How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac

Article By: Hess Brown - August 8, 2022
How to reduce PDF file size on Mac

A large PDF file can cause headaches to someone who wants to share it via email, save in a cloud service, or simply wants to free up some storage in their MacBook. So, learning how to reduce PDF file size on Mac can help them get around the problem. In addition, it will also help the users to keep their valuable information without pondering about whether they should delete it.


Best 3 ways on how to reduce PDF file size on Mac


There are a few easy methods to make a PDF file smaller on your Mac. The first method to reduce the size is using the built-in Preview app. You can also compress the size of PDF files by using an online reducer tool. But, if you want to use more advanced options to make it smaller, use a third-party app.


How to make a PDF file smaller on Mac using the Preview application



The simplest way to reduce the PDF file size is using the Preview app. Viewing documents and images is the standard feature of this app. But other valuable features, like the ability to reduce the file size, are also included in the application. If you go through the following steps, you will learn how to reduce the file size of PDFs on your MacBook.


Steps on how to reduce PDF file size on Mac in the Preview app

How to make PDF file smaller on Mac
  • First, go to Finder to locate the file you want to reduce.
  • Next, open the file and click “File” from the top menu.
How to make PDF file smaller on Mac
  • Then press “Export” and select “Reduce File Size” from the “Quartz Filter” drop-down menu.
  • Finally, press “Save” to decrease the file size.

Learn how to reduce PDF file size on Mac online


Many web-based tools can help you reduce the size of a PDF on a Mac without losing quality. I Love PDF is arguably one of the best PDF compressor tools online that can help you decrease the file size. At the same time, it also maintains maximum quality. Note that you will need to use a browser to complete the process.


Detailed steps on how to compress a PDF file on Mac using the online compressor tool

How to compress PDF file on Mac
  • Firstly, open “Safari” or any web browser.
  • Then go to, and from the options, select “Compress PDF.”
  • To select the desired file, click “Select PDF files” or drop your file.
  • After selecting the file, you can choose the desired compression level from the options available on the right side.
How to compress PDF file on Mac
  • Next, press “Compress PDF” to start the process.
  • Finally, press “Download compressed PDF to save the reduced file.”

Guide on how to decrease PDF file size on Mac using a third-party app


If you wish to reduce the size of a PDF file according to your need, we strongly suggest pdfFiller. The advanced features of this app, like deleting and splitting pages, can help users to shrink file size PDFs on Mac. When you delete or split pages of a PDF file, it reduces the file’s size. This all-in-one document solution will make PDF editing on your MacBook relatively easy.


To delete pages from your files, open the pdfFiller app and click the Gear Wheel icon on the left. Then select any pages you want to delete and click the Trash icon. Finally, click Apply when you are done with all the changes.


To learn how to shrink a PDF file size on Mac and make them several documents, select the file from the pdfFiller dashboard and click Split. When you choose split, it will be saved as a downloadable ZIP file. Click Create another document to select pages for another document. After the selection, tap Split and finally select Download now.


How to compress a PDF on Mac?


To compress a PDF on Mac, open the file you want to compress using the Preview app. From the top left options, choose File and then Export. Next, press the Quartz Filter pop-up menu and select Reduce File Size. To complete, click Save.


To conclude


In this guide on how to reduce PDF file size on Mac, we have talked about the best app to complete the task. We have also tried to cover how you can decrease the size online for free or using advanced features of a third-party app.


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