How to Remove SIM Card from iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - April 24, 2022, Last Modified: April 25, 2022
How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone (Applavia)

Your iPhone requires a SIM card to get access to a specific network. The SIM Card in your iPhone is responsible for providing cellular network services when you’re on the move. The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a little physical card that inserts into your iPhone. It’s possible that you’ll need to remove the SIM card from your iPhone or iPad at some point. Keep reading on to find out how to remove SIM card from iPhone.


How to remove SIM card from iPhone the easy way

How to remove sim card from iPhone the easy way



  • While the device is turned on, do not attempt to insert or remove the SIM card. This can actually cause damage to the SIM card and/or the device.
  • Don’t tamper with or try to modify your SIM card
  • There is no physical SIM card to install or remove while utilizing an eSIM.

    Before you learn how to remove SIM card from iPhone, it’s important to know that you could be going overseas and wish to use a local SIM card in your iPhone, or you might want to try a different carrier network for a while. Therefore, you’ll be able to switch the SIM card in your iPhone in just a few simple steps if you follow our complete tutorial on removing the SIM card from an iPhone.


    To find the SIM tray on your model, look for the thin sim tray door snugly attached to the iPhone. Then, insert a paper clip or SIM-eject tool into the hole beside the SIM tray to open it. Push your way closer to the iPhone, but don’t yank it out if you’re experiencing trouble removing the SIM card tray.


    Check out how to remove sim card from your iPhone

    Sim eject tool for iPhone

    Observe the notch on one corner of the new SIM card after removing it from the tray. Because of the notch, the new SIM card will only fit one way in the tray. Then, entirely and in the same position as when removed, replace the tray in the device. Note that, the tray may only be used in one direction.


    Now, let’s look at how to actually remove the SIM card from an iPhone now that we have the tools and know where the SIM tray is situated.


  • In one hand, hold the Apple SIM ejector tool or a metal paperclip.
  • Insert the tool into the hole of SIM card slot gently and carefully, without exerting any pressure.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the pin, making sure that it is driven straight within rather than at an angle.
  • SIM card tray pops out of the dedicated slot with a little push
  • With your fingers, carefully take the SIM card tray out of the slot
  • Add, remove, or swap out SIM in the SIM card tray.

    What is a SIM card, exactly?


    Your phone’s SIM card stores data such as your phone number, billing information, address book, and carrier. They slide into a small slot on the side of your handset. You can’t make or receive calls, utilize mobile internet, or send or receive SMS text messages without one. However, you can still send an iMessage over Wi-Fi.


    What’s the point of removing a SIM card?


    From setting up a new device to moving carriers to go overseas, there are various reasons why you may want to remove your SIM card from your iPhone. If you need to send your phone in for repairs, you should also remove your SIM card. You’ll be able to retain your personal information with you in this manner.


    What you’ll need to remove your iPhone’s SIM card


    It’s easy to remove a SIM card. A SIM eject tool, a tiny metal tool that most likely arrived in the package with your iPhone, is required to get sim card out of iPhone. It should also work if you have one from a prior model. A little paper clip will suffice if you don’t have an ejector tool.


    To wrap up


    Now you know how to remove SIM card from iPhone using just a SIM eject tool, or even a paperclip. In many countries, people use dual SIM, requiring them to swap out SIM cards. Because all iPhone include a single SIM tray, iPhone users will need to exchange SIM less often unless when switching carriers. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to Apple devices.


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