How to Unsync iPhone from MacBook

Article By: Hess Brown - May 13, 2022
How to Unsync iPhone from MacBook

When you use your iPhone and Mac together, they virtually always interact in some way. That is what distinguishes the Apple environment from others. However, there are methods for disconnecting your iPhone from a Mac. Today, we will discuss how to unsync iPhone from MacBook and MacBook Pro.


Find out how to unsync iPhone from MacBook

Find out how to unsync iPhone from MacBook

While helpful, sometimes it can get annoying when your iPhone continuously syncs to your MacBook device. Don’t worry; we got you covered. In the following, we’ll lay out a simple process on how to unsync iPhone from Mac.


Here’s how to unsync iPhone from MacBook


  • On your MacBook, launch iTunes.
  • Choose iTunes -> Preferences (Mac) or Edit -> Preferences (PC) from the top menu (Windows).
  • Select the given Devices tab from the drop-down menu
  • Check the option next to Disable automatic synchronization for iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The extracted files will instantly appear in the app. To see the files separately, simply touch on them to unlink iPhone from Mac.

    How to Disconnect iPhone and Mac Handoff

    How to Disconnect iPhone and Mac Handoff

    When you desire to continue your activity from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa, Handoff may be really handy. However, the Dock’s continual visual hints might be distracting.


    Head over to System Preferences > General and uncheck the option next to Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices to disable Handoff on your Mac. Remember that though; disabling Handoff also disables Universal Clipboard between iPhone and Mac.


    Disconnecting an iPhone from a Mac’s Finder


    Simply unplugging your iPhone from the USB wire should serve to prevent your iPhone from appearing in Finder on a Mac. If that doesn’t work, Finder is presumably set to identify the iOS device through Wi-Fi.


    Start by choosing your iPhone in the Finder’s sidebar to fully remove it from your Mac. Then, under the Options section, uncheck the item next to Show this iPhone on Wi-Fi.


    If you don’t own the Mac, you can withdraw the rights you provided when you first connected your iPhone. To do so, navigate to General > Reset in the iPhone’s Settings app. After that, select Reset Location and Privacy.


    What can I do to prevent two Macs from syncing?


  • In the top left corner of your Mac’s screen, click the Apple symbol.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose System Preferences.
  • In the Preferences box, select iCloud.
  • Next to iCloud Drive, choose Options.
  • Remove the checkmark for Desktop & Documents Folders.

    What’s the best way to keep two MacBooks in sync?


    Thankfully, syncing files across two Macs is an easy process. Using iCloud is one option. If both devices – whether a macOS MacBook or an iPhone or iPad – are logged into the same Apple ID, a file saved on one will be stored identically on the other.


    To wrap up


    The instructions above should assist you in knowing how to unsync Apple devices. If you went all the way and removed either device from your Apple ID, you might want to follow up by creating a new iCloud account for it.


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