How to Share Screen on Mac – Step by Step Guide

how to share screen on mac

Are you working from home and want to show your work on Mac to your supervisor? Or do you want to try and help someone fix a problem with their Mac remotely? You can do all of that by screen sharing your Mac. Here in this comprehensive article, we will explore all the possible ways how to share screen on Mac.


So, what do you mean by screen sharing on Mac? It means that you are going to screen share what’s happening on your Mac onto another device and give that device control over your device. You can also remotely view or control the screen of other Mac devices from your Mac.


How to share screen on Mac computer or MacBook with the Screen Sharing app


With your Mac’s Screen Sharing app, you can remotely access the screen of another Mac device. You’ll have to request access to observe or control their Mac’s screen using their Apple ID. The built-in Screen Sharing app can be located using the Spotlight Search option.


Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to allow Mac to Mac sharing with the built-in Screen Sharing app.


Step 1: Open the Spotlight Search on your Mac computer or MacBook

open the Spotlight Search on your Mac

You’ll find the Spotlight Search (magnifying screen) icon located in the upper-right of your Mac’s screen. Then click on the icon to open the Spotlight Search.


Also, there is a shortcut to open the Spotlight Search tool, which involves pressing the “Command” and “Space Bar” keys simultaneously.


Step 2: Search and open the built-in Screen Sharing app

Search and open the built-in Screen Sharing app on your Mac

On your Spotlight Search option, type “Screen Sharing” and then hit enter on your keyboard. After that, select the Screen Sharing app from the search results.


Step 3: Enter the Apple ID on the Screen Sharing app

: Connect to the host Apple ID to access their screen

Next, on the Screen Sharing app, you need to enter the Apple ID of the host whose Mac’s screen you wish to access remotely.


Once you’ve typed the Apple ID, hit enter on your keyboard or click on Connect. Then the other Mac user will receive a notification in the upper-right corner of their screen.


Step 4: Other user needs to Accept your request for access

Access your remote Mac screen sharing request

When the other user receives your request notification, they need to click on the Share Screen option. After they have done that, you’ll immediately see their Mac screen on your Mac. You can then either only Observe or take Control of Mac’s screen from your screen.


How to share screen on Mac computer or MacBook on the same network


Remote screen sharing with Mac to Mac devices can have a sloppy connection. However, for seamless screen sharing, you should connect with a device in the same network. Here we will share with you the step-by-step process on how to allow screen sharing on Mac locally.


Step 1: Open screen sharing from the Apple menu

Open the screen sharing window from the Apple menu

If you want to share your Mac’s screen locally, click on the Apple menu in the upper-left corner. Then hit the System Preferences option from the menu.


Next, on the System Preferences window, click on the Sharing icon to open it.


Step 2: Enable Screen Sharing on your Mac

Allow screen sharing access to Mac on the local network

On the Sharing window, you need to click on the checkbox for Screen Sharing from the left-side panel. Then for the “Allow access for:” option, you can either choose the All Users or Only these users.


If you select the All Users option, then you can share your screen with any user on your network. And, if you choose the Only these users option, then you can add users with whom you can share your screen.


Next, you need to copy your Mac’s VNC address, which you would need to enter on the other Mac device. If you are not using the other Mac device, then you should instead share the VNC address of your Mac with the user of the other device.


Step 3: Connect to your Mac to share the screen with the other device

Connect to the Mac in the same network to access their screen

Now on the other Mac device, open the Finder application from the dock. It is a half-blue and half-white face icon.


Next, On the Apple menu bar, click on Go and then select the Connect to Server option. Or you could just press the Command and K keys at the same time to open the Connect to Server window.


After that, on the Connect to Server window, enter the VNC address of the Mac that you’d want to screen share. Then hit the Connect button. Also, you could click on the Browse option to find other computers on your network.


Once you hit the Connect button, you need the Username and Password of the computer that you are trying to access. Or you could request their permission for screen sharing. However, if both Mac devices have the same Apple ID, then you can start sharing straight away.


How to share screen on Mac with iMessage


Another way to share a screen between your Mac devices is through your built-in Messages app. With this method, you can share your device’s screen with people from your contacts.


Here are the steps on how to allow screen share on Mac with the Messages app:

Steps on how to screen on Mac with the Messages app
  • Open the built-in Messages app on your Mac.
  • Next, click on the “Conversations” in the top menu bar.
  • Then click on the “Invite to Share My Screen” to let people from your contacts access your Mac’s screen.
  • Or, if you want to access one of your contact’s screens, select the “Ask to Share Screen.”
  • Once the permissions are given to allow screen sharing, an audio call is initiated to chat during the screen-sharing session.

Concluding remarks


As you’ve discovered, screen sharing on your device is not that difficult. In this complete guide, we’ve explored all the methods with step-by-step instructions on how to share screen on Mac. So, if you have any reason to share your screen or access someone’s screen, you can do so without facing any problems.


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