhone is a handy tool. It is surprising why Apple has not introduced any new features for this nifty tool. For other variants like the iPhone 12 Mini, Pro, and Pro Max, the sceen recording tool remains the same. The native screen recorder is a fast and convenient tool for basic recording. But first, you will need to add a screen record to your iPhone 12 Control Center. Let’s find out how to do that.


Steps on how to add screen recording to Control Center on your iPhone 12

how to add screen record on iPhone 12
  • Tap Settings on your iPhone 12
  • Scroll down a bit and select Control Center
  • Now you will see a list of controls
  • Then, scroll down and find Screen Recording
  • Now, tap on the green plus icon to add the tool to the Control Center
  • Bring down the Control Center from the top of your screen to find the Screen Recording icon


Step by step guide on how to screen record on iPhone 12

steps on how to setup screen record on iPhone 12
  • Bring down the Control Center
  • Find and long-press the Screen Recording button
  • Tap on the Microphone button to activate sound capturing
  • Now, press on Start Recording button
  • After three seconds of the countdown, the recording will start
  • Stop the recording process by bringing up the Control Center and tapping the Screen Recording button
  • Alternately, you can stop screen recording on your iPhone by tapping the red status bar at the top of your screen


How to screen record on other versions of iPhone 12 and 13


Every iPhone model that has received the iOS 14 update can screen record. So, adding the screen recording button on the control center is similar. You may follow the steps we discussed above on how to record the screen on iPhone 12. If you are wondering about the other variants of the iPhone 13 model. As said before, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max all have the latest iOS update.


Closing words


This article has gone through ways to learn how to screen record on iPhone 12. The steps are easy to follow, the choice is also simple for you. With the third-party app Screen Recorder for iPhone, you may experiment with advanced features. If you want to make it simple and basic, utilize the iPhone’s built-in screen recorder. We hope this article has helped you determine which choice is best for you to screen capture on iPhone 12.

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