How to Share Contact Card on iPhone

How to Share Contact Card on iPhone

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Most iPhone users are unaware that the native Contact app is a very powerful tool. Apart from saving contacts, you may want to use the intuitive mechanism of this app to input more data on contacts. The app will make it easy to share contact cards in detail. In this article about how to share contact card on iPhone, you will discover all the required steps.


Explore how to share contact card on iPhone


With simple steps, you can get the best usage out of your Contacts app. But first, fill up the contact detail with non-sensitive information. You may want to put your work number and email. Then insert a nice photo to make it look more authentic. Do this with all other contacts on your list. If you struggle with contacts, you may check this post about “How to Manage Contacts on iPhone.”


The advantage of detailed contact information is plenty. People will appreciate the tidy work on a contact card you shared with them. Additionally, the Contact app will also help Siri do tasks like “call my mother” without a hitch.


There are two easy methods available for sharing a contact card. The fastest route is using your iPhone device. The second route to sharing contact cards requires a Mac. The Contacts app of the macOS has convenient options to edit and share contacts easily. We will discuss that second option later. For now, you will discover from the steps below that sharing Contact Card is a breeze with the Contacts app on iPhone.


Your iPhone might have full of multiple contacts, and now you want to get rid of them. If you face this problem, check this post on how to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone.


Step by step procedure on how to share contact cards on iPhone:

step by step guide on how to share contact card on iPhone

  • First, launch the Contacts app on your iPhone.
  • Now select your or another Contact Card from the list of contacts.
  • Then, scroll down a bit and tap on Share Contact to bring up the share menu.
  • Finally, you may choose the platform from the share menu and with whom you want to share.

    How to use the Contacts app on your Mac to share a contact


    iPhone users are usually comfortable working on Mac devices due to the connectivity advantages of the Apple Ecosystem. The functionality of a similar app on your iPhone and Mac is almost identical. The best example of that is the Contacts app. As you have seen from the procedures above, sharing a Contact Card is a simple task with an iPhone. You will discover from the steps below that sharing a Contact Card through your Mac device is also an easy task.


    Here are the steps on how to share a contact card on Mac:

    Steps on how to transfer a contact card on Mac

  • Launch the Contacts app on your Mac device.
  • Now, right-click on a contact.
  • Finally, click on Share and choose the platform you want to use.

    How to share business contact cards on your iPhone


    If your professional job requires you to handle a lot of business contact, there is an app that may help you a lot. The app that you need is called Business Card Scanner HD. It is a third-party business card scanner app that also implements a contact card sharing feature. Moreover, it is considered one of the best free apps for scanning business cards on the iPhone.


    Apart from contact sharing, this advanced app also features several useful tools. It can accurately extract information from a business card and turn it into a digital format for you to use. You can boost your productivity level by utilizing this excellent app. You can go through detailed instructions in the article – “How to Scan Business Card on iPhone.”

    Below you will find the steps to share a contact card using the Business Card Scanner app.


    Steps on how to share contact cards on iPhone with the Business Card Scanner HD:

    Steps on using the Business Card Scanner HD to share a contact card

  • First, get Business Card Scanner HD from the App Store and launch it on your iPhone.
  • Then use the camera feature to take a photo of a business card. The app will automatically extract data from that.
  • Lastly, in the Scanned Details section of the app, tap on the Share icon and use your choice of platform.



    This article on how to share contact cards on iPhone has gone through all the necessary methods. Additionally, you are introduced to an excellent third-party app named Business Card Scanner HD for professional usage. For more informative functions about contacts, you may check our take on assigning a song to a contact as a ringtone on iPhone.

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