How to Split a PDF on Mac

Article By: Hess Brown - August 11, 2022
How to Split a PDF on Mac

In order to handle PDF files easily, you may occasionally need to divide them into smaller pieces. The issue of how to split a PDF on Mac operating systems now emerges. We often need to split a PDF when dealing with huge PDFs or when we need to designate particular pages of a PDF to other people for participation. In today’s article, we will mention how to mitigate this using the pdfFiller tool and some alternate ways.


Let’s check out how split a PDF using pdfFiller


With the help of pdfFiller, you can work with Portable Document Format files like a skilled editor, thanks to its comprehensive solution. This PDF splitter gives you the ability to divide PDF files online. This is just one of the many features that pdfFiller offers its users.


Unneeded pages can occasionally appear before or after you divide a PDF file into multiple files. With the use of pdfFiller, you can quickly resolve this problem. Simply open your document, choose the Rearrange option from the left toolbar, and adjust your pages as required in the pop-up box. You may move, rotate, remove, or add new pages with this function.

 If you want to easily Split a PDF on mac and avail of other PDF editing features, head over to pdfFiller to get started.

Let’s see how to split a PDF on Mac swiftly utilizing pdfFiller

Let’s see how to split a PDF on Mac swiftly utilizing pdfFiller 01
  • Go to the pdfFiller website in your favorite web browser.
  • You can quickly create an account by selecting the Start Free Trial option. Or if you already possess one, you can just log in.
  • The Add New button can be seen close to the Search area. Select a document from your device by clicking on it.
  • Because the service will automatically open your file, quit the editor. To accomplish this, go back to the Dashboard by clicking Done in the top right corner.
  • Activate the Split PDF menu. Ensure that the necessary file is selected (it will be highlighted) and navigate to the Manage Documents area on the right sidebar.
  • Select the Split menu item.
  • To preserve page thumbnails in the original document, click on them. If necessary, rename the file.
  • If necessary, pick Page thumbnails and choose to Create another document to add them to a brand-new document. You are free to repeat this step as often as required.
Let’s see how to split a PDF on Mac swiftly utilizing pdfFiller 02
  • To enter the export screen, use the Split button.
  • Finally, click Download Now after selecting the destination of your document.

Let’s see how to split a PDF on Mac using the Print option


If you use Safari or Google Chrome, you can actually split pages in PDF files without the aid of any other services by utilizing a straightforward method. These web browsers support opening Portable Document Format files for viewing, filling out, and printing.


Here is how to split a PDF on Mac by print in detail

Here is how to split a PDF on Mac by print in detail
  • Simply open the required file in the browser by utilizing the Open With the drag-and-drop option to split a PDF in Google Chrome.
  • Click the Print button after that.
  • Hit Save as PDF from the list of printing options, choose the number of required pages and click Save.
  • Afterwards, you can save a copy of the document to your device to arrange pages as you wish.

Note: This method of splitting PDF pages appears simple yet un-functional and ineffective. You’ll be required to launch the app each time, choose the printing options, remember the page ranges, specify them, and so on. Additionally, if you only have black-and-white printers, you could only receive grayscale copies on some devices by the time you’ve finished editing.


Find out how to split a PDF on Mac with Preview

How to split a PDF on Mac with Preview

You can create separate files by extracting the PDF’s pages using Preview. Although the procedure may seem complicated, it is really relatively simple. You should achieve a split PDF in no time if you simply follow the procedures listed below.

  • Start the Preview app.
  • When you do this, a file selection window will appear on your computer, allowing you to pick your PDF.
  • You should see some thumbnails on the left sidebar once you’ve opened your PDF in pages Preview.
  • The pages you want to extract into a new file should be selected. You may do this by selecting all the thumbnails you wish to remove while holding down the shift (arrow up) key.
  • Drag the thumbnails to your desktop and drop them there.

Your chosen pages ought should now be in their own PDF file. This procedure can actually be repeated several times to extract different files from a single PDF.


In summary


Because the PDF editor in Preview isn’t incredibly feature-rich, you should look for a PDF editor such as pdfFiller to do the job. It is far more feature-rich l for handling and splitting PDFs easily.


Next, check out how to combine PDF files on Mac and how to delete pages from PDF on Mac to learn more.

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