How to Make a Photo Collage on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - March 10, 2022, Last Modified: August 17, 2022
How to Make a Photo Collage on iPhone and iPad

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A photo collage is a fun way of sharing a story or reinforcing a theme. A collage is where you have multiple images within a single photo layout. So, want to know how to make a photo collage on iPhone? The simplest way to create a photo collage is by using an app. It could be a photo editing app or a specialized photo collage app. In addition, we’ll look at how you can carry out this task without using an app.

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Discover how to make a photo collage on iPhone –3 Methods

You may take amazing photos with your iPhone, but sharing them all on social media is challenging. Making a collage is a wonderful way to remember a special occasion, and it’s always an enjoyable experience.


If you are contemplating how to make a photo collage on iPhone without an app, sadly, your option is limited. While there isn’t a built-in function on the iPhone that allows you to create a photo collage, there is an app for that. In reality, there are several apps for that.


Here in this guide, we’ve shared three different methods on how to make photo collages on your iPhone. It includes using third-party photo editing apps, then your iPhone’s Shortcuts app, and finally, dedicated photo collage apps.

How to make a photo collage on iPhone using third-party apps?


Are you wondering how to create a photo collage on iPhone? There are several photo editing apps that allow you to blend multiple images to create a stunning collage. For you, we’ve only picked the best apps for combining photos into one.


However, for your benefit, we have narrowed down our choice to three apps. So, if you want to find out how to make a photo collage on iPhone, try the apps we’ve compiled. And they are: PicMerger Edit Pics & Collages, Fotor, and Google Photos. We’ve also shared the step-by-step instructions to make photo collages using the three apps on this list.


Here’s how to make a picture collage on iPhone with the PicMerger app


PicMerger app is a photo editing app that specializes in making photo collages and merging two or more pictures together. This app offers a collection of more than 200 collage layouts for you to choose from. It is an impressive library, and you’ll have multiple options to make a stunning collage. The app also offers additional features to further enhance the quality of the collages you make.


Step-by-step guide on how to make a photo collage on iPhone using the PicMerger app:

  • Open the PicMerger app.
  • Finally, tap on “Save.”
  • After that, you can edit and customize your collage layout by adding text, stickers, emojis, or editing borders, frames, and textures.
  • Then tap on “Next” on the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Next, select pictures from your iPhone library depending on the frame you’ve selected previously.
  • On the “Collages” tab, choose your photo collage layout.

Here’s how to create a photo collage on iPhone with the Fotor app


Fotor is a comprehensive photo editing app with a picture collage feature. The app offers more than 100 different collage templates with a maximum of 9 images on a single collage. In addition, Fotor also offers a ton of other editing features that you can use to make your collages even more beautiful.

Step-by-step guide on how to make a picture collage on an iPhone using Fotor:

  • Open the Fotor app and tap on “Collage”
  • Then select a ratio for your collage. You’ll get multiple combinations for every ratio
  • On the Collage layout, tap on the “Plus +” icon to add your pictures
  • Next, add some modifications or change the existing layout from the bottom taskbar
  • Finally, tap on “Save” to save your photo collage on your iPhone.

Here’s how to create a picture collage on iPhone with Google Photos


Another full-fledged photo editing app with a collage function is the Google Photos app. Although you can create collages with up to nine pictures at a time, you don’t have the option to choose your collage layout. Google Photos generates your photo collage with the images that you’ve selected.

Step-by-step guide on how to make a collage in Google Photos on your iPhone:

  • Launch the Google Photos app
  • Under the “Photos” tab, touch and hold on to a picture to start the select options
  • Then choose the images that you’d want to collage ( you can only select between 2-9 photos)
  • Next, tap on “Add to” located at the bottom taskbar and select “Collage”
  • Your collage is now ready and saved on your iPhone

How to combine pictures on iPhone using the Shortcuts app?


Apparently, you can create photo collages on your iPhone with the Shortcuts app. There is a shortcut called Photo Grid which you can use to make cool collages. You don’t need to install massive third-party apps if you use this shortcut.

Steps on how to make a photo collage on iPhone with the Shortcuts app:

  • Open your iPhone’s Shortcuts app and tap on the “Gallery” tab
  • Then type “Grid” in the search box and select the “Photo Grid” shortcut
  • Next, tap on the “Add Shortcut” button
  • After that, tap on the “My Shortcuts” tab and tap on “All Shortcuts”
  • Then tap on the “Photo Grid” shortcut and grant access to your iPhone photos
  • Next, choose multiple pictures that you’d want to collage and tap on “Add”
  • Your picture collage will appear on the next screen
  • Then tap on the “Upload” icon and select “Save Image”
  • Your collage is now saved on your iPhone

How to make a photo collage on Instagram Layout?


The Layout app is a free app by Instagram that specializes in combining pictures. Things that you can achieve with this app are incredible. Another impressive aspect of this app is how easy it is to work with.

Here’s how to make photo collages on iPhone by Layout app:

  • Open the Layout app on your iPhone
  • Choose the pictures that you’d want to combine (select between 2-9 images)
  • A panel with various collage layout options appears. Choose your desired layout by scrolling through them.
  • After that, you’ll be sent to a screen that shows a preview of your collage
  • You can make some edits if required, such as replace, mirror, flip, or borders and then tap on “Save”
  • Your photo now can be saved on Instagram or on your iPhone Camera Roll and press “Done.”

Some tips on how to make a photo collage on iPhone

Remember that a photo collage isn’t just a collection of random photos thrown together. Rather the images should evoke some emotion or address a particular theme. Keep these ideas in mind for the best pictures while creating an impressive picture collage that everyone will enjoy.

Here are some tips you can follow on how to do a photo collage on your iPhone:

  • For your photo collage, select images that are of the same color or texture. This will give your collage a consistent look.
  • Use images with a variety of sizes as you are not required to use only same-sized images. Instead, keep things exciting by using a single photo as the focal point and then supporting pictures.
  • Photo collages look good when they are conveying some idea or a message. So, don’t just mix up a bunch of images. Instead, take your time planning and organizing the kind of pictures and layouts you want to use.
  • Use your photo collage as a canvas to tell a tale from beginning to end. First, capture a series of images using the burst mode, then use those images in your collage.

The bottom line

In this guide above, we’ve explored the process of how to make a photo collage on iPhone. We’ve discussed multiple methods, which include using photo editing apps, iPhone’s Shortcuts app, and the free Layout app. Hopefully, you’ve found this guide very helpful.


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