How to Use a Proxy Server on iPhone – A Complete Guide

Article By: Hess Brown - June 28, 2022, Last Modified: July 18, 2022
How to use a proxy server on iPhone

There are several situations in which using a proxy server on your iPhone could be necessary. You may choose to browse the internet anonymously, access geo-restricted sites, or configure web filters to prevent access to inappropriate websites. You can do it all using a proxy server. Fortunately, you can easily set up a proxy address on your iPhone. So, we will learn how to use a proxy server on iPhone in this detailed post.


What is a proxy server on iPhone, and why do you need one?


A proxy server is a ring of protection around your device, in this case, your iPhone, to protect it from external threats. So, when you visit a site using a proxy server, it then decides whether you should go ahead and access that site. A proxy server screens the site you want to visit for potential malware codes.


You’ll notice that school and universities use proxies that filter out sites that promote hate speech or hosts adult content. Similarly, you can use a proxy on your iPhone to enable similar web filters to prevent your kid from accidentally accessing any inappropriate sites.


Another reason you might need a proxy server on your iPhone is to fool geo-blocks you encounter on a site. You can deceive the host of a site by using a proxy server address of a different country to access content present only in that country.


Find out how to use a proxy server on iPhone for a WiFi network


You need to configure your iPhone proxy server settings for your WiFi network. However, you can only set up proxy servers for one WiFi network at a time on your iPhone. All the network requests from your iPhone are forwarded to the proxy server you have set up. So, now you can change your IP address on iPhone and surf the internet anonymously and get into previously geo-blocked content in your country.


You can configure your iPhone’s proxy server for a WiFi network in one of two ways. You can configure the proxy server manually or automatically. We will show you how to use a proxy server on iPhone manually and automatically.


Here’s how to configure the proxy server on your iPhone manually:

Configure proxy server for iPhone manually
  • Launch your iPhone’s Settings
  • Next, tap on WiFi.
  • Then select a WiFi network which you’d like to set up the proxy server for and tap on the (i) icon beside it.
  • After that, scroll down and under HTTP Proxy, tap on Configure Proxy.
  • Choose Manual, and then you’ll see three new fields appear: Server, Port, & Authentication.
  • Then type your proxy server’s address into the Server An example of a proxy server address:
  • Next, in the Port field, enter the port number. It is a two or four-digit number that is essential for the user to initiate a connection with the proxy server.
  • After this, you would need to authenticate the proxy server if it has not been IP whitelisted. Turn on the toggle for Authentication and type the Username and Password.
  • After that, tap on Save.
  • Now try to access the internet. If you notice issues while attempting to connect to the internet, it is probable that issues occurred during proxy configuration.

Here’s how to configure the proxy server on your iPhone automatically:

Configure proxy server for iPhone automatically
  • Open your iPhone’s Settings
  • Next, head over to WiFi.
  • Then choose a WiFi network to set up a proxy server and tap on the (i) icon beside it.
  • After that, scroll down and tap on Configure Proxy under HTTP Proxy.
  • Select Automatic, and then you’ll see the URL After that, enter the address of the proxy auto-configuration script and tap on Save. Your device will then use the proxy auto-configuration script to enable the proxy server.
  • If you leave the URL field empty and tap on Save, then your device will use the Web Proxy Autodiscovery (WPAD) configuration. It is a protocol that checks whether your WiFi network requires a proxy and, if so, automatically configures one.

You can check whether you have established a proxy server. Check your IP Address before and after you have configured your iPhone proxy server. If they are different, then you have successfully set up a proxy server for your WiFi network on your iPhone. Check using this link:


Also, keep in mind that when setting up a proxy server for a WiFi network on your device, you are only doing it for that specific WiFi network. If you change your WiFi network, then you have to configure the proxy server for that specific network.


Here’s how to turn OFF proxy on iPhone


You can also turn off the proxy server for your WiFi network on your iPhone. The steps are almost similar and can be done very easily.

  • First, open your iPhone’s Settings app and tap on WiFi.
  • Next, hit the (i) icon beside the WiFi network for which you had set up a proxy server.
  • Then scroll down to HTTP Proxy and select Configure Proxy.
  • After that, tap on Off and then Save.

An alternate method for setting up proxy servers on iPhone


The main reasons to use proxy servers are to hide IP addresses, access restricted content, and protect from potential attacks. However, a proxy server has some drawbacks, the most important being the inability to encrypt your data.


So, if you are looking for another way, then using a VPN is the best option. A VPN is better than a proxy server; if you want, we’ve reviewed the best VPN apps for iPhone.

Install the VPN – Proxy Master app for iPhone for free from the App Store.

setup vpn on iPhone with the VPN – Proxy Master app

When using a VPN app on your iPhone, you’ll have access to multiple proxy servers across multiple global locations. You’ll be prompted to add your VPN configuration after installing and opening this app on your iPhone. Tap on Allow when it does. Next, you can select a proxy server from their list of global servers, and you’ll connect with it automatically.


Finishing remarks


In this complete guide, we’ve covered everything about how to use a proxy server on iPhone. You can easily configure a proxy server on your iPhone to change your IP address and browse the internet securely.

Also, take a look at our similar guide on how to hide IP address on Mac.

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