Best Two Ways on How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone

How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone

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Can you speed up a video on your iPhone? The answer is yes. You can use the Screen Recorder for iPhone app, a complete solution to create engaging content for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. On the other hand, you can also use iMovie if you want to know how to speed up a video on iPhone. In the following, we’re going to share both of the methods and their walkthroughs.

Changing the playback speed lets you create personalized, engaging videos for audiences, especially if you’re a streamer or a YouTuber. Or even, for example, you’re filming friends or family gatherings. Fast-forwarding videos will let you focus on the important parts in a shorter amount of time. Let’s check out some of the easy processes you can use.

How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone | 2 Easy Ways

Knowing how to speed up a video on iPhone is incredibly useful for producing appealing content that keeps audiences hooked. Among few methods out there, it’s safe to say that using video speed editor apps is the best option. For instance, we’ve used the Screen Recorder and iMovie apps to speed up videos on iPhone. Let’s explore one by one.

How to speed up a video on iPhone using the Screen Recorder app

Screen Recorder for iPhone is a multifaceted app for video creation and post-production. While recording iPhone screen is the primary feature, it has tons of other tools. For instance, video editor, Facecam, voiceover to video, GIF maker, etc. Wondering how to speed up iPhone videos to make them cooler and more centered? Just use this app’s inbuilt video speed adjuster tool to either fast forward or slow down a video on iPhone.

Before you move on to discover how to speed up a video on iPhone, install the Screen Recorder app for free.

On the other hand, you get tons of video editing tools with this powerful screen recorder. For example, change the volume of videos and trim to cut specific portions. You can even add filters and stickers to make the clips more fun and entertaining. In essence, go full-pro with this amazing screen recorder app, speed up videos, and create pleasing content for audiences.

Here’s how to fast forward a video on iPhone with the Screen Recorder app

how to speed a video up on iPhone
  • Install and launch the Screen Recorder for iPhone app.
  • Tap on the Commentary button located at the bottom.
  • Then go to My Recordings or Camera Roll to select the video you want to speed up.
  • Next, tap on the recording button twice and hit Next.
App to speed up video
  • For the next part, you should see a range of video editing tools.
  • From there, go to the Speed option.
  • Then select a custom speed for your video playback. You can choose up to 1.5x speed.
  • After selecting, tap on the Checkmark.
video speed editor
  • You can hit play to check the fast forwarded video.
  • When you’re done, tap the Export button at the top.
  • Select a resolution from 720p to 1080p. Then simply save the video to your iPhone library. That’s it!

How to make a video faster on iPhone using iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s native video editing app that features most of the basic tools. From Hollywood style filters, trailer templates to inbuilt soundtracks and adjustment tools, you get all the movie editing features. So, if you were wondering how to speed up videos or parts of a video on iPhone, it does that too.


Similar to the screen recorder app to speed up video on iPhone, iMovie can both slow down and fast forward video clips easily. Answering your question on how to change video speed, here’s a simple guide.

How to speed up a video on iMovie

how to speed up a video on iMovie
  • Launch iMovie on your iPhone and tap on the Plus (+) button.
  • Select the Movie option and choose a video from your library.
  • Then Create a new Movie.
how to change video speed
  • Once it loads up, select the video timeline.
  • From the editing tools below, tap on the Speed button.
  • And drag the slider to its right to speed up video with this app.
  • Then click on Done, and you’re good to go.

In short

In this tutorial on how to speed up a video on iPhone, we’ve shared two of the easiest techniques. While the iMovie can fast forward videos perfectly, we’d suggest using the Screen Recorder app if you want to create engaging content flawlessly. Check out similar tips & tricks if you’re interested to know more about iPhone and iPad apps.

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