How to Live Stream iPhone Screen to Facebook

Article By: Abid Harris - October 10, 2021
How to live stream iPhone screen to Facebook

Before we begin

Sharing your iPhone screen to Facebook can be incredibly useful, especially if you like to live stream games or tutorials. Following this blog, learn how to live stream iPhone screen to Facebook in two ways. First is using the Screen Recorder for iPhone app, and another method consists of the native iPhone live stream feature.

Best 2 Ways to Live Stream iPhone Screen to Facebook

Many of us have asked how to share screen on Facebook live at one time or another. Whether for go-through videos, Facebook live gaming, or app tutorials, streaming video from iPhone is necessary. So among few options, we’re going to share 2 of the best methods to live stream iPhone screen to Facebook.

  • Go live on Facebook using the Screen Recorder for iPhone app
  • Going live with the inbuilt iPhone live streamer

How to Live Stream iPhone Screen to Facebook with the Screen Recorder app

Live streaming apps for iPhone are a handful on the App Store. And on top of that, Facebook go live apps for iPhone with screen recording features are even fewer. You might want to record your iPhone screen and share it on the most popular social sites for various reasons. For instance, you’re a pro gamer and want to record gameplay on your iPhone to share it. Or you’re using a new app, and you’d like to share the experience with your audience. Either way, you need the best screen recorder and live stream app for iPhone.

Before you read on to discover how to live stream on Facebook from iPhone, install the Screen Recorder app for free from the App Store.

Screen Recorder for iPhone is the best streaming video recorder that allows you to share your iPhone screen to Facebook with ease. For example, you can start a Facebook live on iPhone or iPad that instantly shares your display in real-time. Therefore, if you are playing a game, watching a movie, or just tweaking some settings on your iPhone, your friends and audiences will join.

Learn how to record your iPhone screen

In addition to live streaming, the Screen Recorder app comes with tons of other features. Easily figure out how to record a live stream on iPhone and save it to your library. You can also screen record your iPhone with customizable settings and edit them later. Furthermore, add Facecam reactions and live commentary to your videos to share them online.

Here’s how to live stream iPhone screen to Facebook using the Screen Recorder app

Facebook live streaming app
  • Install the Screen Recorder app if you haven’t already.
  • Go to your Facebook and tap the Live Video button.
Facebook go live apps
  • Then select the Go Live option.
  • You’ll be prompted to choose a video source. Tap on Streaming Software.
  • Your Stream Key will appear. Tap on Advanced Settings to reveal the Server URL.
  • Copy the Stream Key and Server URL.
how to screen share on Facebook live
  • Next, open the Screen Recorder for iPhone app.
  • Tap the Live Stream button at the bottom.
  • Then select Facebook from the menu.
  • On the next page, enter the Stream Key and URL you copied earlier.
  • Then Start Live Streaming and tap on Start Broadcast to initiate your streaming to Facebook.

How to live stream iPhone screen on Facebook (Video tutorial)

Let’s learn how to live stream iPhone screen to Facebook with the inbuilt screen recorder

iOS 11 introduced a lot of good stuff, and screen recording is one of them. The native screen capturing option is capable of most of the regular recording. If you were wondering how to share your screen on Facebook live, yes, it does that too.


Although, note that the feature is fairly new and still at its developing stage. For some reason, Apple has almost silently added the tool for streaming the iPhone screen to Facebook live. So if you don’t get the feature yet, I’d recommend using the live streaming app for Facebook, as mentioned earlier.

Steps on how to live stream your phone screen with the iPhone streamer

how to stream on Facebook
  • First, ensure your iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or later.
  • Update Facebook app to the latest version and allow all permissions from settings.
  • Next, navigate to Control Center from your settings.
  • And enable the Screen Recording feature.
  • Now you’ll be able to start screen recording your iPhone by dragging down the control center.
iPhone live streaming
  • Next, to live stream your iPhone screen to Facebook, tap and hold the record button.
  • From the available menu, tap on Facebook (If you have it)
  • Toggle the microphone button to turn on/off external audio.
  • Finally, tap on Start Broadcast.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the answer on how to go live on Facebook from your iPhone screen. Between the two options, you can go for both the native and the live stream app for Facebook. But until such time where the inbuilt screen recorder is a reliable feature offered by Apple, your best bet is the Screen Recorder for iPhone app. Continue reading If you’d like to know about how to live stream iPhone screen to YouTube.

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