How to Record Facebook Messenger Video Calls on iPhone

How to Record Facebook Messenger Video Calls on iPhone

A video call is a more intimate form of communication compared to a voice call. Fortunately, Facebook Messenger has enabled video calls as it is used by more than a billion people worldwide. You now only need the internet to make video calls from anywhere on your iPhone. So, if you want to preserve your conversations, know how to record Facebook Messenger video calls on your iPhone.

Can you screen record Facebook Messenger video calls on your iPhone?


Having video chats with friends and families is fun when you’re apart. So, it is not uncommon to want to have memories of these conversations. If your iPhone supports iOS 11 or later versions, then you have the built-in screen recording features. You can record your Facebook video calls with great ease with this function.

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First, you’d need to enable the screen recording feature on your iPhone before you do anything. So, go to the Settings > Control Center. After that, tap on the green plus + button beside the Screen Recording option to add it under the included controls. Now you can easily access the screen recording function by swiping down from the top-right of your iPhone home screen to open the Control Center. Next, you’d need to begin recording your screen to capture your Facebook Messenger video calls.

Here’s how to record a video call on Facebook Messenger on iPhone using the built-in screen recording feature:

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  • Open the “Control Center” from your iPhone home screen and tap on the “grey screen recording” icon. Your iPhone starts recording your screen after a three-second interval.
  • Next, launch the Messenger app (or tap on the Messenger logo on your Facebook app) and select a chat to initiate a video call. Or accept an incoming Facebook Messenger video call.
  • Once your call is ended, open the “Control Center” again and tap on the now “red screen recording” button to end the recording. Or tap on the “red status” icon on the top of your screen and then tap “Stop” to finish your screen recording.
  • Your screen recording is now saved on your iPhone’s Photos app. Now trim some of the unnecessary parts from the clip.

You could instead use a third-party screen recording app that comes with a built-in video editor. With apps such as the Screen Record for iPhone, you can capture your screen, make some modifications, and then share them without any trouble.

Can you record a Facebook video call on your iPhone with audio?


Now that’s a sneaky question. This is because, in the previous method, we found out how to record Facebook Messenger video calls on your iPhone. However, if you’ve tried that method, you’d find out that the screen recordings of your Messenger video calls have no sound.


The main explanation for this is that Apple automatically switches off the Microphone when you’re on a video call. So, the audio from the call cannot be recorded by the screen recording function. It is mainly done due to privacy and legal issues. Also, it is not limited to just the Facebook Messenger app but to all video calling apps.


Nevertheless, if you really want to screen record your Messenger video calls, then there is a workaround way that you could attempt.

How to record Facebook Messenger video calls on iPhone with sound


In this section of our in-depth article, we will share with you the best way to record Messenger video calls on iPhone with audio. It isn’t the simplest or fastest way to record a video call that includes both voice and video. Basically, you’d be using the screen recording function to record the video of your call that’ll have no sound.


At the same time, you’ll be using a secondary device, preferably another iPhone, to record the audio of your call. So, be patient and follow the steps below.


There are a few things you should know before diving into how to record Facebook Messenger video calls on iPhone. First, you’d need to inform and get consent from the other person before starting your recording. If you don’t do this, it might be considered a violation of their privacy and an illegal act. Second, make sure that the background noise of the room where you are recording is very low.

Here’s how to record a Facebook Messenger video call on iPhone with audio:

  • Start recording your iPhone screen by tapping on the “Screen Recording” icon from the “Control Center”
  • Inform the other person that you’re recording them
  • Next, initiate a video call on Facebook Messenger, or accept an incoming video call
  • Subsequently, start the voice recorder or memo on another device, preferably another iPhone device
  • Once the call is over, stop the screen recording and audio recording
  • Then transfer the audio recording from the other device to your iPhone.
  • The finest choice would be to transfer it to a computer, convert it to a suitable audio format, then transfer it to your iPhone via iTunes
  • After that, combine your screen recording with your audio file using your iPhone’s native iMovie app

If you’d rather use a third-party video editing app to add audio to a video file, then try the Video Editor and Maker app.

Is Facebook video calling safe and private?


Yes, they are. Last year, Facebook offered the option of end-to-end encryption for Messenger’s voice and video calls. Meaning Facebook cannot listen to or view your video and voice calls that you make on their Messenger app. Facebook just acts as a channel that allows secure communication between devices. However, the main point here is an option, meaning you don’t enable end-to-end encryption by default.


Does Facebook Messenger record your video calls?


Facebook has admitted that it has collected data from its Messenger and Facebook Lite users. With their express permission, of course. If you don’t want to risk it, always use end-to-end encryption while making audio or video calls.


Can you rewatch a video call on Messenger?


No, you cannot. Your video call doesn’t get saved on your Messenger app. The video call is gone when the call is over. However, if you’ve recorded your Messenger video call on your phone, then you could rewatch the recording.


Does Facebook notify you if you are screen recording during a video call?


No, Facebook doesn’t send any kind of notification when you try to screen record during a video call. With that said, it is not right to record someone, especially during a video call, without taking their permission first.


Final remarks


Here in this article, we’ve shared with you how to record Facebook Messenger video calls on iPhone. You can find other articles on how to record video calls on iPhone from different platforms.


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