How to Remove Background Noise from Video on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - May 11, 2022
How to Remove Background Noise from Video on iPhone

A good video rendering on iPhone often gets a bummer due to background noises. Did you know that this background noise can be minimized effectively without the help of any third-party app? If you are among those annoyed users who got videos on their iPhone gallery that has too much background noise, then this article is just for you. Here we have analyzed how to remove background noise from Video on iPhone and tried to illustrate the whole process in the simplest possible way.


How to remove background noise from Video on iPhone: Evaluating the process


There are two ways you can get rid of background noise in Video. You can either use the inbuilt process of the iPhone or install a third-party app. The in-built noise cancellation option of the iPhone is good up to a certain level. However, you should look for a third-party app when the background noise is too loud.


We will give most of our focus on explaining how to cancel background noise on iPhone using the default video tool. Nevertheless, we will put up references of a few best third-party apps that remove background noise effectively. So, with no further delay, let’s start this tutorial.


How to reduce background noise on iPhone video: Using default function

Default background Noise reduction function

Now let’s go into the process, and that is minimizing the background noise on iPhone. The steps are relatively straightforward at the default level. You need to go to the gallery that contains all the video files. Play the one that has the background noise.


You will notice an Edit function at the top right corner of the interface. Tap it, and the whole video player goes smaller. A video frame line along with several video editing icons appear. Tap the Adjust icon next to the Video icon. You get plenty of video adjusting functions as you swipe from left to right.


Swipe through the option, and you will get the Noise reduction option at the end. Tap the Noise Reduction icon. Increase or decrease its meter up to your need. Once satisfied with tuning, tap Done. Once the video is rendered, the background noise of the video will be minimum.


How to remove background noise from Video on iPhone: Using third-party apps

Show 2 to 3 third-party apps from App Store that remove video background Noise

There are several high-end apps available on the App Store. These apps specialize in removing background noise from videos on iPhone. Apps like audio Noise Reducer & Recorder, ByeNoise – Denoise Video Audio, and several other apps are exclusively developed to remove background noise from video on iPhone devices.


In this scenario, you have to go to the App Store from your device and look for suitable background noise apps. Download and install the app on your iPhone and launch the app. In general, you can play the video on the app and start tweaking with the background noise removing function. Once done with the process, export the finished content to your Photos.




Annoyed by unnecessary sounds in the background of your video? Our simple-to-follow solution to the query of how to remove background noise from video on iPhone is the best solution you can get. Interesting articles like 13 best filmmaking apps for iPhone in 2022, 10 Best Ski Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2022, or How to Post a GIF on Twitter from iPhone are ready to grow your iOS knowledge. Moreover, when in need of useful tips, tricks, and listicles on iPhone and iPad, our blogs on Applavia can be the most reliable source.

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