How to Make a Reaction Video with the Screen Recorder App for iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - June 24, 2021
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Reacting to popular videos on social platforms such as YouTube has become a viral phenomenon. If you are interested on how to make a reaction video on iPhone, then you are not alone. Try the Screen Recorder app with its facecam to make reaction videos on your iPhone.


Follow this article on how to make a reaction video on iPhone using the Screen Recorder app.

What are reaction videos?

Reaction videos show people’s emotional responses to television series, movies, or other famous video clips from sites such as YouTube. You will find several online reaction video makers as it is a new and trendy way of critiquing popular content. Several YouTube channels are dedicated to making tv shows, movies, or music reaction videos.


Its success can be attributed to how simple it is to make reaction videos. All you need is a decent camera with a facecam recorder and good videos to react to online. So, anyone with an iPhone and a facecam screen recording app can record videos.

How to make a reaction video with the Screen Recorder app?

One of the best free facecam and reaction video makers is the Screen Recorder app for iPhone. This app offers you a great user interface and a multitude of features. For example, with the facecam tool of the Screen Recorder app, you can create reaction videos with great ease. In addition, you can either react to videos from your iPhone or to videos on YouTube directly.


Additionally, the app comes with its own built-in video editor for post-processing enhancement. You can add filters, trim unwanted clips, adjust video resolutions, bit rate, and frame rate.  Download the Screen Recorder app for your iPhone if you haven’t already.


There are three ways on how to record reaction videos with the Screen Recorder app on your iPhone.

  • React to your iPhone screen recordings
  • React to videos from iPhone Camera Roll
  • React to YouTube videos

How to react to screen recordings on your iPhone?

Are you a gamer and just recorded your recent gameplay with the ultimate game recorder app for your iPhone? Do you also want to add your reaction to your video? You can easily react to all screen recorded videos using the facecam tool.


You can even use the facecam tool for reacting to videos from streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

For making reaction videos on your screen recordings, follow the steps below.

how to record a reaction video
  • Launch the Screen Recorder app on your iPhone
  • Tap on “Face Cam” and click on the “My Recordings” option
  • Then select the video recordings you want to react on
  • Change the facecam border by tapping on the overlay icon after the facecam panel with the recording video appears
  • Press “Start” to begin your reaction or video commentary
  • Tap on “Stop” when your reaction is over,
  • If you’re not satisfied, press “Retake” or else click on “Done” on the top-right corner
how to record a reaction video
  • Trim your video, add a filter, adjust volume or speed with the built-in video editor once your video is compiled
  • After editing, tap on the upload icon on the top-right corner
  • You can save your reaction videos on your Camera Roll or share them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, email, etc.

How to make a reaction video to music or a movie on your iPhone?

Did you download the top music from the billboard or the latest episode of a popular show and want to post your reaction? With the Screen Recorder app, you can do it very quickly. You can even react to videos shared by your peers or the ones saved on your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

The instructions for making reaction videos from your iPhone’s Camera Roll are as follows.

how to do a reaction video
  • Open the Screen Recorder app on your iPhone
  • Select “Face Cam” and then “Camera Roll” from the menu
  • From under Photos, choose your music or other videos you want to react to
  • With the transition slider, select the point from where you want to start your reaction cam and click on “Choose”
  • Under the facecam panel, adjust the position of the cam by pressing the overlay icon
  • To begin your reaction, press “Start”
  • Once you are done, click on “Stop” for ending your video
  • You can either retake your reaction or save the existing file by tapping on “Done”
  • Use the built-in video editor to apply a filter, trim, or change the volume and speed of your video
  • Once you have completed your editing, tap on the upload icon
  • Your reaction video clips can be saved to your Camera Roll or shared via Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, email, and other social media platforms

Learn how to make a reaction video on iPhone with YouTube URL

We previously talked about how to make reaction videos on iPhone devices and share them on platforms like YouTube. However, reacting to YouTube videos is also in demand. Several viral random videos, music, or movie trailers are posted daily by top-rated YouTubers. So you’ll have no shortage of videos to react to on YouTube, and the Screen Recorder’s facecam is the perfect tool for you.

Here is the guide on how to react to videos on YouTube.

how to do reaction videos on youtube
  • Go to the YouTube site or app on your iPhone
  • Start watching the video you wish to react to, and then hit “Share.”
  • Then click on “Copy Link” for copying the link address to the video
  • Afterwards, start the Screen Recorder app
  • Tap on “Face Cam” and then on “React to YouTube Video” from the Face Cam menu
  • Then paste your YouTube link and press on “Get Video” to fetch the YouTube video from the link
  • Then the face cam panel appears, and by tapping on “Start,” you can begin your reaction to that video
  • After that, press “Stop” to finish your video
  • Then, either retake your reaction or tap “Done” to save the existing file
  • A built-in Video Editor tool allows you to make changes to your video
  • Once done, you can either save or share your YouTube reaction video by tapping on the upload icon


Reacting to videos has always been a viral content type on YouTube. Even TikTok, a small video social platform, has also introduced reaction videos. So, the trend of reacting to viral videos, music, or movie trailers will always be in demand. As a content maker, you need a facecam tool like in the Screen Recorder app to make reaction videos. Please read our blog on why it is the best Screen Recorder app for an iPhone user.

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