How to Make a Photo Collage on iPhone – Amazing Tips & Ideas

How to Make a Photo Collage on iPhone and iPad

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A photo collage is a fun way of sharing a story or reinforcing a theme. A collage is where you have multiple images within a single photo layout. So, want to know how to make a photo collage on iPhone? You can try the free Photo Editor app, as iPhone doesn’t have a built-in feature that lets you create picture collages.


Follow this guide for amazing tips on how to make a photo collage on your iPhone with third-party apps.

Discover how to make a photo collage on iPhone?

You may take amazing photos with your iPhone, but sharing them all on social media is challenging. Making a collage is a wonderful way to remember a special occasion, and it’s always an enjoyable experience. If you are contemplating how to make a picture collage on iPhone without an app, sadly, it is not possible. You need an iPhone app to create a collage.


While there isn’t a built-in function on the iPhone that allows you to create a photo collage, there is an app for that. In reality, there are several apps for this. It can be a daunting task to pick the best picture collage apps for iPhone.


However, for your benefit, we have narrowed down our choice to two apps. Check out the applications listed below to learn how to make a photo collage on iPhone.

  • Photo Editor app
  • Layout app

How to make a collage of pictures on iPhone with the Photo Editor?

The Photo Editor app and its impressive array of image editing tools can create collages. This app is perfect for making impressive photo collages with ease. With the all-in-one Photo Editor, you can further enhance the pictures you use in your collages.


The neatest thing about the Photo Editor is that it is available for free from the App Store.

To create photo collages on your iPhone with the Photo Editor app, follow the steps below.

  • Download the Photo Editor app, if you haven’t done it yet, and launch the app on your iPhone
  • On the Photo Editor’s home page, tap on “Collage” at the bottom of the app
  • Select pictures for your collage; a tick mark will appear when an image is selected
create collage iPhone
  • Once all your photos are chosen, press on “choose.”
  • Under the collage panel, select the layout for your collage and click on “create.”
  • Your photo collage will be created automatically, and tap on the upload icon for saving or sharing your image.

Learn how to create a photo collage on iPhone with the Layout app

The Layout app from Instagram is our second choice for making picture collages on our iPhones. Unlike the Photo Editor app, this app only specializes in creating collages. It is a simple and easy-to-use app.

Here’s how to make photo collages on iPhone by Layout app.

  • Open the Layout app on your iPhone
  • The layout’s homepage screen will display all the pictures in your iPhone’s photo library
  • Tap on the pictures you want to choose for your collage. A tick mark will appear on the images you’ve chosen.
  • A panel with various collage layout options appears. Choose your desired layout by scrolling through them.
  • After that, you’ll be sent to a screen that shows a preview of your collage
  • You can make some edits if required and then tap on “Save.”
  • Your photo now can be saved on Instagram or on your iPhone Camera Roll and press “Done.”

Some tips on how to make a photo collage on iPhone

Remember that a photo collage isn’t just a collection of random photos thrown together. Rather the images should evoke some emotion or address a particular theme. Keep these ideas in mind for the best pictures while creating an impressive picture collage that everyone will enjoy.

Here are few tips you can follow on how to do a photo collage on your iPhone.

how to do a photo collage on iPhone
  • For your photo collage, select images that are of the same color or texture. This will give your collage a consistent look.
  • Use images with a variety of sizes as you are not required to use only same-sized images. Instead, keep things exciting by using a single photo as the focal point and then supporting pictures.
  • Photo collages look good when they are conveying some idea or a message. So, don’t just mix up a bunch of images. Instead, take your time planning and organizing the kind of pictures and layouts you want to use.
  • Use your photo collage as a canvas to tell a tale from beginning to end. First, capture a series of images using the burst mode, then use those images in your collage.

The bottom line

You can easily create photo collages with any one of the apps mentioned in the guide above. Both Photo Editor and Layout are great apps that will help you make amazing collages on your iPhone. However, where the Photo Editor app is an all-in-one app, the Layout app is only a dedicated photo collage tool. So, the Photo Editor app can be your best choice if you want additional features other than collage.

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