Did you know 40% of people have Insomnia? Deep sleep music can be a solution

Deep sleep music app for iPhone and iPad to remediate Insomnia

Summary of the article

Nearly 40% of people around the world are suffering from mild and severe Insomnia. Sounds alarming?


In this article, we will cover Insomnia and some recent and well-researched remedies. 


Physicians shifted their focus from medication to meditation. They recommend bedtime stories and soothing music as part of meditation for a pleasant whole night’s sleep. For that reason, we will also talk about a Sleep sounds and white noise app built following their suggestions. 


This Sleep sounds and white noise app will cover everything that you need for a pleasant sleep. Before deep-diving into the article, install the app for free.

What is Insomnia?

The term Insomnia refers to the sleeping disorder that disallows someone not to fall asleep or keep asleep. 


Insomnia is of two types: long-term and short-term Insomnia. Short-term Insomnia lasts for two nights to several weeks, while long-term Insomnia lasts for a few months. But symptoms are a bit similar, so it’s challenging to differentiate between them. The ultimate stage of Insomnia turns into a psychological disorder.

The scenario of Insomnia – Global perspective

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The scenario of Insomnia is not the same in every country. Studies show that number of Insomnia affected people is higher in North America, Europe, and Australia.


Insomnia’s most alarming fact is that the total number of Insomnia affected people has risen three times in this decade. Insomnia is the primary cause of psychological disorders. And psychological disorders can trigger suicide.

What did physicians suggest in the past and new era to combat Insomnia?

Shifting from medication to mediation for peaceful sleep: Sleep sounds and white noise app for iPhoneand iPad

Things have changed with time. The concept regarding meditation comes into place alternating with medication. Let’s talk about the notions of the doctors. The belief of doctors in the past and now regarding insomnia mitigation and remediation has wholly changed.

What did the doctors suggest in the past?

From the late ’80s to the end of the ’90s, doctors were more dependable on medicine. During that time, sleeping and relaxing pills were overwhelmed in the prescriptions. As time went on, researchers conducted advanced research, and doctors changed their beliefs. Doctors found that the medicines have some side effects.


Initially, pills reduce anxiety and help to have a night of better sleep. Still, sleeping pills trigger kidney failure in the long run. Moreover, they have dangerous impacts on the heart too.

How are the doctors treating now?

Doctors are suggesting to listen sleep sounds, white noisebedtime stories and deep sleep meditation music using sleep sounds and white noise app for iPhone and iPad

In the concurrent days of technology, doctors are focusing more on modern methods of eliminating medicines. They are suggesting exercise and meditation. If we move more profound, they are recommending:

  • Join a Gym
  • Do Yoga
  • Listen to deep sleep meditation music
  • Hearing a bedtime story
  • Listen to sleep melody

Sleep melodies, bedtime stories, deep sleep meditation music under one stop sleep sounds, and white noise app

The sleep sound and white noise app for iOS covers everything to have a better sleep. This sleep sound and white noise app is built following the recommendations of doctors and psychiatrists.


This sleep sound app for iPhone and iPad offers many features. This includes relaxing and bedtime stories for adults and babies, sleep sounds on various categories like white noise, soothing night sounds, ASMR sounds, etc.


This app’s most fantastic feature is that it incorporates meditation music that includes anxiety and depression controlling music, short meditation music, deep sleep meditation music, and lots more. 


That’s not all. Leveraging this Sleep sound and white noise app, you will have the best controls on creating your personalized music mix with the advanced composer. Thus, you can play your favorite sounds simultaneously to make the environment calm, soothing, and peaceful. Using this sleep sound and white noise app, you will be able to listen to the sounds of several categories. This includes animals, ASMR, city, nature, relaxing, white noise, song, and so on.

Categories of soothing deep sleep music for meditation 

Let’s break down the categories of the sounds. So, you will get the sounds of owl, bird, doline, frog, seagull, peepers, whale cricket, and wolf in the animal category. You can get the sounds of foam, soap, raindrop, cardboard in the ASMR sound category. You will indeed find the sounds of urban rain, train, clock, shower, bus, car in the urban category. The wind storm sounds, waterfall, spring, thundering, ocean wave, water, campfire, forest rain, and wind blow should be in the natural category. The melody category involves the sounds of flute, meditation, baby music, guitar, piano, etc. Don’t forget to open the white noise category. It incorporates the sounds of the airplane, fan, heartbeat, pink noise, and much more.  


Haven’t you installed the app yet? Download the Sleep sounds and white noise app for free on your iPhone and iPad.

Best sleep sounds and white noise app for iPhone offering sleep music for Insomnia, deep sleep music, asmr sound, deep sleep meditation music, deep sleep music, soothing night sounds, and white noise

How can deep sleep meditation music help?

Deep sleep meditation music allows your mind to relax and let go of nagging worries that interfere with sleep. In a conference, psychiatrist Adam Bill Brian said, “The deep sleep meditation music can help those who suffer from Insomnia or restless sleep. It calms the mind and frees it of thoughts that would generally keep you awake at night.


As the Sleep sound and white noise app for iPhone and iPad offers deep sleep meditation music, you will be able to get rid of Insomnia. Apart from that, if you don’t have Insomnia, you can also use this sleep sounds app for iPhone and iPad to have a pleasant sleep. 

Wrap Up

The write-up points out the most advanced solutions for Insomnia. It also explains Insomnia for people who are not aware of the term and global perspectives. Most importantly, it describes why doctors shifted their focus from medication to meditation to remediate Insomnia. They are now emphasizing more on deep sleep music, bedtime stories, and sleep melody to combat Insomnia. 


Lastly, we have talked about the sleep sounds and white noise app for iPhone and iPad built based on the doctor’s and psychiatrist’s suggestions. This sleep sound and white noise app covers everything that you need for a pleasant sleep. 


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