How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Article By: admin - April 18, 2021, Last Modified: November 18, 2021
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If you are among 900 million iPhone users globally, you are the lucky person to have arguably the most optimized phone in the market. However, having the best phone in the industry doesn’t mean you have access to all the privileges, for instance, an integrated call recorder. Unfortunately, along with few other disappointments, iPhone does not allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls on the iPhone.


But there’s always a backdoor for all problems. Introducing Call Recorder for iPhone; a super convenient app that allows you to record confidential or necessary phone conversations during an ongoing phone conversation.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone?

In this “How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone” article, we will show the step-by-step guide to record an incoming and outgoing call on your iPhone.


Voice calls are more efficient and time-saving than sending and reading an enormous text message. But there are some limitations. In mobile phone calls, you cannot get a chance to ask for repetitions in any specific message. The probability of forgetting and losing things is high here.


Fortunately, you can solve these issues with a third-party recording app on your iPhone. To save you from dozens of problematic situations like this, we have researched and found the perfect phone recording app for you. Get introduced with the Call Recorder for iPhone. This app leverages your personal and business communication and saves them on the device for future reference. It’s also a full-featured voice recorder app on the app store.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone – Step By Step Guide

Phone conversation tapping does not always create privacy vulnerability; sometimes, it saves you from getting blackmailed in public. Whatever the reason is, you will have a document of something for future use and reference. Call Recorder for iPhone has an excellent user interface to operate smoothly with no prior interruption. You can start the recording process immediately from the app during the phone call.

Steps of Recording Outgoing Call

Record running call
Step 1.

Open the app and tap on the telephone icon to start dialing the number you wish to call.



Tap on Add call to call the desired person you want to invite to the call conference.


Step 3.

Tap on Merge, and the recording will start. Find your recordings in the recorded files list.

Recording an Incoming Call

Incoming call record
Step 1.

Answer an incoming call.


Step 2.

Open Call Recorder for Phone app and tap on the telephone icon to start the new recording process.


Step 3.

Return back to your phone conversation session you were on.



Tap on Merge calls, and the recording will start. Monitor the display timer of the ring.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone – Video Guide

Here is the video tutorial to record phone calls on iPhone. It will make persuade the process more easily.

Features offered by Call Recorder App for iPhone

Call recorder for iPhone comes with one essential feature, call recording, and more than five other unique and additional features. The most featured accessibilities are:

Recording unlimited calls

You can record unlimited outgoing and incoming calls with this app. Even your offline storage can’t overflow with recordings since it also features a cloud-storage system. Either way, you don’t need to worry about it because the Call Recorder for iPhone encodes the audio format in a highly efficient model, hence, quality recordings in lesser size. It is also compatible with all iPhone devices featuring iOS 11 or higher.

Impressive voice recorder

The app has an excellent digital voice recorder. List both voices from phone calls and local at the same place for better management. This app ensures the safety of the clips and tracks. Recite your favorite poems, sing your preferred songs, and keep all the memories in audio blogs or voice memos. The recording quality easily fulfills the criteria of a professional sound recorder. You can also utilize it in case of taking a witness statement for law enforcement use.

Play and edit

Playback is made easier for you with our app’s built-in audio player. Once recorded, you can playback the recording using the audio player and edit the clips. Trim the clips by keeping the key elements of a discussion. Not every call recorder app allows you to edit the audio clips, making the Call recorder for iPhone one of the most resourceful app in the App Store.

Cloud storage

Suppose you have lost your phone or it fell over and got smashed. Or even if you delete the recorded files by mistake, you could lose your data for good. Call Recorder for iPhone comes with a cloud storage feature to protect the backup of all critical files. Download and backup options are super-efficient within the app. Record phone calls, voices, and you can recover the files any time you want.

Is Call Recorder for iPhone a worthy Voice Recorder?

Amid similar app store applications, Call Recorder for iPhone has several additional features alongside typical background call conversation recording. Considering the usability and efficiency, we recommend it as the best call and voice recorder app. The app contains some unique and premium characteristics that very few similar premium apps in the market offer. Some highlighted features are:

  • Sharing the audio files on other devices
  • Secured and private cloud storage support
  • Audio editing feature to trim and select specific parts
  • Voice recording beside call recording
  • The limitless call recording feature

Keeping an eye on Privacy Concern

You must be concerned about this app’s privacy factor before using any of its services. You might be thinking, what if your information might get leaked online. We often get news of tapped phone calls spreading out every now and then on the internet or mass media. Celebrities, sportspersons, or even commoners often fall into an awkward or controversial condition when personal phone conversations get leaked. But when you choose to use Call Recorder for iPhone, you decide where and how to save your recording data.


The app ensures its reputation, goodwill, and integrity towards users intact in the market, and due to the detailed privacy policy agreements, it’s certainly safe to use. Rest assured that you can enjoy comprehensive services from your home, workplace, and on the go.

Wrapping up

The days of using an online voice recorder or USB voice recorder to record voices are over. Call Recorder for iPhone is a perfect solution and is compatible with all the latest iPhone devices. Therefore, when in need of iPhone’s call recording actions, this particular app is a champ in its own category. An all-in-one kind of package of this app will take care of your phone conversation recordings and keep their backup. It will also allow you to edit them to precision. Try it right now along with our other super exciting apps on the stores like Call Blocker for iPhone, Sleep Sounds & White Noise, etc. Write us your experience with our apps so that they can be improved more with time.

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