13 Best Instagram Stalking Apps for iPhone in 2022

13 Best Instagram Stalking Apps for iPhone

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If you are an Instagram celebrity, this article can be useful for you. However, you either fall into the influencer category or simply follow other celebrities when you have an Instagram account. Either way, stalking is inevitable, of course, in a better means. If you follow Instagram stars or are one of the influencers who wish to track back followers’ logs, you might like to have one of the best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone. Having one such app installed on the device makes life easier, especially when you are a regular user of Instagram.


About Instagram stalking apps for iPhone


We brought to light the 13 best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone, intending to make life easier for Insta users. Some of you may assume that the Instagram stalking apps on App Store violate user privacy. On the contrary, we schemed out all our apps that mostly allow Instagram users to follow the activities of their idols on this social platform.


Most of these apps we are discussing here work in other ways round. That is, influencers or Insta celebrities can now keep track of their crowd volume and views. Our team of analyst carefully schemed out apps from the App Store that helps you get an insight or helps you follow your favorite personality and celebrity on Instagram.


List of 13 Best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone



  • Analyzer Plus- Insta Followers
  • Followers Track: Insta Reports
  • Followers & Unfollow Insights
  • CalcReports+ for Instagram
  • Visitors Pro
  • Followers +, For Instagram
  • Follower Tracker
  • Followers Insights: Profile+
  • FollowMeter for Instagram
  • Social Scan: Followers Tracker
  • Analytics for Instagram Pro
  • Viewer & Analyzer on Instagram
  • Followers+ Track for Instagram

    1. Analyzer Plus- Insta Followers 

    Analyzer Plus- Insta Followers

    We will begin with Analyzer Plus- Insta Followers. We are considering it one of the best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone in 2022 for several reasons. Firstly, you can get an overall log of your Instagram activities and the statistical data of total followers lost in different duration of active time on Instagram.


    Besides that, you can also stalk overall users who have blocked you. Nevertheless, the most useful feature is its existing followers’ interest meter, where you can see insights into individual followers’ interests over your posted activities. Other than that, this app offers a comprehensive insight into followers’ responses to your posts, post health, tag status, and a close count of dedicated followers.


    Key Features:


  • Follow unfollow log in statistical figure
  • Stalk on users who blocked or recently unblocked you
  • Track individual follower’s via Interest meters
  • Insights of dedicated followers
  • Post responds reviews
  • Tag and un-tag status

    2. Followers Track: Insta Reports

    Followers Track Insta Reports

    Do you want to track all your secret admirers on Instagram? Followers Track: Insta Report is the exact app for this task. It produces a precise report of the admirers and trackback their responses and reports. Aside from tracking secret fans and ghost followers, this app also has statistical charts representing various Instagram activities and follower counts that are hard to track without the app.


    Key Features:


  • Track followers insight
  • Keep track of newly added followers or recently unfollowed members
  • Identifying ghost followers and followers who have blocked you
  • Insights of dedicated followers
  • Manage counts of reviews, tags, and comments of your followers
  • Stalk influencers and keep track of their responses to your likes

    3. Followers & Unfollow Insights 

    Followers & Unfollow Insights

    Up next is the Followers & Unfollow Insights, another amazing app on our list that specializes in providing detailed insights into your Instagram curriculum. You can track all your followers and stalk their activities that influence your popularity on Instagram. Keep an account of the rise and fall of followers and get an insight glance of individual followers in an intuitive graphical format.


    Key Features:


  • Keep an eye on the newly joined followers or recently unfollowed ones
  • Rise and fall of the followers in the graphical interface
  • Like, comment and responds counter
  • Followers increase the ratio and their activities on your profile
  • Insights of best posts and volume of likes and reports for that post

    4. CalcReports+ for Instagram 

    CalcReports+ for Instagram

    Stalk back and watch your secret admirers using this specialized app on your iPhone. With CalcReports+ for Instagram as one of the best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone, you have a sneak peek of your follower’s profile. In addition to that, you can also put an analyzing campaign to evaluate the rise and fall of your follower’s database. Be an anonymous yet ethical Instagram stalker.


    Key Features:


  • Stalk followers as well as influencer’s profiles and be anonymous
  • Intuitive analyzer dashboard for follow and unfollow count
  • Anonymous story viewer and keep track of follower’s responds
  • Keep an eye on others’ activities in your profile
  • track multiple follower metrics with intuitive graphical interfaces

    5. Visitors Pro

    Visitors Pro

    Visitors Pro features a full spectrum of Insta profile insights that allows you to stalk your followers. With this app, you can keep an eye on your top 5 followers on this platform. Keep in the note of most discussed posts and photos of other influencers in your profile. Moreover, with this app in hand, you can keep a count of total likes and comments and share your views and insights with friends.


