How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone

How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone

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The easiest way to stop receiving annoying text messages from someone is to block that number. The iPhone lets you conveniently block numbers. But can you see the text messages after you stop a number on your iPhone to communicate? This article on how to see blocked messages on iPhone will try to provide you with convenient solutions.


How to see blocked messages on iPhone easily


You may have blocked someone on your iPhone, but now you want to go through the text messages. Remember that you cannot see messages forwarded to you after blocking a number. Instead, you can see messages sent to you before you choose to block that number.


Note that blocking a number does not delete the message history. All the text messages will be available for you before the blocking period. You can just open your native Messages app and find the text messages of a blocked number. However, if you choose to delete everything, you must rely on your iOS backup system. The iCloud and iTunes backup systems will help you in this matter.


How to see blocked messages on iPhone from iCloud backup


Unfortunately, it is impossible to see the blocked messages on iPhone sent while the number is blocked. Rather, you have options only to retrieve the deleted messages on your iPhone.


The iCloud backup is a lifesaver when you want to retrieve something, including text messages. If you sync your iPhone to the iCloud backup system, retrieving messages or other data is a simple task. You may have deleted all the messages after blocking a number, but now you can learn to undo that. The steps below have the information on how to view blocked messages on your iPhone.


Steps on how to recover blocked text messages on iPhone using the iCloud backup:

steps on how retrieve blocked messages on iPhone via iCloud backup

  • First, go to and log in with your Apple ID
  • Find and select the Text Messages you want to retrieve
  • Now, go back to iCloud settings on your iPhone and turn off Messages backup
  • A pop-up message will instruct you to download your text messages locally
  • You may then select Disable and Download Messages to restore them

    How to recover messages of a blocked number from iTunes backup


    The options for seeing blocked messages on iPhone are null. However, they are present in the case of deleted messages. If your iPhone is in sync with iTunes, you may be able to retrieve deleted messages of a blocked number. Again, remember that messages that came after blocking a number are impossible. Apart from that, recovering data from iTunes backup is relatively easy. You may follow the steps below to understand the process.


    Here are the steps to recover messages of a blocked number from iTunes backup:

    steps on how to recover blocked messages on iPhone via iTunes backup

  • First of all, connect your iPhone device to a PC with iTunes installed
  • Then open the iTunes app and click on the device button
  • Now in the Backups section, select Restore Backup
  • Finally, select the recent backup entry and select Restore to complete the process

    How to see blocked numbers on iPhone in the Messages app


    You may have blocked a number and now want to unblock them to view or start communication through the Messages app. First, you need to find the blocked number on your iPhone. Go to Settings and select Phone. In the following menu, you need to choose Call Blocking & Identification. There you will be able to see all the blocked contacts. Now, you can unblock them to start receiving messages again.


    How to see blocked numbers on iPhone from FaceTime


    The contacts you blocked on FaceTime are findable in the Settings menu. All you need to do is find FaceTime in the Settings menu. Then inside FaceTime, scroll down below and select Blocked Contacts. Here you can view the list of blocked contacts.


    How to unblock blocked calls on your iPhone


    Suppose you have a blocked call list that you want to restore. The process for unblocking a number is very convenient. First, you need to open Settings, scroll down a bit and tap on Phone. Now scroll down again to discover Blocked Contracts. Tap on it to see the numbers that are blocked. You may now select the Edit button to unblock a number.




    Apple does not leave any scope for seeing blocked messages on your iPhone. Alternately, you could learn how to check blocked messages on your iPhone from this article. However, it is possible to view the text messages sent before blocking a number. This article on how to see blocked messages on iPhone has provided the steps to use iCloud and iTunes to retrieve text messages. Alternately, you can just ask the sender to resend the messages you cannot see on your iPhone. Don’t worry; Apple does not notify the sender if you have blocked him before.


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