How to Uninstall Apps on MacBook

How to Uninstall Apps on MacBook

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Uninstalling unnecessary apps on your MacBook is always a great practice. Doing so may clear up a lot of storage space on your device. Additionally, a clean storage space improves the performance of your device, especially if it’s an older device. The current generation of MacBooks is pretty powerful. However, in time, junk files and unwanted apps can impact performance. In this article about how to uninstall apps on MacBook, you will discover several methods of proper uninstallation of applications. The procedures include the manual technique and usage of two third-party apps, MacKeeper and CleanMyMac X.


How to uninstall apps on MacBook manually


Before you take help from third-party applications, it’s ok to try an already available solution. Every device has its system to uninstall applications. The macOS on your MacBook has a convenient mechanism to uninstall applications as well. You can use the inbuilt mechanism to learn how to delete apps on Mac effectively. Moreover, you can use inbuilt macOS tools to clear RAM on a Mac. For now, let’s discover from the steps below on uninstalling apps on MacBook.


Steps on how to uninstall apps on MacBook manually:

step by step guide on how to uninstall apps on MacBook manually
  • To begin, go to the bottom of the screen and click the Finder symbol.
  • Now, click on Go at the top and select Applications.
  • On the Applications menu, select the app you want to delete.
  • If you are using a mouse, you can right-click on the selected application and click Move to Trash.
  • Or, if you are using the mouse pad of your MacBook, you can drag and drop the Application icon to the Trash Bin. Otherwise, you may use two fingers, tap on the app icon, and select Move to Trash.
  • Finally, right-click on the Trash Bin and select Empty Trash to remove the unwanted application permanently from your MacBook.

Discover how to uninstall apps on MacBook with the MacKeeper application


If the manual method of removing a program appears to be too difficult, you can utilize the MacKeeper utility application. This program seeks to compile most of the necessary tools for keeping any Mac device in top shape. It features intelligent utility tools to remove malware, advertisements and also monitor your device for junk file removal. MacKeeper, in particular, features a Smart Uninstaller tool that can completely uninstall applications and their remnants.


Steps on how to uninstall apps on MacBook with the MacKeeper application:

step by step procedure on how to uninstall apps on MacBook with the MacKeeper application
  • First, download and install the MacKeeper application on your MacBook.
  • Then, launch the app, navigate to its left side, and click on Smart Uninstaller.
  • You need to click on Applications and select the app or apps you want to uninstall.
  • Now, click the Remove Selected button.
  • Finally, select the Remove button to complete the process.

How to uninstall apps on MacBook by utilizing the CleanMyMac X application


The CleanMyMac X application is an all-rounder utility tool that combines different optimization tools. If you get this app on your MacBook, you won’t need any other app to fix the performance of your device. Moreover, the Uninstaller tool of this app is simple and very effective in removing unnecessary applications. Thus, it can save a lot of time for you.


Apart from learning how to remove apps from Mac with it, CleanMyMac X can be a lifesaver as it can efficiently search and get rid of adware viruses. This application is a must-have if you plan to use your MacBook without worrying about security or performance. Now, let’s find out from the steps below how to use CleanMyMac X on a MacBook to clean up applications.


Steps on how to uninstall apps on MacBook with the CleanMyMac X:

step by step process on how to uninstall apps on MacBook with the CleanMyMac X application
  • First of all, get the CleanMyMac X application and install it on your MacBook.
  • Then, launch the app and click on the Uninstaller tool from the left.
  • Now, click the View Applications option.
  • At last, select one or multiple apps from the menu and click the Uninstall button to complete the cleaning process.

Final words


The MacBook is a sophisticated device with blazing fast performance. Usually, the superior hardware for Mac devices can overcome any performance issue. However, if you use these devices continuously, they will face technical and software problems. If it is about removing the app, this article about how to uninstall apps on MacBook tries to provide a helpful guide.


Additionally, you can rely on the third-party apps mentioned in this post to address other issues on your MacBook. For more informative articles, check our take on ways you can delete imported photos on a Mac.

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