How to See Calculator History on iPhone

How to See iPhone Calculator History

The calculator on the iPhone can be used for a variety of purposes. But what if you’ve entered many numbers and want to go back and double-check them? The calculator memory is constantly being cleared as you enter new equations. You must have wondered how to see iPhone calculator history on iPhone. Read on to find out more.


Let’s figure out how to see calculator history on iPhone


There is still no update for iOS that allows you to view the iPhone’s calculator history. What can be done however, is to use the final result of your computations. You can still see it even if you cleared it. Do so by following some easy steps.


Follow these steps to copy the most recent result from the calculator app:

Let's figure out how to see iPhone calculator history
  • Open the calculator app on your iPhone. Then push and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Select “Copy Last Result” from the drop-down menu.
  • The app will display the most recent computation result.
  • Keep your finger on the result in the calculator app.
  • To copy something, click the “Copy” button that displays.

However, this is the utmost you can do. If you want a full history, you won’t be able to get it. Even if you don’t add any new functions, the last result stays in all calculator apps.


How to see calculator history on iPhone using the Calculator with History + app

How to see calculator history on iPhone using the Calculator with History + app

One of the best things about this calculator app for iPhone is its history function. It’s tough to find a good calculator application on iOS with a history feature while remaining simple and free of advertisements. We looked for a long time and only found applications that included ads were difficult and overloaded with features or were no better than the basic iOS calculator.



  • History of calculations
  • Separators in the thousands
  • Calculator for scientific purposes

How to see calculator history on iPhone by recording the screen


Suppose you don’t want to install another app and simply need the history for a few calculations. In that case, you can always screen record your device while using the calculator.


This is a less-than-ideal option because it’s challenging to navigate and takes up more space on your iPhone. You will, however, be able to view anything you type into the calculator, including anything you subsequently erase.


How to see calculator history on iPhone by taking a copy of the previous result


You can easily copy the most recent result into another app, even though your recent history will stay until the app is totally closed (or the calculation is deleted).


This eliminates the need to navigate between applications to recall and retype information, which is handy for more difficult computations requiring huge numbers or long decimals.


Both options will transfer the most recent result to the clipboard on your phone. You can paste this into any app of choice, like any other text.


In summary


You must already be aware that Apple’s iPhone calculator lacks upgraded functions. However, the iPhone is an excellent phone, and its calculator is straightforward to use. Nonetheless, suppose you are a frequent user of a calculator. In that instance, you can purchase or download alternative apps designed specifically for iOS devices to help you with your calculations.


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