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How to Turn a Video into an Alarm on iPhone

How to Turn a Video into an Alarm on iPhone

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The iPhone you are using comes with a decent amount of alarm tones. Most of those alarm tones are very good at waking you up. It might help people who struggle to wake up, but what about trying something different? You can create your own alarm sound for your iPhone with the help of some apps. A third-party app called Ringtones: Ringtone Maker, the native screen recorder, and the GarageBand app are necessary for the process. After you get through the steps for these apps, you will learn how to turn a video into an alarm on iPhone easily.


How to turn a video into an alarm on iPhone using the Ringtones app


iPhone users have always struggled to use custom tones for alarms on their iPhone devices. Apple does not allow its user to change or install new tones directly on their devices. However, Apple gives you a tool by which you can add new tones.


The GarageBand app might not come with your device as a built-in application, but it is an Apple product. Combined with the Ringtones app, you will have the freedom to make any video into a custom tone for your iPhone device. Similarly, you can get custom ringtones or make a text tone on your iPhone with the apps mentioned in this post.


The Ringtone Maker is a versatile app with many cool features. One of the best features is extracting audio from any video from your iPhone. The specialty of this app is to create custom ringtones for your device. There are other nifty features, but we will go through the audio from video features for this blog. Now, let us find out how to turn a video into an alarm on iPhone by utilizing the Ringtones app.

Here are the procedures on how to turn a video into an alarm on iPhone with the Ringtones app

steps on how to make any video sound your alarm tone on iPhone using Ringtones app

  • Download and install the Ringtones app from the App Store, then launch it on your iPhone.
  • Now tap on the “AUDIO FROM VIDEO” option when it appears.
  • Choose a video from the Media to use as an alarm.
  • The Trimmer tool will show you where you can cut the audio. Then you can select the audio section for the alarm using the slider below it. Alternatively, you can choose to apply the “FADE IN” or “FADE OUT” effect to the custom alarm.
  • You can now give your custom alarm a name and save it by clicking the Save button. You will find the custom alarm tone in the Custom section of My Tones.
  • Now, you can move on to the next step, which is adding the alarm tone on your iPhone with the GarageBand app.

    Steps on how to set up a custom alarm tone on iPhone by utilizing the Ringtones and GarageBand app


    steps on how to add custom alarm tone to your iPhone by using the Ringtones and GarageBand app

  • First of all, find the custom alarm tone in the My Tones tab of the Ringtones Maker app.
  • Now tap on the three-dot icon next to the name of your custom alarm tone.
  • Then select Install Ringtone from the selection that appears
  • After that, from the popup menu, select Install via GarageBand
  • Now, tap on the GarageBand icon to access the app’s “Recents” area.
  • Locate and tap and hold the custom alarm tone, then hit Share.
  • Now, select Ringtone in the following menu.
  • If you haven’t already, rename the alarm tone and tap the Export symbol in the top right corner of your screen.
  • You will see the option to “Export as a Ringtone…” Allow the operation to complete before viewing the Ringtone Export Successful popup menu.
  • Finally, you can open your Clock app and change the alarm tone to a custom tone.

    How to turn a TikTok video into an alarm on iPhone


    TikTok videos are viral nowadays. This social media platform is primarily based on short video formats with catchy soundtracks. You may watch such a video and wish to make the music of that video to your alarm tone. The Ringtones: Ringtone Maker app can make it possible on your iPhone. All you need besides this app is to utilize the GarageBand app and the native Screen Recorder app. You may also use a third-party screen recorder app to capture the video from TikTok.


    First, screen capture the video and then use the Ringtone Maker app to extract the audio. Then, launch the Garageband app and follow the steps above to create an alarm tone. Follow the mentioned steps, and you can easily learn how to make a TikTok sound into your alarm for your iPhone.

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    How to make a YouTube video your alarm on iPhone


    Making a YouTube video an alarm tone can be easy if you utilize the apps mentioned above. If you want to download a video from YouTube, you could use the third-party app Screen Recorder for iPhone or the native screen recorder. Then you may follow the steps shown in this article about how to turn a video into an alarm on iPhone. For detailed instructions, you can go through our article on – How to set YouTube Video as Ringtone on iPhone.




    The steps you have to follow to create and set a custom alarm tone on your iPhone may seem complex at first. This article discusses how to conveniently make a video an alarm on iPhone to resolve that. Thus, the complex issues you might have faced have a solution at this moment. You may now use this knowledge to create any custom tone for your iPhone and set yourself apart from others.


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