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Article By: David Zaky - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: November 22, 2021
Make a custom ringtone

My colleague’s mobile ringtone is simply awful. Every time it rings up, it gives me a sudden startle during work. Perhaps he might not be aware of this awesome iPhone app called the Ringtones : Ringtone Maker. Yes, a ringtone maker is an excellent app choice for those who should change their typical, monotonous and irritating phone ringer.

So, it’s high time for those who are considering upgrading their iPhone’s chime. We, in this scenario, recommend download Ringtones : Ringtone Maker from the App Store. It is the most convenient way to create and store melodic ringers on your favorite iPhone.

Why is ringtone maker a game-changer?

Considering the limited availability of quality third-party iPhone ringtone composers, this ringtone maker here is a game-changer. The app is considerably compact & resourceful. Unlike other similar apps on the internet, it has no unwanted junky functionalities stuffed in it. This ringtone composer app solely concentrates on all the necessary tools you may need to trim out a perfect ringtone from your iPhone’s existing audio library.

Digging deep into the ringtone maker app

Huge collection of music to choose from

Now comes the fun part—the ringtone maker app itself. This iPhone application itself attires aesthetically. The initial interface represents most of the product functionality, that is, creating a euphonious ringtone for your phone.

It attires with a virtual cabinet of music genre. The list goes from Country to all way up to the Funky category. Between that, you get Rock, Electronica, Latin, Instrumental, Rap & Hip-hop, Jazz, etc. No matter what types of music categories you prefer as an incoming call alerting tone, the Ringtones : Ringtone Maker app has it all.

Choose the favorite one or download it to your device

Each of these music classifications stacks up a considerable number of trendy audio tracks of the same category. All music tracks are from renowned singers all over the world. You can conveniently download and use those songs to create your own fancy mobile ringtones.

Change ringtone on your iphone

A comprehensive audio library for composing ringtones

Once you start the ringtone app, you will get the dedicated ringtone generator option at the top of the list. Accessing the ringtone maker app option will give you a comprehensive free music library. Here you will get all your favorite audio tracks stored in your device storage.

This segment will allow you to carry out all the cropping and resizing features making it an optimized audio editor. Here you can apply those editing options to your preferred audio file in the list. Next, the cropped portion of the music you have selected for the ringtone can be saved separately on the app drawer to be used as your phone ringtone later on.

Save favorite music tracks for future usage

A dedicated space for favorites

Following the Ringtones option in the app, you have the Favorites that accumulate all your favorite audio files from the audio library. The app stores all your favorite audio clips as you browse through the music library and separate the ones you like to hear the most. You can listen to that music later on whenever you want.

Ringtone installation guide, Share, rename and delete audio files

Going Across these options, you have the My Tones in line. It stores all the ringtones you have created using the audio trimmer of the ringtone composer application. You can store all the final products in this section for future usage. The segment has a full-fledged menu that contains a ringtone installation guide, ringtone share, file renaming, and delete option.

How it works

Unlike ringtones for android phones, which you can load on your phone more conveniently, ringtones on the iOS platform follow rather a bit twisty path before reaching your iPhone’s ringing functionality. The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up a ringtone on your iPhone very quickly.

  • Crop out the ringtone using the ringtone maker and save it on your device storage.
  • The next step is to take the external device’s help, preferably a mac or windows pc.
  • Whether you are a Mac or Windows PC user, you have to follow 7 simple steps in both

In case you are a Mac user

  • First, you have to connect your iPhone with the latest iTunes.
  • Following that, a synchronization process has to be established between your Mac and iPhone.
  • Syncing your iPhone will give you access to your iPhone’s file option, where you will find
    the ringtone maker app’s content.
  • Drag the audio file that you want as a ringtone to your Mac.
  • Now you have to drag the audio file from your Mac to the iPhone storage and Sync. The audio file will finally be stored on your phone.
  • You will find your ringtone file in the Ringtone option located in the Sound & Haptics of the Settings option.
  • Now you can finally use this audio file as your phone ringtone.

If you have Windows PC

  • Connect your iPhone with the latest version of iTunes
  • Allow information access permission from your iPhone to the PC
  • Select the device icon that appears on the file synchronization window
  • Once selected the icon, you will get several options under the setting in the next interface.
  • Among them, there is this option called File Sharing. By accessing this particular option, you will get the Ringtone Maker app.
  • Moving inside the Ringtone Maker app will give you the audio file you have created previously on this app
  • Drag the m4r file to your desktop
  • On the file-sharing page, click open the Tones option. It will redirect you to a container page
  • Drag the audio file from the desktop and drop it in this container and click the Sync button
  • That’s it! You can now get the m4r file in the Sounds & Haptics option of the Settings.
  • Now you can use that as your iPhone’s new ringtone by simply selecting it as your phone’s ringer.

Ringtone maker that gives security the first priority

make your own ringtone

Perhaps, the process may seem complicated to some at first glance. However, you have to understand the reason for this complicacy, and that is, Apple gives greater emphasis on user data security. Preventing direct file synchronization facility is a part of that user data confidentiality concern.

Anyways, the ringtone maker app indeed is one of the most convenient apps in the market that can be operated from the phone to create superb m4r format ringtones for iPhone. In short, this ringtone maker app can produce compatible ringtone files out of your favorite music for your iPhone.

Last but not least

Now you can assure anyone that you have a perfect solution for making a ringtone for iPhone. Tell them about the Ringtone Maker that can create customized ringtones wherever or whenever you like.

Therefore, once you are thinking of changing the iPhone’s typical ringtone and upgrading it with a more melodious chime, it is wise not to think twice about downloading Ringtone Maker for your iPhone.

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