    Key Features:


  • View the top 5 followers on Instagram and their activities
  • Get insights into who followed or unfollowed you recently
  • Keep an account of all likes, and post views
  • Know your viewers and their activities on Instagram
  • Share your top 5 list with friends

    6. Followers +, For Instagram

    Followers+ Track for Instagram

    When there’s no harm in being an ethical stalker on Instagram, having an app like Followers+ on your iPhone seems to be a fair deal. This useful app analyses follower statistics and gives you an accurate count of the followers added or left your profile zone. Using this amazing iOS app, you can easily stalk users who started following or unfollowing you and manage them efficiently for regular evaluation.


    Key Features:


  • Find out who follows and unfollows you recently
  • See who is not following back
  • Stats of mutual followers on Instagram
  • Categorize your stalker in a distinct table
  • Customizable analytics interface

    7. Follower Tracker 

    Follower Tracker

    Coming up next is the Follower Tracker, a hub on your iPhone to stalk and manage all your Insta insights. Using this best Instagram stalking app for iPhone, you can get an accurate overview of who has recently followed or unfollowed you. Besides that, it is a reliable analyzer that evaluates all your posts and uses the rankings to analyze each of your posted stories.


    Key Features:


  • Powerful Instagram analyzer
  • Easily get an overview of who has followed and unfollowed you recently
  • Quick unfollow an individual or in a batch
  • The app uses ranking counts to prepare a report on activities
  • Get insights into your stories and posts

    8. Followers Insights: Profile+ 

    Followers Insights Profile+

    Getting accurate Instagram stalking reports can’t be this easier without the Followers Insights: Profile+ app on your iPhone. With this app installed, you can conveniently track and analyze your stalkers on this social platform. Just like other top-notched apps, this app also offers batch unfollow as well as an overview report of unfollow list.


    Key Features:


  • View all interactions on Instagram
  • See who is not following and recently followed the list
  • Stalk followers’ profile
  • Get detailed insights into your story

    9. FollowMeter for Instagram

    FollowMeter for Instagram

    Our list of the best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone continues with the FollowMeter for Instagram. This is another Instagram analytic app on iPhone with many functions to stalk the Insta insights ethically. You can conveniently get a good look at the newly followed or unfollowed users using this iPhone analytic app. Here you can discover secret admirers as well as add multiple accounts.


    Key Features:


  • Get reports of overall followed and unfollowed users
  • Powerful story tracker
  • Updated notifications of follower’s stats
  • Get details of your secret admirers on the Instagram

    10. Social Scan: Followers Tracker

    Social Scan Followers Tracker

    When you are looking for a detailed Instagram analytics tool, then this is it. With Social Scan, you now have a scope to stalk followers’ profiles in-depth to analyze trends and preferences. Next, you can also get data on who has unfollowed and blocked you. Users can post, manage as well as improve stories to boost their profile health with this app.


    Key Features:


  • Get in-depth followers profile for Insights
  • Follow unfollow data with a convenient search option
  • Post and repost stories to boost your Insta health
  • Create media content using this app

    11. Analytics for Instagram Pro

    Analytics for Instagram Pro

    Analytics for Instagram Pro is yet another strong analytics app in the competition. The iOS app is straightforward and minds its own business with an accurate Instagram profile analysis in mind. It comes with a robust tracker and analyzer to count all follower transitions. In addition to that, the app also finds secret admirers who are stalking you on Instagram. Apart from that, it gives you a better glimpse of top followers.


    Key Features:


  • Get a graph of the overall count of active followers
  • Get to know your secret admirers on Instagram
  • Stalk profiles of followers
  • Evaluate the top followers in your profile

    12. Viewer & Analyzer on Instagram

    Viewer & Analyzer on Instagram

    This is a premium app that helps you get an in-depth look at your Instagram status. This app assists you analyze followers’ rise and fall in your profile. In addition to that, it gives you overall calculations of who has not followed back. In addition to the typical functions, it has a hashtag generator and story templates to boost your profile views. You can also get a full view of each of your follower’s profiles and stalk back your admirers on Instagram.


    Key Features:


  • Stalk followers’ profiles
  • Know who has followed or unfollowed you
  • Hashtag and story templet genitors
  • Analytical reports of the top followers

    13. Followers+ Track for Instagram

    Followers +, For Instagram

    Followers+ Track for Instagram is the last entry on our list. It is another best Instagram stalking app for iPhone. This one gives you an elaborate report about your Instagram profile. This app includes updated insights, follow and unfollow details, media, and story charts, as well as various statistics. Besides you can easily delete and manage your posts and stories and keep one step forward with your Instagram activities.


    Key Features:


  • Keep track of the loss and gain of your followers in your profile
  • Keep a count of who has followed back recently
  • Get an overview of your stories and posts
  • Bunch unfollow and profile stalking for better analysis



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