How to Stream from iPhone to Twitch

Article By: Hess Brown - July 18, 2022, Last Modified: August 8, 2022
How to Stream from iPhone to Twitch

Are you a regular Twitch streamer? If you are an influencer on the Twitch platform, then you should know that your desktop or laptop isn’t the only option for making video streams. Whether your queries are all about how to stream from iPhone to Twitch or how to download Twitch clips on iPhone, the solutions are there, and they are quite simple. This blog will guide you through the simple process of how to stream from iPhone to Twitch.


How to stream from iPhone to Twitch | Easiest ways


Reading this far about the topic of how to stream from iPhone to Twitch means you are eager to know about Twitch streaming. There are two ways you can try to stream Twitch from your iPhone. We, however, have tried several processes and ended up with just two based on their least complexity. The two best methods of Twitch video streaming from your iPhone are:

  • With the default Twitch streaming function
  • Using a third-party app to stream Twitch video

Streaming online has never been so easier before Screen Recorder for iPhone. This amazing app on your iPhone does more than Livestream on different social platforms.

Default Twitch streaming from iPhone

The first method that we want to describe is straightforward. That is by using the Twitch app on your iPhone. This is, undoubtedly, the best way to decipher the topic of how to stream from iPhone to Twitch. The process is more simplified in newer iPhone models, making the streaming function convenient. For the process to begin, you first have to download the Twitch app on App Store and install it.


In the next step, launch the Twitch app from the iPhone menu and tap the video icon at the top. This will give you two options. You can either select ‘Stream Games’ if you wish to stream gameplay. But for now, tap on the ‘Stream IRL’ that will lead you to live streaming on your iPhone. The IRL stands for In Real Life. Now, enable the Microphone and camera. Tap’ Start Stream’ to start a live stream on Twitch.


Quick steps for streaming Twitch from iPhone

Default twitch streaming from iPhone
  • Download and install the Twitch app on your iPhone.
  • Launch the Twitch app from the app menu.
  • Tap the video icon located at the top of the app interface.
  • Select the ‘Stream IRL‘ option, which can be found next to Stream Games.’
  • On the next window, add title of your stream to the input box.
  • Grant permission to enable Microphone and Camera.
  • Start Streaming by hitting the ‘Start Stream‘ button.

Third-party app to stream Twitch from iPhone

There are several third-party apps on the App Store that helps you stream on Twitch using just your iPhone. We, however, found Screen Recorder for iPhone app very convenient and robust for this job. This app delivers a flawless Twitch stream along with other functions which you will find useful.


To get the Live Streaming modules on this particular app, you must download the iPhone Screen recorder from the App Store. Install it on your iPhone and launch the app. Next, you will see four different functions at the bottom of the app interface.


Tap on Livestream, which comes first from the left. This will pop up a Live streaming window, and you will get streaming options for various social platforms, including Twitch. Hit Twitch. You have to add a URL and stream key before tapping on the Start Live Streaming button at the bottom.


Once Stream URL and Key have been added, you are good to go with the live video streaming process. You will be asked to turn on the Microphone and camera. Once those are done, you will get a Start Broadcasting button. Hit the Start broadcasting option, and your Twitch streaming, including relevant screen activities, will start recording.


Swipe up the screen recorder notification drawer and begin streaming on Twitch. Once you are done with Twitch streaming, tap on the recording notification in the notification drawer. It will pop up a notification asking your permission to stop the screen recording function. Choose the Stop option to terminate the recording process.


Twitch streaming process with a third-party app at a glance

Twitch streaming from iPhone using Screen recorder for iPhone app
  • Download and launch the Screen Recorder for iPhone app on your iPhone.
  • Launch the app.
  • Hit on the Livestream option at the bottom, along with three other functions.
  • Tap Twitch from the list of other social streaming platforms.
  • Add unique Stream URL and Stream Key.
  • Tap on the Start Broadcasting button to begin the streaming process.
  • Swipe up the notification drawer and launch Twitch, and begin live streaming.
  • Once done, tap the countdown notification on the notification area.
  • A popup notification box appears asking for permission to stop the recording
  • Tap on Stop to end the stream recording process.



Going live on Twitch is easy and fun, especially when you have the two most convenient methods on how to stream from iPhone to Twitch. Now, it’s your turn to go global with streaming and show off real-life events or gaming skills on the Twitch platform.


We are not stagnant with Twitch only but have useful guides on how to record a YouTube live stream on iPhone. If you like to be an influencer on the internet, blogs like these will give you supporting resources. All it needs is to stick with Applavia and excel in your mission to go viral on the internet.

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