How to Save a Video from Facebook on iPhone

How to Save a Video from Facebook on iPhone

Facebook has a dedicated video saving option on its profile online. But what if I tell you that you can download Facebook videos straight into your iPhone storage. Yes, it is possible, and I will explain how to save a video from Facebook on iPhone without jailbreaking the device.


Here I will explain multiple methods of saving a Facebook video on your iPhone memory so that you can enjoy your favorite video even when offline. When saying multiple methods, we meant at least three easiest ways.


How to save a video from Facebook on iPhone | 3 easiest ways


Keep in mind that Facebook does not have any dedicated video download function. Of course, you can save any video on Facebook on the profile itself but not on your device’s memory. However, loop ways are always there. We will discuss three detour processes of downloading and saving videos from Facebook on iPhone and, as promised, without jailbreaking the device.


3 ways of saving a video from Facebook on iPhone memory

  • Screen recording the video
  • Using browser
  • Using a third-party video downloader app

1. Screen recording the video

showing screen recording function of iPhone recording Facebook video

When you ask how to save a video from Facebook on iPhone, the most user-friendly option we can come up with is a screen recording of a Facebook video. Fortunately, the screen recording function is already available on the iPhone, but we suggest you try Screen Recorder for iPhone. This app instantly Screen-record any video on Facebook and also provides several other features you might find useful. Nevertheless, if you like to stick with the default screen recorder function, this is how the process goes.

  • Pull down the control center from the top right corner of your iPhone
  • You will get a screen recording function
  • Open your Facebook app and start playing the video you like to record
  • Re-oriented the video to landscape mode for a full-screen video experience
  • Pull down the control center and hit the screen recording icon to record the video
  • Once done, pull down the control center and tap the recording icon to stop recording

Want to experience glitch-free screen recording with background audio playback? Try Screen Recorder for iPhone and get busy with awesome face cam reacting, screen recording, fine video editing, and more.

2. Using browser

showing webpage for downloading fb videos

Do you know there are web pages that allow you to download Facebook videos? To sneak into one of those web pages, you need to open the browser on your iPhone. But first, you have to launch your Facebook app and open the video you wish to download. You will see the share option at the bottom of the video. Following this, you will get a Copy Link option. Tap that, and the video link will be copied to the clipboard.


Now open the safari browser, type on the search bar, and hit enter. Once the page appears, you will get a dedicated input box where you have to paste the copied URL of the FB video. You can also select the video quality available for that video. Next, you will see a download button next to the box. Hit the button after pasting the copied video link, and the video download will be started.


Steps of how to save a video from Facebook on iPhone in short

  • Open the Facebook app on iPhone
  • Launch the video you want to download
  • Hit Share at the bottom of the video, followed by Copy link
  • Open Safari and search
  • Once the webpage is launched, paste the copied link on the dedicated box
  • Set video quality and download location on your device
  • Hit Download next to the box, which will start downloading the video

3. Using a third-party video downloader app

Show few fb video downloading app logos

There are many third-party apps available on the internet that downloads Facebook video without complaint. Our final tip that answers how to save a video from Facebook on iPhone storage involves third-party apps. Apps like Friendly Social Browser, Video Downloader for Facebook, FileMaster, etc., are the apps you should consider. However, be assured of the app sources before downloading, or you may end up with phishing or malware programs.




Our tips so far should give you a good lead on how to save a video from Facebook on iPhone. There are, however, several more complex processes to do the video archiving from Facebook. But for now, these three tips should be enough. If you wish to read articles that answer your daily iOS query, for instance, how to speed up a slow Mac or how to fax from notes on iPhone, visit Applavia blogs site.

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