How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - July 11, 2021, Last Modified: September 20, 2021
How to record a phone call on iPhone

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Apple certainly hasn’t made it easier for you to tape conversations on their devices. So, want to learn how to record a phone call on iPhone? We’ve come up with an app to record your phone conversations. Download the Call Recorder app on your iPhone.


There are multiple reasons why you would want to record phone calls on your iPhone. This could be for phone interviews, customer service calls, or business clients. Sometimes you might want to capture the precious conversation with a loved one.


Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have a native feature to allow you to record any calls. We’ve discussed the reason for this in our article. Moreover, we’ve shared our methods on how to record phone calls on iPhone with or without an app below.

Explore how to record a phone call on iPhone using the Call Recorder app

As we have established earlier, recording phone calls can sometimes be an essential task. Though iPhone doesn’t have a default call recording feature, you can still record conversations using third-party apps like the Call Recorder.


Even when utilizing a call recording app, Apple does not allow you to record phone calls directly. This is because of federal and state laws against call recordings in the United States. So, apps such as the Call Recorder employ a method called three way conference call. This method includes calling into a service number provided by the call recording apps during your phone call.


Tag along with this article to learn how to record a phone conversation on an iPhone using the Call Recorder app.

What are your local laws regarding call recording?

An important point to remember is the regulations in your area regarding call recording. Even if you’re going to use an app to record your phone calls, it’s still a good idea to be aware of the local regulations. It’s ideal if you don’t break any laws when you start recording inadvertently.


Some states just need one-party consent to record, which means you can give consent over the phone. In other states, however, both parties must agree. As a result, always be cautious while recording or accepting a call.

Learn how to record an incoming phone call on iPhone with the Call Recorder app

Before we proceed further, install the Call Recorder app if you haven’t already. As we have previously stated, a call recording app such as the Call Recorder uses a three way conference call method to tape your conversations. For your recording to begin, you must merge the service call number provided by the Call Recorder app with your incoming phone call. While it sounds complicated, we’ll make it easier for you to understand.

Follow the steps to record incoming phone calls on iPhone

incoming and outgoing call recorder| how to record iPhone calls
  • Answer the incoming phone call.
  • Open the Call Recorder app right away.
  • Next, select Tap to Start New Call Recording.
  • Then dial the service number given by the app.
  • Finally, to begin recording, tap merge calls.
  • To download your recording file, go to the Call Recordings section of the app.

How to record an outgoing phone call on iPhone with the Call Recorder app?

The Call recorder app allows you to record calls initiated by you like the procedures outlined above. So, you may also record all of your outgoing calls by using the 3 way call method.

  • Initiate a phone call
  • After your call is accepted, launch the Call Recorder app immediately
  • Then press on Tap to start New Call Recording.
  • Next, dial the service number indicated by the app.
  • Click on merge calls to start your recordings
  • Download your recording file from the Call Recordings section

Discover how to record a phone call on iPhone without an app

As stated earlier, iPhone doesn’t have a dedicated call recording feature. The only option to tape any calls is through call recording apps. However, if you don’t want to install any call recording apps, then there is another way for you to record phone calls.


This method would require you to use another device with voice recording capabilities, like another iPhone, iPad, and so on. If you’re using another iPhone, you could use its built-in voice recording tool to record your conversations.

Follow the steps on how to record a phone call on iPhone without using a call recording app

  • Whether accepting an incoming call or you’re initiating a call, notify the other party you’re going to record them and seek consent.
  • After gaining consent from the other party, start recording on your separate recording device.
  • You have to stay physically close to the recording device and keep your iPhone close to record both parties’ voices.
  • Once your phone conversation is over, end your recording and save the file.

Interestingly, the Call Recorder app also has a built-in voice recording tool. If you want to record a phone call on another device or a video call on your laptop, you can use the app’s voice recorder tool. You can create unlimited voice memos on your iPhone with the Call Recorder app.


The Call Recorder is the best phone call recording app for your iPhone. It is an all-in-one app that enables you to make unlimited incoming and outgoing phone calls. Additionally, the app allows you to store your recordings in cloud storage or share them with other devices or apps.


If you ever want to record video calls on your iPhone or just its screen, then you can try out our Screen Recorder app.

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