How to Use a VPN on iPhone for a Safer Browsing Experience: Free VPN App for iPhone

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Before we start

Do you browse the internet heavily and often wonder how can I hide my IP? If so, it’s time you start looking for that extra bit of security and freedom that comes with free VPN apps for iPhone like VPN゜. Downloading our VPN (virtual private network) app will give you benefits like unlimited access to censored, blocked, and geo-restricted content. It’s like having your own private browser.

Not to mention, VPN enables staying safe from being a target of those who spy, like unwanted surveillance teams and hackers worldwide all while being an internet booster by getting a faster internet connection. Today, we will get into details on how this best free VPN works and its awesome shield features.

How to start using our VPN

To begin your safe internet browsing journey, you must first download our VPN app from the App Store. After downloading our free app, just give one tap for instant express VPN access. No registration or login necessary. Choose from over 100 different countries for full global access by using our anonymous proxy servers internationally. Blocked websites, web platforms, photo and video content, new ports, and proxy addresses are accessible via VPN.



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One-click on the app helps you set up a new VPN. After you choose your desired region, simply connect and browse on!

For frequent users, enjoy the auto connect feature which remembers your region of use and instantly connects you. Stay safe from price discrimination when shopping on a foreign website by joining any local IP address. The app will stay in standby mode once started. Open it with one touch.

Stay private with IP masking

stay anonymous with hidden ip

Our VPN app allows you to hide your location for uploads and sensitive content sharing. For those who prioritize the absolute in privacy, our why it’s important to hide your IP blog is a must-read. Stay clear from being tracked by the anonymous with full encryption. With VPN, your secrecy is vital and our app will not share any user data with the World Wide Web. Encrypted contents are not detectable.

Surf the net freely

No restriction web browsing

VPN allows you to browse a totally unrestricted network. Unblock your favorite sites that are blocked by your country and local internet service providers. Stream popular media platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other services. These platforms may or may not be supported at your location but with VPN, the possibilities are endless.

Hide your passwords easily

Passwords stay mystery

Password safety should always be a priority and should never be compromised. Oftentimes, passwords stay as standard recoverable text. Our proxy server and internet booster app let you encrypt all your sent data. Therefore, passwords are not recoverable after you entered them. Thus, hiding it from anyone’s eyes,

Hotspot shield

Your personal hotspot shield

With our intuitive hotspot shield, stay protected from unauthorized organizations from various locations while you are surfing on the web. This is super useful when connected to an unprotected network. Our app automatically applies this hotspot shield.

Unlimited bandwidth filter

Bypass firewalls and censorships

Download with peace of mind to take advantage of interruption-free download experiences. Our private internet access app bypasses firewall, censorship, and other filters.


Whether you want to download a foreign movie, a large game file and or loads of music, our VPN app can bypass any discrepancies to make it available for you.

Fastest speed & low latency

Smoother gaming experience

Enjoy a super low latency high-speed VPN when it comes to all your gaming needs. If you Livestream on Twitch or any other gaming platforms, our app has got you covered.


No more buffering and glitches; this private internet access app provides you with the smoothest experience.

In conclusion

A VPN is a sure way to protect yourself from the virtual dark web. Having the freedom to browse the internet is almost a rarity today. With our VPN app, transform your iPhone into an ultimate hack and scam shield.

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