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Initial abridgment

How to lose weight fast? A query that comes from millions worldwide. We have listened to this query and have come up with an intelligent app. Introducing Fasting app. It is an ingenious health and carb management app that you can easily fetch from the Apple store. So if you are on a journey of cutting some extra calories from your body, download fasting app from the app store, install it, and follow an intermittent fasting journey.

A healthy eating plan starts from here

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Obesity or abdominal obesity is a global health issue. Every year almost twice the people die from excess cholesterol or obesity than shark and snake attacks combined. The unhealthy lipid building in the human body is an epidemic itself, and many are looking to get rid of extra carbs under their skin.

Fasting app proves to be a handy app that iPhone users can put into their own health benefits. This particular app works like a diet manager for you. It takes an initial assessment of your height, weight, and gender. Based on the initial calculations, the app suggests a set of fasting plans that cut off harmful fats.

Do you think that’s only it? The answer is negative. Fasting app also offers you a full-fledged water drinking routine. Now, you must be wondering how drinking water benefits in keeping a healthy lifestyle. You must know that drinking water regularly shaves-off a remarkable volume of harmful fat from your body. The correct volume of liquid intake, attribute to lose weight fast and maintain body mass.

Fasting app for iPhone acts like a virtual health manager that constantly keeps an account of your diet and liquid intakes. This health tracking tool gives you multiple fasting duration preferences. All you have to do is select the preferable fasting hours that suit your health requirements, and the app itself will handle the rest.

Once set, the fasting hours of this application give a countdown clock to you. It will remind you at the beginning and end of every fasting session every day. The exact process goes for water drinking assistance as well. Fasting app will constantly remind you to drink water at scheduled intervals, so that, you don’t miss liquid intake on time and remain hydrated throughout the day.

A perfect diet manager

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The fasting diet tracker and water drinking scheduling is not the only task fasting app accommodate in its feature list. This smart iOS app also integrates a weight calculator and tracker. It stores daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly records and progress of your progressive BMI, diet, and drinking plans. All these data include easy-to-understand animated graphs that will constantly give you an overall view of your health progress.

Steps of using Fasting app

When lose belly fat is your sore plan, Fasting app has its own set of contributions to offer. It has some integrated alarming and brilliant reminder technology that assists you in improving your substantial body mass to lose weight fast. But to follow the instructions, you need to follow some steps:

Download Fasting app from the Apple app store and install it on your iPhone


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Open the app and set your height, weight, and sex. Without fulfilling those credentials, you cannot access any service provided by this virtual health manager.


fasting mode selection from the list

Select a Fasting mode amid a list of options. This particular app will run an intelligent algorithm once the method is selected. The algorithm also includes previously provided height, weight, and gender credentials.


Two options, fasting, water drinking

Upon selecting the mode, you will confront with two options; fasting option and water drinking scheduler.


Select hours you want to fast

Select the fasting hour preference that you are comfortable with.


countdown timer for fasting process

Start the countdown time to initiate your daily dietary fasting period.


water drinking reminder notification

You can set the water drinking scheduler in the same process, and on schedule, the app will give you timely notifications. The water drinking scheduler has its own dedicated section in the app.

Key Features at a glance

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So far, the long-descriptive features of this carb-reducing app might have gone too heavy for you. So let’s cut it short and list out the prime features of Fasting app for iPhone:

  • Initial height, weight, and gender assessment to provide you accurate fasting and liquid intake guideline throughout the app usage journey
  • Fasting mode selection
  • Fasting duration preference selection
  • Track water drinking pattern throughout the day with a dedicated section
  • Daily body weight tracker module
  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly BMI improvement records
  • Individual user profile creation and configuring facility
  • Push notification to notify when it’s time to drink water
  • Intuitive graphical countdown timer to notify each fasting process.

A healthy ending

Fasting is undoubtedly a handy app that you must count on your iPhone. The virtual fasting and water drinking manager might lie in your pocket, but the persuasion it brings upon in shaving extra lipids is genuinely remarkable.

However, the actual effectiveness comes into notice when the instructions are honestly followed in a real-life scenario. Having a Fasting app on your phone itself is not enough for healthy living; having a good sleep contributes to healthy living. If you have complications in goodnight sleep or workaholic lifestyle made you sleep-deprived at the end of the day, you can try our Sleep sounds & white noise app.

At the end of the day, if you have a query regarding how to lose weight fast, there is no need to follow a keto diet plan or other extreme measures. We will suggest you start working on your obesity. Simply download Fasting app on your iPhone and start following incremental and straightforward steps for a better, healthier, and carb-free life.

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