How to use VPN on Netflix on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - June 26, 2022, Last Modified: July 19, 2022
how to use vpn on netflix on iphone

With millions of global subscribers, Netflix also boasts a massive library. It offers a ton of movies, TV shows, and documentaries in multiple languages. Unfortunately, as a Netflix user, you won’t have access to much of these contents, as they would be geographically blocked due to licensing agreements. So, if you want to know about a workaround, check out this detailed article on how to use VPN on Netflix on your iPhone.


Why does Netflix Geo Blocks content?


First and foremost, you must understand what geo-blocking is. Simply put, it is when some content is not accessible to you due to your geographic location.


There could be multitude of reasons why that is the case. For example, some content is banned in some countries, so you cannot view them on Netflix when you are there. Also, other reasons could be copyright laws, royalty payments, or licensing agreements.

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Another reason for geo-blocking is that Netflix divides its markets into regions to maximize profits. For example, India has a massive entertainment industry with more than a billion people. And understandably, Indians would prefer content to be mostly in their native languages. So, you’ll find a lot of local content in Netflix India that you won’t be able to view anywhere else.


How to use VPN on Netflix from your iPhone


Let’s say you are traveling to another country and want to watch your favorite Netflix shows from the US. You should use a VPN. So, which VPN would you use for watching Netflix on your iPhone? Luckily for iPhone, you have so many options on the App Store. In fact, you could check out our other blog for the best VPN app for Netflix on iPhone.


So, in this comprehensive guide, we will find out how to use VPN on Netflix to watch geo-blocked movies or TV shows. We have shared two of the best VPN apps for iPhone that you can use to watch Netflix in any region. And they are:

Here’s how to use Netflix on iPhone with the VPN – Proxy Master app


With some of the most secure and fast connections, the VPN Proxy Master is one of the best VPN apps for iPhone. This app boasts several global anonymous server locations for you to choose from. What’s more, it’s extremely simple to set up.


Steps on how to use VPN Proxy Master on Netflix on iPhone:

Steps on how to use VPN Proxy Master on Netflix on iPhone
  • Launch the VPN Proxy Master app on your iPhone.
  • Next, a dialog box seeking your permission to “Add VPN Configurations” for your app will appear (if it is the first time you are using the app). Tap “Allow.”
  • Then you can either tap on the “Connect” button on the home screen to select a random server location. Or you could tap on “See All” beside Popular Severs to choose your server location.
  • After that, the VPN app will connect to your chosen server location. Then you can sign in to your Netflix account and watch geo-restricted content.

Here’s how to use VPN on Netflix with the Hotshield VPN on iPhone


Another amazing VPN app for iPhone is Hotshield VPN. It also provides a super-fast connection and powerful encryption to secure your data. With several proxy server locations from anywhere in the world, you can enjoy a secure online experience with just a single tap.


Steps on how to use Netflix on iPhone with the Hotshield VPN:

  • Open the Hotshield VPN app on your iPhone.
  • If you are using the app for the first time, a dialog box seeking your permission to “Add VPN Configurations” for your app will appear. Tap on “Allow.”
  • Next, tap on the “Location” icon to open the list of available server locations.
  • After that, choose the server location that you want as your Netlfix location. You’ll then be connected to that location.
  • Then exit the VPN app and launch your Netflix app. Then sign in to your account and enjoy previously geo-restricted content.

How to change Netflix location on iPhone?


There are a few ways you could employ to change your actual location to watch geo-restricted Netflix content. It includes connecting to a proxy server, using a VPN, remote desktop software, and a smart DNS service. However, the most reliable and popular way to change your location for Netflix is through a VPN.


How does VPN work on Netflix on iPhone?


When you connect to a VPN and select a server, it hides your current location and makes it appear like your location is that of the server you’ve chosen. So, when you sign in to your Netflix account, you’ll be shown content from your server location.


Does Netflix block users who are using VPN?


No, they don’t. So, if you are using a VPN for watching location-restricted content on Netflix, don’t worry about your account getting banned.


Why does Netflix block VPNs?


Netflix has licensing agreements with content producers that allow them to host their shows or movies on their platform. For some content, the deals only will enable them to be available in certain regions. And with VPNs, you can unblock those shows and make you appear as if you are in another country.


So, if Netflix does nothing about this, they will appear as not honoring their end of the agreement. That is why Netflix tries to block VPNs. However, only the best VPN services can challenge Netflix’s attempt to stop their VPN servers.


Finishing remarks


Netflix caters to millions of users in over 190 nations. And instead of releasing global content on their app, they prefer to serve every region with their own local content.


If you want to watch geo-blocked Netflix shows and movies on your iPhone, you need to have a good VPN app. So, in this complete guide, we’ve covered everything on how to use VPN on Netflix from your iPhone.


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