How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone

Article By: David Zaky - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: March 21, 2022
how to scan qr code on your iphone

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On the most basic note, a QR code is a machine-readable label that contains information about a respected product or item. QR codes and barcodes are literally everywhere these days. Both types of codes are extensively used by manufacturers, businesses, retailers, marketing campaigns, shops, etc. These matrix barcodes can be read with optical scanners to acquire information; hence, you can scan barcodes and QR codes with your iPhone. We’ll share the guide in the following.


In this article on how to scan a QR code on iPhone, we will learn to scan QR and barcodes on an iPhone with the step-by-step guide.

Explore how to scan a QR Code on iPhone using the Camera app

The QR Reader app can scan and create both QR and barcodes on your iPhone. However, some iPhone users may prefer not to use a third-party app if their requirement is only to scan QR codes. The iPhone allows free scanning of QR codes through their Camera app.

Step-by-step guide on how to enable QR code on iPhone:

how to enable qr code on iphone
  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on “Camera”
  • Then turn on the toggle switch for “Scan QR Codes”

Step-by-step guide on how to scan a QR code on iPhone with the Camera app:

how to scan qr code with iphone camera
  • Launch your iPhone’s Camera app
  • Then, with your iPhone, point the camera and scan the QR code
  • A pop-up notification with the information from code appears on your screen
  • Finally, tap on the pop-up notification which will run the action stored inside

Learn how to Scan a QR Code on iPhone with QR Code Reader App

Scanning QR codes to obtain the details encoded within has become a lot easier with smartphones in our hands. At a minimum, you can use iPhone’s built-in code decoder integrated with the camera to scan codes. However, it only features basic scanning systems, and that’s where you need the QR Reader app.


Though there are many, the QR Reader is considered to be the best QR readers apps for iPhone and iPad. In this article, we’ve discussed two ways on how to scan a QR code on iPhone. One is by using a third-party QR Scanning apps, and the other is through the iPhone Camera app.

Wondering about how to scan a QR code on iPhone? Download and Install the QR Code Reader app for free on your iPhone. 

Video Tutorial on how to scan a QR code on iPhone

Here’s the detailed procedure on how to scan a QR code on iPhone

Here are the detailed steps to scan a QR code on your iPhone. Following the steps, you can scan and generate QR and barcodes. Before getting started, install the QR code reader app on your iPhone

Step 1: Scan QR and barcodes easily

As soon as you install and open the QR Reader app, a permission pop-up appears. It is where the app is seeking your permission to access your iPhone camera. Tap on Allow to grant permission to your app for scanning QR and barcodes.

How to scan QR Code on iPhone from Camera Roll

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone
  • Initiate the QR Reader app to launch the camera, but be careful. Its lightning-fast scanning ability will read any codes that come within the frame, and we’re not overstating anything.
  • To scan QR codes, simply point the code within the camera frame, and the details will pop up instantly on your smartphone screen.

The speed of reading data is proportionate to its accuracy, where it simply does not compromise. Read as many QRs as you want as it offers unlimited scanning ability without pressing any buttons in operation.

Read Barcodes

How to Scan a Barcode on iPhone

Not only QR code, but you can also read barcode labels with the same app on your iPhone. The QR Reader app is an effective barcode scanner that can decode any 2D or 3D barcodes within seconds of approach.


Point and align your barcode inside the frame of the app’s camera, and that’s it! Any data, link, website, or product information will come up in under a second, and you can access them with ease. The QR Reader app can scan all types of barcodes like Code 128, code 39, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, and UPC-E

How to Scan QR Code from photo Album on iPhone

You can also choose image files from your phone’s library to scan without pointing anything and still gather the details. Select files directly from your photo library and scan with this incredible application to reveal information inside.

  • Launch the QR Reader app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Photos icon from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select your photo with the QR/Barcode for scanning.
  • The QR Reader app instantly decodes the information from your photos.

Flashlight for Accuracy

Last but not least, you can use your phone’s flashlight directly from the app in case of low light or dark environments. This additional feature helps significantly to avoid invalid or mistaken scanning of QR codes and brings up accurate results even in the absence of sufficient light.

Step 2: Automatically save the scanned QR codes

Save QR and Barcode Scan Histories

Once you scan a QR code, this app automatically saves the acquired info and links its QR code history page. The easy QR code saving feature will allow you to view your previous code details anytime in the future. You can edit, delete, and organize to make a convenient list just for you and never lose the data in the process. Forgot the social link to your colleague’s profile you scanned earlier? Simply navigate to the history page and find out.

Step 3: Share the QR code and information with friends

The in-app sharing feature will let you share both scanned and created barcodes, QR codes via popular apps and AirDrop. Make it easier for friends and peers to find you on social media and share your URLs instantly via codes.

Create a QR Code

Free Barcode and QR Code Generator

The next step is generating a QR code or barcode of your own. Yes, it’s also an easy QR code generator with a number of categories to choose from to design personalized messages with codes. The QR code maker option offers multiple types of data encoding. How to make a QR code? Navigate to the app’s Create QR Code page and select which information you want to encode among the website, email address, phone number, messages, etc., and enter your details. Customize a QR code with your business logo or add a note to a barcode. Tap Create, and that’s it!


Final Words

QR Code Reader for iPhone is the easiest way to scan QR codes and barcodes on the go. Along with the primary yet fastest scanning feature, this app offers many useful functions for a user. Save your scanned items, edit, create and share customized QR codes with personal details. Another app that leverages smart pdf and business card data extraction are the Business Card Scanner HD. It leverages the daunting work of gathering hundreds of information to make your daily work life easy.

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