How to Rotate a Picture on iPhone

How to rotate a picture on iPhone

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In the world of social media, mobile photography plays a prominent role. You might wonder how some people take beautiful shots with their iPhone devices than others. The answer is simple; they are careful about the simple adjustment needed for a perfect image. If you like to take pictures with your iPhone, you know that adjustments like brightness, contrast, and orientation are essential. For example, if your picture is in the wrong orientation, you might want to learn how to rotate a picture on iPhone to its correct position.


Because the images will look bad no matter how much editing you do to that image. But rest assured, a third-party app like Photo Editor and the default tools of your iPhone can fix your photos to correct orientation quickly.


How to rotate a picture on iPhone using the Photo Editor app


Why would you want to use a third-party app like Photo Editor when your device already has one? There could be many reasons for this. When editing a photo, you want to utilize an application with a lot of functionality all in one spot. The Photo Editor app will provide you with various options to use. This application, for example, includes complex functions such as masking, tone control, splash recolor, and color addition. You won’t find this many features on your iPhone by default.


When it comes to photo editing, photo orientation is key. However, you do not need to rotate your shot to an extreme angle. Your image can be fixed with a simple right-to-left rotation and flip. The most effective technique is to combine the Photo Editor app and the native Photos app of the iPhone. You may easily learn how to rotate a picture on iPhone this way. This article will demonstrate two simple approaches for accomplishing immaculate editing.

Steps on how to rotate a picture on iPhone using the Photo Editor app:

How to rotate a photo on iPhone using the Photo Editor app
  • Go to the App Store and install Photo Editor
  • Launch the app
  • Tap on the Filter icon at the middle and select the photo you want to fix
  • After choosing a photo, tap on the icon at the bottom right corner
  • You will see the Rotate icon, use it to fix your picture orientation
  • Tap on the Done icon to save your photo on your device

Searching for a versatile photo editing app? Look no further; install Photo Editor for free from App Store

Key features of the Photo Editor app


You will discover the Photo Editor app’s different capabilities as you use it. Every tool in this app has a specific role. If you use the app’s features to their fullest potential, it will benefit you in many ways. Let’s look at some of the Photo Editor app’s essential features.


To learn more about the Photo Editor app, you can check our handy guide on how to crop photos on iPhone.


List of key features:

  • Splash recolor feature
  • Various photo effects, such as vintage, beauty, and nature, are available
  • Multi-touch zoom feature with adjustable brush size
  • There are over 100 photo filters available
  • Exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, tone can be controlled manually
  • Save editing projects for later use
  • Share immediately to social media and through compatible apps

How to rotate a picture on iPhone using the Photos app


As you can see, this free-to-install app from the App Store gives you access to tools that can enhance your photo in every aspect. However, you might need to use the default tools from the Photos app of the iPhone for some specific reason. This post will teach you how to rotate a picture on iPhone through the default option.


Apple devices are known for their simple yet powerful functionality. The Photos app of the iPhone is a prime example of that. It might not have some advanced features that you can find in a third-party app like Photo Editor, but it has some advantages of its own. As a default app of iPhone, this app is fast. If you do not need to edit a picture extensively, you will be pretty happy with the Photos app. Now, let’s find out how to rotate a picture on iPhone using the native Photos app.

Steps on how to rotate a picture on iPhone using the Photos app:

How to rotate an image on iPhone using the Photos app
  • Launch Photos
  • Select a photo you want to edit
  • Tap on the Edit icon
  • At the bottom right, you will see the rotate icon
  • Tap on the rotate icon and start adjusting the photo
  • Tap Done to save your image in the library



Because of advancements in app development, editing images on an iPhone is a quick and straightforward procedure. Although third-party applications have additional capabilities, the default Photos app as a native application is also handy. The iPhone can utilize the functionalities of third-party apps flawlessly and allow users to use professional tools to edit photos.

If you’re interested in exploring additional possibilities, we’ve put up a list of the top 10 best photo editing apps for iPhone.

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