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Before We Get Started

Retouch photos and enhance images to convert them into stunning graphics directly on your iPhone. Yes, now you can enjoy all the amazing photo editing tools in just one place. Download Photo Editor ° and unlock limitless polishing features at your fingertips.


Unlike the dedicated picture editor on iPhone, this app offers variety and is stacked with multiple quality components. Learn how best to make use of and deliver the perfect image in the following.

Why Use an App to Edit Photos?

edit photos with the multifaceted app

First of all, why use a third-party app instead of iPhone’s built-in photo editor? For starters, this app comes with numerous editing features compared to iPhone’s limited functionalities. Along with primary adjustment tools, Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad enables its user to edit pictures with color brushes, blur photos, remove the photo background from image, and apply hundreds of picture filters.


That’s not all; the photo composing app offers complete flexibility when it comes to a picture-perfect output. With an in-app magnifying tool, a resizable brush, crop image, rotate, and rescaling process is way more manageable now. With a photo editing app in hand, you can now modify an average photo to an outstanding social media cover. It can also help improve the overall quality of an image that you want to share with friends and be creative with every photo modifying touch.

How to Use Photo Editor ° Complete Guide

Starting from selecting photos and down to sharing online, using Photo Editor is simple and straightforward altogether. Follow our step-by-step guide and ease through customizations on the go.

Pick from Library or Capture

Select or capture image on iPhone

The very first step to editing is choosing a picture you want to modify. Being one of the best photo editing apps, this application pays off right from the start with its flexible resources. Launch the app and select your photos directly from the library to start editing. What’s exciting is that you can capture images using the iPhone’s camera straight from the app, unlike free online photo editors. Begin your editing journey right where you’re capturing the moment and customize instantly.

Color Splash & Recolor

recolor & color splash effects of photo editor for iPhone

The most compelling and unique feature of this app is probably the effortless recolor settings. Navigate through the smooth interface and go to the Splash menu to select an image. Once you have, it will give access to all the colors you want to use. Now you can splash grayscale and recolor various portions of an image with vibrant colors.


Change the background color of a photo and apply selective color effects for retouching and color correction. Recolor or fade areas, hide skin blemishes, change the hair color, and so on. Present your pictures with a whole new look through this stylish photo editor app and share on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Zoom for Picture Perfect Editing

magnify to edit picture edge on iPhone

This image editor lets you zoom selective areas of an image while editing, making it incredibly efficient for perfection. From the app’s editing page, select the “Zoom” option to enable the magnifying feature. Afterward, simply use two fingers to zoom in and out anywhere on the picture. It’s a super handy feature to focus on particular areas and apply retouching with colors for flawless edge perfection.

Resize Your Brush

brush size adjustments

The image editing components inside the app include an adjustable brush tool. On the user interface menu, tap on the brush icon to select a size ranging from 10 to 100. This convenient system allows the user to scale the brush and settle on a suitable width to apply to images. After selecting your preferred color and editing option, use this configurable brush to retouch and polish specific areas more accurately.

Apply Filters

apply photo filters

In the next step, apply photo filters from an extensive collection of filter modes. It houses more than hundreds of filters with 10+ different categories like vintage filters, beauty filters, basic, B&W, professional, classic, portrait, glamour, and more. To apply, tap on the Filter icon situated on the app’s homepage and scroll sideways to select and preview different shades. You can compare it directly with the original image using the in-app comparison tool with just a touch. Enhanced image maker tool makes tweaking with the screen super easy among a rich collection of presets.

Crop & Rotate

crop image & rotate

Any photo editor must have adjustment settings within, and this photo maker is no different. Image crop and rotate is a straightforward section in this app to fine-tune your pictures with ease. Simply go to the adjustment menu and tap on “Crop” to choose from various ratio options. Drag from the edges to resize the image seamlessly with perfect sizing. Similarly, to rotate, tap on the respected option from the adjustments. The tool lets you rotate left/right and flip to enable mirror image as well, making it the best photo editor online.

Tweak Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, and more

color correction setting

Finally, using image tweaking tools for the most manual editing experience. Head over to adjustments and find numerous relevant features within single touch’s reach. You can refine to create pleasing picture effects through exposure settings, contrast, brightness level, saturation, sharpness, hue, etc. You can also alter the appearance by tinkering with shadows, RGB color, mask, and tone to shape your creativity and photographic sense.

Instant Share

When you are done with a complete image, hit “save” and share in a matter of moments. This app allows direct access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Email, and other applications for one-tap sharing with friends and family.

Wrapping Up

Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad provides its user with a versatile editing experience through a complete set of components. There are literally no limitations in photo editing, recolor, adjust, retouch, and whatnot. Download and install the app to reimagine your editing skills and share your innovation.


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