How to Record Your Screen on the iPhone & Use Advanced Features of the Screen Recorder App

Article By: admin - March 29, 2021, Last Modified: March 8, 2022
screen recorder app for iphone

Video has become a prominent media in our everyday lives & its presence is only going to spread over time. The idea is simple here – show more through videos & write less. Fortunately, the Screen Recorder for iPhone app makes it easy to follow that idea by letting you capture videos without a hitch.


iPhone didn’t support screen capturing by default before. However, the integration of the built-in native screen recording feature since iOS 11 means Apple has finally realized its potential. iPhone sports basic functionalities to record your screen of iPhone, but if you’re looking to go beyond the fundamental video capturing experience, a third-party app is the best bet.


Screen Recorder for iPhone lets you do a lot more than just a simple recording of your screen. Add reaction to any videos, including YouTube videos, with ease by following simple steps. Looking to create some tutorials on different topics or games, perhaps? You’re all set! Also, record gameplay seamlessly by doing screen capture with the audio or adding commentary to the videos later on.


As a recording app, it has more to its arsenal, namely, an integrated powerful video recording editor. Trim your videos, adjust volume, change speed & even add video filters; enhance your videos however you desire. Undoubtedly, iPhone’s default capturing option won’t let you edit the recorded videos the way this app does.

How to screen record with iPhone

Intuitive design already makes navigating through the app really simple. The process of recording video is pretty straightforward too. Nevertheless, to clear any sort of confusion, we’ll walk you through the methods on how to capture your iPhone screen.

Install the Screen Recorder for iPhone app for free from the App Store to record your screen. You can make reaction videos, make GIFs from videos, add commentaries, and much more.

Step 1. Set video recording preference to record a video

1. Download the Screen Recorder app & open it.

2. Tap on the Resolution, Bit Rate, or Frame Rate button to change the recording parameter. Video quality & size will vary depending on how you set the recording settings; so, choose according to your requirement.

Customize settings in the free screen capture app1
Customize settings in the free screen capture app2
Customize settings in the-free screen capture app3

Step 2. Start video screen capture process

1. Before the recording, switch on iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature by tapping the crescent moon button from the Control Center menu to ensure no notification pops up during the recording. Pressing & holding the Do Not Disturb button will show more options for you to choose from.

Record your iPhone home screen

2. Start capturing your iPhone’s screen by pressing the Record button. It will pop-up a new window & from there, if you tap on the Start Broadcast button, a 3-second countdown will initiate. And the device will start recording automatically when the timer ends. Recording YouTube videos are also plausible & have never been this easier.

3. If you’re looking for recording audio along with video capturing, tap on the Microphone Off icon.

Turn on/off microphone during screen recording

4. While the recording is ongoing, there will be a red bar at the top right side of the screen.

Step 3. Stop screen video recorder

1. Stop a recording by pressing on the red area on the upper right side of the screen. You can also stop it by switching to the recording app again & by pressing the Stop Recording button.

2. When you stop the recording, a notification will pop-up saying that the video has been saved. Now, we’re all set for some sweet editing!

Step 4. Use built-in screen recorder editor

1. As soon as the recording is stopped, you’ll get options to edit your videos. You can edit your saved videos later on as well if you want. Press on Trim to cut out any unnecessary parts from your videos.

2. By tapping on Volume, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the sound of any given segment of the videos.

3. The Speed tool in the editor allows you to adjust the speed of videos at any time. Speed it up or slow it down – only you have the creative power.

4. Press on the editing tool’s Filter function to choose from 7+ unique filters to dress up your video’s backgrounds.

Screen recorder and editor

How to add a reaction to videos using the iPhone screen recording app

Besides recording gameplay or regular videos, you get the power to add reaction as well using our face cam recorder app. Furthermore, you can directly react to YouTube videos, even without downloading them beforehand. Sounds pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s give you a rundown on how you can add reaction easily:

1. Open the video recording app & tap on the Face Cam icon.

2. You can either select videos that you’ve recorded previously from My Recordings or choose to react to videos already available on the device by selecting Camera Roll.

3. After choosing a video, initiate the face cam recording process by pressing Start.

4. The default overlay position of the face cam will be on the upper left side of the screen. You can change the face cam overlay position by tapping on the red circle button.

Screen Recorder with facecam

5. Tap the Stop button to stop recording your face cam.

6. Retake your reaction from the beginning again if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, or you can press the Done button to move on to editing.

7. If you don’t want to edit the recorded videos further, tap the save icon on the upper right corner of the screen & Save to Camera Roll.

React to YouTube videos directly

1. After tapping the Face Cam icon, press on the React to YouTube Video option to start adding reaction to any YouTube videos.

2. Copy the link of the video you want to react to & paste it on the blank space. Also, for user convenience, the app can automatically pastes the link if you copy it from the YouTube app.

3. Tap on the Get Video button to start fetching the video data & you’ll be able to start reacting immediately.

React to YouTube videos & recordings

5. Save to Camera Roll after tapping on the save icon on the top right corner of the screen.

4. Press the Stop button when you’re done recording & edit the video using tools available in the editor.

How to add commentary to a video captured by the screen recorder

The ability to add commentary to any videos is one of the most highlighted features of this free screen recorder app. This function conveniently paves the way for a lot of practical usage of this video recorder. You can create app-related tutorials or guides on other things with the help of this feature.


In addition to that, unparalleled audio recording quality means you make professional presentations or gaming walkthroughs without making any compromise.


Recording commentary is a pretty straightforward process. Press on the Commentary button & select your desired video either from My Recordings or Camera Roll. Finally, just
tap on the Start button to begin recording. It doesn’t sound any more complicated, does it?

Add commentary to videos recorded by the screen recorder

How to convert recorded videos to GIF

Let’s admit it. We can’t fathom thinking of an online world without GIFs, can we? Be it in the messenger or in social media platforms’ comments, GIF is an insanely popular media format to express our thoughts & emotion.


For that reason alone, our screen recording app features a separate tool to convert any videos to GIF instantly to satiate this very thirst of yours. Record videos or turn any funny videos into GIF and share it with the people connected on social media.


To create a GIF, press the Video to GIF button in the app & choose a video you want to convert. You can select from any segment of a video. Just keep in mind that the overall GIF length can’t exceed 30 seconds mark. Tap on the Save button on the top right corner & voila! See the video magically turned into a GIF effortlessly.

Record screen & turn any videos into GIF

What’s Stopping You?

Nobody can deny how versatile the app is when it comes to screen recording. By now, you should already be aware of the highly sophisticated features that our Screen Recorder app offers & why it’s the best. Check out our guides on how to make a GIF from a video & how to screen record on iPhone with this app.


Hence, this is high time you start using our app for all the capturing needs. It’s possible to begin recording some great videos only in just minutes. Regardless of the purpose – personal or professional, our best free screen recorder for iPhone is easily accessible to users of all ages. You don’t need to look anywhere else.

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