How to Turn Off Antivirus on Mac

How to Turn Off Antivirus on Mac

You may need to turn off or disable the antivirus program on your Mac at times. For example, say you want to install a new application on Mac, your antivirus system can prevent you from doing so. Thus, making it difficult to install a new app or download. You don’t have much of a choice in this case. In this article, we explain to find out how to turn off antivirus on Mac.


Let’s see how to turn off antivirus on Mac natively


You may need to disable antivirus to download a desired app. Once done, you should turn on antivirus when the task is done. Antivirus varies depending on the operating system. Their capabilities also differ based on the task.


Let’s look at how to turn off antivirus on your Mac

Let’s look at how to disable antivirus on your Mac
  • Go to the Spotlight search box after turning on your Mac.
  • Now put the name of your antivirus program, i.e., the one you wish to disable, into the search box.
  • On your screen, the antivirus symbol will now appear.
  • You’ll be sent to the app’s interface when you click that icon.
  • Search for the terms Stop, Disable, or Turn Off after you’ve gotten into the interface.
  • Click on the Stop or Disable option (or any other comparable option) after finding it.
  • When the screen asks whether you want to confirm the disablement, select OK or Yes.

Alternate way on how to disable antivirus on Mac

Alternate way on how to disable antivirus on Mac
  • Navigate to the Mac menu bar on your machine. The antivirus icon may be found here.
  • Select the antivirus icon using the right-click menu.
  • The drop-down list should now appear on your screen
  • Select the antivirus of choice you wish to disable

What Happens When Antivirus Is Disabled?


Now that you have an idea of how to turn off antivirus on Mac, you should be aware of what happens next. When installing new applications on your Mac or just suffering a performance issue, you may wish to disable it. When you download files from Safari, your antivirus may prevent them from being installed, prolonging potential damage to your Mac.


Is Disabling Antivirus Safe?


It is risky if you disable antivirus on Mac without replacing it. Therefore, we suggest installing a trustworthy third-party antivirus application such as MacKeeper.


How to set up your antivirus on Mac using MacKeeper

How to set up your antivirus on Mac using MacKeeper

Allow MacKeeper Antivirus to run. To get protected, simply follow these simple steps to get the ultimate protection for your Mac.

  • To begin, launch MacKeeper.
  • From the left sidebar, choose Antivirus.
  • When prompted, click Launch Antivirus and input your Mac password.
  • Make sure Antivirus is turned on.
  • To enable real-time protection, click Next; to skip it, click Later.

For optimal security, we strongly advise you to enable real-time protection and Full Disk Access before checking for infections.


How to enable real-time protection

How to enable real-time protection

While you may manually scan your Mac from time to time, Real-time security can detect a virus before opening an infected file. It keeps an eye on your device for any hidden malware and alerts you if one is discovered. Follow the steps defined below to find out how to make it work.

  • Go to Antivirus and enable it.
  • Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • In the system window near MacKeeper, click Allow and input your Mac password.
  • Click OK after selecting all MacKeeper checkboxes.

Allow the full disk access

Allow the full disk access

To identify dangerous viruses wherever they may be hiding, MacKeeper Antivirus requires Full Disk Access. To make it possible, follow the below steps.

  • In the Antivirus window, click Open Preferences once again.
  • Select the lock icon and type in your Mac’s password.
  • Check the boxes for MacKeeper and MacKeeper Real-time Protection.
  • To relaunch MacKeeper, click Quit Now.

How to uninstall antivirus on Mac easily


You may find yourself wanting to uninstall antivirus on Mac instead of disabling it. To manually uninstall existing antivirus software on a Mac, follow these steps.

  • Open a new window in your Finder.
  • Choose your virus applications.
  • Select Uninstall after finding and opening the folder for your existing antivirus.

To conclude


Now you know how to remove antivirus from Mac. Though it is not always the wisest idea to do so. There are often times you have no choice. Ensure to install an antivirus like the one from MacKeeper to always stay protected.


Next, check out the best firewall for Mac and how to get rid of adware virus on Mac to learn more securirty tips for Mac.

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