How to Record YouTube Videos on iPhone

how to record YouTube videos on iPhone



You may have wondered how to record YouTube videos on iPhone for later viewing when watching interesting stuff on YouTube. Some YouTube videos have a save option; however, it’s worth noting that not all videos are available for offline viewing. Screen recorder apps can solve this problem, and luckily you have two options that you can use to record and save videos on your device.


The best option for recording YouTube videos on iPhone is to use the app Screen Recorder for iPhone. This application outperformed all other solutions because of its superior features. However, if you want to record YouTube videos on iPhone at ordinary quality, you can always use the iPhone’s default screen recorder.


How to record YouTube videos on iPhone via Screen Recorder for iPhone app


Screen Recorder for iPhone isn’t like any other application you’ll find in the App Store. This app is for those who desire a premium experience. It doesn’t mean the app is difficult to use; the developers worked hard to create a user-friendly app for everyone.


Screen Recorder is an out-and-out excellent app for capturing YouTube videos on iPhone from almost any platform. This app gives content creators the tools to make reaction videos. It has an advanced FaceCam feature for game streamers & content creators, enabling them to add reaction and commentary to their videos. The app also makes it convenient for content creators to share their content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch without a hitch.


You can also make a GIF from recorded videos and share them with your friends and family on social media platforms. You will inevitably discover how convenient the screen recording process has become while using Screen Recorder for iPhone.

Want to discover how to screen record YouTube videos on your iPhone? Install Screen Recorder for iPhone for free from the App Store

Record YouTube videos on iPhone following the steps below

Steps on how to record a YouTube video on iPhone
  • Open the Screen Recorder app on your iPhone
  • On the starting menu, you can adjust the resolution, bit rate, and frame rate.
  • Tapping the START button will take you to the next menu
  • Tap on the “Start Broadcast” and wait for 3 seconds.
  • In this menu, you should turn OFF the microphone. Turning it ON will mute the audio of your video.
  • A red status bar will appear with time at the top of the screen
  • Open the YouTube app and play the content you want to record
  • Stop the recording anytime by tapping the red status bar on the top of your screen
  • You can find the recorded videos in the My Recordings section

That’s how easy the Screen Recorder app makes the recording procedure on your iPhone. After recording a clip from the YouTube app, you can edit the videos from the library. You will find all of your screen recordings in the My Recordings section. From this place, you can trim your videos, adjust the volume and speed, or if you want to make your videos unique, you can add filters to them. You can even add stickers to your clips from there.

How to record YouTube videos on iPhone through the built-in screen recorder

If you don’t need the sophisticated features of Screen Recorder for iPhone, you can utilize the built-in screen recorder on your device. It’s a simple screen recorder app that works on most platforms and can record your iPhone screen. In comparison to the Screen Recorder for iPhone, you won’t be able to modify your videos adequately using the built-in screen recorder. It is good to know that this default screen recording option is only available for iPhone devices running iOS 11 and later versions.


Step-by-step guide on how to screen record YouTube videos on iPhone using the default screen recorder

Steps on how to screen record a YouTube video
  • Open the YouTube app & play the video you want to record
  • Go to Settings > Control Center, then tap the plus button to start screen recording
  • Bring the Control Center by swiping up and tapping on the red screen recorder button to begin recording.
  • You will see the red status bar at the top of your iPhone screen; tapping it will stop the recording process
  • Go to Photos to find your recorded clips



It is evident that the third-party app Screen Recorder for iPhone is much advanced than the default screen recorder. The versatility and the sheer number of features available on this app are unmatched. The built-in screen recorder of the iPhone falls short on that field.


As the operating system of the iPad devices is the same as iPhone, you can also use Screen Recorder for iPhone to record YouTube videos on the iPad. Want to live stream iPhone screen to Facebook? This app checks that. Perhaps you’d like to record your gameplay; this app can do that as well. In simple terms, it is the best screen recorder app for iPhone available on the App Store.

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