How to Share Full Reels on Instagram Story on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - July 3, 2022, Last Modified: July 3, 2022
how to share full reels on Instagram story

If you enjoy posting stories on Instagram, you may have wondered how to share full reels on Instagram Story at some time. How long are reels, you might ask? Instagram’s 15-second time restrictions apply here. So we’ll explain ways to mitigate this issue in this post.


Find out how to share full reels on Instagram story


The typical procedure for adding a reel video to your story is to push the submit button, select “Add to Your Story,” and press “Your Story” on the story editor page.


Since you want to learn how to post full reel on the Instagram story, you must first select the “Send to” button before sharing the reel to your narrative instead of just selecting the “Your Story” option. Instagram will upload full-length reel videos in this manner. Follow these directions for a comprehensive step-by-step guide to share reels to story.


Check out how to share full reels on Instagram story easily

  • On your iPhone, launch the Instagram app. Verify that you are utilizing the most recent version of the application.
  • Locate the reel you wish to include in your narrative. The duration of it must exceed 15 seconds.
  • On the reel, choose the transmit button (the paper aircraft icon). The sharing list will be shown.
  • Then select the top-left option to “Add Reel to Your Story.” You will be sent to the narrative editing screen after clicking that. You may change your tale by including text, GIFs, or stickers.
  • Make sure you select “Send to” instead of “Your tale” by tapping the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Share button next to the Your Story option as the sharing box appears from the bottom.
  • All done. Your whole Instagram reel has been posted to your narrative with success. You can also restrict sharing to people on your list of Close Friends.

You should now be aware of how easy it is to add a reel video longer than 15 seconds to an Instagram story. Using this straightforward method can help you do it correctly if you previously did it incorrectly. Instagram reels may contain hundreds of videos each day. You want to share some with your followers since they are so fascinating.


How long is a single Instagram story?


On Instagram, your story is now only available for 24 hours before it is archived. This is mainly due to Instagram trying to keep things spontaneous when sharing your personal content. Also, when an Instagram story stays longer than 1 full day, it doesn’t allow for more creativity from your account.


How can I add someone else’s story to mine?


If you aren’t tagged in someone else’s story, Instagram won’t let you share their story with your own. However, this is the biggest barrier to sharing someone else’s Instagram story. Instagram also immediately notifies you when someone tags you.


Can old stories be viewed on Instagram.


Instagram stories are archived after 24 hours, but you can still view them internally. However, once 24 hours have passed, the stories are no longer visible to the public.


Why are certain Instagram reels more popular than others?


If your Instagram story receives a lot of positive feedback right away, Instagram will push it in front of more users, which frequently results in more views. To make your Instagram story go viral, you should focus on what content you are displaying. Your story should include location, CTA (Click Through Action), and hashtags to get maximum exposure.


To conclude


We hope you are sharing full reels on your Instagram story. Instagram reels are a fantastic way to market yourself or your business. Though Instagram has limited the duration of these reels, producing meaningful content can go a long way.


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