How to Unblur a Video on iPhone

How to unblur a video on iPhone

Have you ever shot an important video with your iPhone and when watching after, you discover that it’s blurry? This might happen one time or another for a number of reasons. Maybe your hand was unstable, the camera was smudged with fingerprints, or just the video quality was set to low. Either way, you’d like to know how to unblur a video on iPhone right away, and here, we have the solution.


Let’s get this right off the bat, learning how to fix blurry videos on iPhone doesn’t necessarily make the blurry video clearer all the way. Because once a video is shot blurry or pixelated, it’s technically impossible to make the video 100% clear. So the answer to the question regarding, can you unblur a video on iPhone is tricky. However, you can still fix the blurry video by sharpening, reducing noise, etc., and that’s what we’ll be focusing on.


There are a few apps to unblur videos on the App Store. But note that, none of these unblur video editors are capable of fixing the blurriness entirely. It works just like how you unblur an image on iPhone, increasing the sharpness to get better results. The native Photos app is another solution on how to make a video clearer on iPhone; did you know that?


So in the following, we’ll explain how to make a video less blurry and more clear on iPhone. And we’ll use the iPhone Photos app and a third-party app VN Video Editor in the process. Let’s get right down to it.

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How to Unblur a Video on iPhone | 2 Effective Methods


The process on how to unblur a video on iPhone requires a couple of tweaks using noise reduction and sharpness features. If you’re wondering how to unblur a video that has been blurred, we’ve already established that it’s not entirely possible. But reducing noise and then sharpening afterward can remove unwanted grains and fudginess from videos. Here, we’ll be reviewing the Photos app and the VN Video Editor’s noise reduction features to fix blurry videos.


How to unblur a video on iPhone using the Photos app


The Photos app comes preinstalled on iPhone, and it is one of the best apps to edit photos. But, unknown to most, this app is also a video editor capable of performing basic corrections. For instance, you can cut to make a video shorter or crop to keep the specific frame. You can also adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, and apply filters as well. And in order to answer how to unblur videos on iPhone, it has a couple of useful features including noise reduction and sharpness.


Steps on how to make a blurry video clear on iPhone with the Photos app

how to fix blurry videos on iPhone

  • First, open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • From the library, select the blurry video.
  • Next, tap on Edit at the top.
  • From the video editing panel that appears, go to the Adjustment section.
  • how to make a video clearer on iPhone

  • Then swipe to the right and select Noise Reduction.
  • Increase the level up to 100, depending on the blurriness of your video.
  • Then select the Sharpness option located to the left and increase it to 20-30.
  • Finally, tap on Done to process the video and save it to your gallery.

    How to unblur a video on iPhone using the VN app


    The VN Video Editor is another quality app designed for video post-production. Specializing in more aspects of video editing compared to the Photos app, the VN app offers basic tools as well as free templates, fancy subtitles, special effects, and so on. Color correction and animation are another cool part of this free video editor for iPhone. So how to unblur and sharpen videos on iPhone using the VN app? The process is fairly similar to the previous one.


    Here’s how to make a blurry video clear through the VN app

    how to make a video less blurry

  • Install and launch the VN Video Editor app on your iPhone.
  • On the first screen, tap on Plus (+) from the tab menu.
  • Then tap on New Project and select your video from the library.
  • Next, tap on the Filter menu and select the Adjust option.
  • Scroll to the right to find the Sharpen menu. Tone it up to 30.
  • Then select Noise Reduction and increase up to 100.
  • To process and save your video, tap on the tick mark and confirm.

    How to Improve Video Quality on iPhone


    We’ve learned how to unblur a video on iPhone in detail, but how to prevent it from getting blurry in the first place? The iPhone camera is generally amazing for taking photos and videos. But somehow, it manages to take blurry videos if you’re not careful. If your hand is shaking while shooting, chances are the video quality will be shaky as well.


    On the other hand, fingerprints or dust on the camera lens might also be responsible for producing blurry or pixelated videos. Then you’d have to wonder how to unpixelate a video to make it clearer, which is not the easiest. In addition, your video quality settings should also be appropriate in order to avoid blurriness.


    The solution is to clean your iPhone camera lens with a soft cloth before shooting a video. And make sure to keep your hands steady while capturing as well. Along with that, you should also know how to change and enhance video quality on iPhone.


    Here’s how to make video quality better on iPhone from the camera settings

    How to change video quality on iPhone

  • Open your iPhone Settings. Then scroll down to Camera.
  • Inside, go to the Record Video option.
  • Then select 1080p HD at 60 fps or higher.

    Note: Higher video quality will exponentially increase the video size. So if your iPhone is running low on storage, consider choosing lower video quality. Alternatively, you can buy more storage for your iCloud or free up storage on iPhone.


    How to fix blurry videos sent to me on iPhone


    Have you ever received a video from a friend and found out that it became blurry? Generally, it happens when a video is sent to iPhone from an Android device. It could, however, also happen in iPhone to iPhone transfer as well. The reasons could be multiple, one of them being a specific video format supported by the iOS. It means, videos transferred from another OS get converted into iOS supported format, affecting the video clarity in the process.


    Whichever the reason is, there are certain remedies you can try. For example—


  • Send the video to iPhone via email
  • Download the video from iCloud
  • Re-encode the video using an app and convert it into supported format before sending



    Explore how to unblur a video on iPhone following our easy guide and improve your video quality. Before you go on to make corrections, however, try to ensure your camera settings and keep a clean camera lens. While you can’t entirely unblur a video that has been blurred, it’s certainly possible to enhance the appearance using the mentioned methods.


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