How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking

How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking

When you wish to stop receiving calls on your iPhone but at the same time don’t want to block any number, then this article is for you. Here we will explain how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking them. Nevertheless, if you wish to get rid of unwanted calls and block numbers on iPhone, there are tons of apps to guide you through that. We have got three simple solutions on our checklist. So with no further delay, let’s find out what those solutions are.


How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking: Three solutions


  • Putting your iPhone into Airplane mode
  • Select Do Not Disturb from the Settings menu
  • Change the sim from your device

    Putting your iPhone into Airplane mode

    Activating the airplane mode

    The best solution is to activate the Airplane mode on your device. This stops all incoming calls on your iPhone without you blocking any contact number. However, the drawback is that you cannot stop any individual call in this process. All incoming message notifications are also disabled along with the incoming call service.


    Process of turning on the Airplane mode


  • Swipe down the iPhone control center from the top right corner of the screen
  • Here you will see the airplane icon on the top left batch of functions
  • Tap the airplane icon that immediately stops the carrier network
  • You will see the Airplane instead of the sim network icon disabling all incoming calls and notifications.

    Selecting the Do Not Disturb function

    Activating Do Not Disturb from Settings

    The next tip for the query on how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking lies in your device’s Settings function. Launch the Settings function on your iPhone, and you will eventually get the Do Not Disturb option. This function includes several customization options to restrict incoming calls. Nevertheless, none of these functions pursue you to block any numbers from the phone directory.


    Process of activating Do Not Disturb on iPhone


  • Launch the Settings option on your iPhone
  • Select Focus from the menu
  • Tap Do Not Disturb at the beginning of the menu
  • Toggle on the Do Not Disturb
  • Customize notification under Allowed Notifications
  • Tap Add Person to select people from the contacts list
  • Select contacts you wish not to receive calls from
  • Finish the process by clicking Done at the top right corner of the screen

    Change the sim from your device

    Switching to a new sim card

    The last trick for how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking includes switching to a different network carrier. This means swapping the old sim with a new one. But before that, you first have to sync and save your contact numbers on iCloud so that you don’t lose any number in the process. At the same time, you must know how to remove sim card from iPhone to replace it with a new one. Switching to a new number will stop incoming calls until you call others and give them your new contact number.


    Process of switching sim on iPhone


    Backing-up contacts


  • Sync all your phone contact with iCloud
  • Or, tap Settings of your device followed by Contacts
  • Click Import SIM Contacts
  • Your device lets you choose the location you want to import your SIM card contacts
  • Once contacts are redirected, wait for the import process to finish

    Replacing with a new sim


  • Locate the sim tray on your iPhone
  • Insert the sim ejecting tool or paper clip into the Sim tray hole to pop it out
  • Gently pull out the sim tray from your device
  • Extract the existing sim and replace it with a new one. Make sure the sim is placed in the correct orientation
  • Put the sim tray back into the sim slot

    There are several other ways to avoid incoming calls without blocking them. For instance, pressing the volume down button when someone calls will put the incoming call on silence or selecting the Silent Ringtone from the Tone Store.


    Nevertheless, in quest of how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking, mentioned tips are the most valid ones. Check out Applavia blogs for other useful tips and tricks and be aligned with the top notched apps on App Store.

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