How Bob leveraged Blur Photo Editor for iPhone to mask credit card number

mask credit card number on iphone

What if your favorite image you took last time in a restaurant with a date accidentally has your credit card all visible right on the table? Posting that image is surely not a good idea. What clever is mask credit card number right on that photo using a clever image blurring app called Blur Photo Editor just like Bob did in his case?

Behind the scenes of masking credit card number

Bob is an average American guy. On weekends, he likes to grab a beer with his friends or prefers to spend quality time with family. A few months ago, Bob bought an iPhone and got swayed by its fantastic camera features. Since then, his iPhone didn’t miss capturing a single event of his life. But that came with a cost.


Last Christmas, we all gathered up in a nearby club. Everyone was busy taking selfies and group photos because this is what most social gatherings look like nowadays. Bob was one of them too and couldn’t resist himself to enclose that event in his iPhone’s memory. So, he started taking selfies with almost anyone he found in the club. After buying the last bottle of beer, he didn’t forget to take a close-up selfie with the bartender and share it on social media. Little did he realize that his credit card lying on the table was very much apparent in that snapshot.

Install the Blur Photo Editor app for free to mask credit card number.

Bob’s wife Arna noticed that and found it quite alarming, so she informed him urgently and suggested removing that photo as the credit card numbers were too visible in the image. He then realized that he needs some image smudging process to mask credit card number.


What Bob did was simply brilliant. He did remove the photo from his social profile, but not for long. Our friend has this amazing app on his iPhone called Blur Photo Editor. Using this app, he simply smudged the credit card portion of the image, saved the photo, and directly shared it to the social site, and voilà! The problem was solved.

mask credit card number

Intermission – Masking credit card info

So, how did he do it so quickly? We figured out that using Blur photo editor, Bob can blur the private content in any photo with just a few taps. Default object defocusing in an image is not happening any sooner in iPhone. Bob realized that, and it pursued him to search through the App Store and figured out the best photo blurring app available.


We asked him how to blur the background and objects using this Blur Photo Editor. He showed us this excellent app and explained how to use its functionalities to blur out parts of a photo. Now, whether it is an unwanted entity, or image background that needs to be faded away, or an instance where masking credit card numbers from the photo is necessary, image smudging makes life much more comfortable.


Blur Photo Editor basically is an intelligent tool that creates the blurry background and selected portion of the image. It helps to blur background or image elements and provides a comprehensive collection of photo filters and image editing facilities.


This particular app pixelates a picture and fades out the background superbly. So, we didn’t waste any time, installed the Blur Photo Editor, re-edited our photos, and uploaded them on social channels again. It is indeed a handy app that integrates a complete photo editor to fix the color and tone of the snapshot more accurately. Let’s bring to light what we can do with Bob’s favorite Blur Photo Editor.

Explore the features of Blur Photo Editor app

With Blur photo editor, you can enjoy a range of image-enhancing and altering activities. For instance:

  • Blur credit card and other sensitive information
  • Blur image portions and segments.
  • Pixelate an image from a wide range of blurry effects
  • Mask credit card number easily
  • Blurred photo editor for precise image editing
  • 150+ Photo filtering options for amazing image outcomes

Mask credit card number and other sensitive information

As per Bob’s opinion, if you are looking for a solution to hide attributes like unwanted faces, words, texts, credit card information, cellphone number information, automobile number plate, etc., Blur is definitely one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad.


We also started believing that Blur photo editor can play a significant role in maintaining privacy. The app can efficiently hide credit card data that might sneak up accidentally in the photo, just like Bob faced earlier. After all, you don’t want to get into trouble by losing your confidential information under your accountability.

How does this Blur Photo Editor work to mask credit cards

The app presents a super simple user interface. Rest assured that you don’t need Bob’s help to operate this app, even for the first time. Every step and function of this image editing app is user-friendly and intuitive. Here’s a short step-by-step functional process of this app.

Step 1 – Install the Blur Photo Editor App to mask your credit card number

Open the app. Select a photo you want to blur. You will find all the pictures from your galleries.


Step 2 – Magnifying glass to monitor the blurring path of your image or credit card

Use the magnifying glass to monitor the paths or edges of your credit card correctly. Use blur, Unblur, Invert, or Brush tools whether needed.

blog story blur effect

Step 3 – Blur the photo or credit card

Zoom and touch to refine the edges of your subject. Correct any mistake by the Undo, Redo and Size adjustment tools. Go back to any specific time of your editing.

magnifying image

Step 4 – Change the focus to blur the photo or credit card

Go to the tabs at the bottom right sections to tweak your picture’s focus function. Use the presets and filters to apply any special effect as per your preference.

blur focus

Step 5 – Use the photo editing tools to enhance any photo or the credit card’s image

Work with image cropping, rotating tools, along with configuration options to adjust image exposures, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, hue, mask, RGB, and many more. After getting the image ready just like you wanted, save and share your pic with your friends easily on multiple social media platforms.


Image editing frenzy at your finger tips

Editing photos are getting popular nowadays. Other than confidentiality and maintaining privacy, putting a stunning blur effect to your image adds up a medium of creativity as well. Blur Photo Editor completely changed the game of image editing, enhancing and beautifying process in the market by bringing up app features like:

    • Blurring any photo background that has unnecessary objects
    • Blurring unwanted or random strangers face from the photo completely
    • Adjust and modify the blurriness
    • Fading out text information that is showing accidentally
    • Change the color tone and mode of pictures using filters
    • Crop and rotate your photos to fix the frame size and horizon
    • Adding a mosaic effect to inappropriate or violent elements in the photo

Premium Blur Photo Editor features for you


    • Six different modes for blurring photos: Basic, Color, Black and White, Professional, Classic, and Portrait
    • 150+ photo filters to bring out drastic attraction to the photos
    • iPhone and iPad support for latest iOS versions
    • Built-in photo editor for smooth editing experience
    • Instant sharing for quick social media upload and messaging

So, in summary, If you want to enjoy an enhanced photo editing experience that delivers beautiful images every time, try Blur Photo Editor from the App Store. The app is entirely free to download. And one more thing, don’t forget to thank Bob!

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