How to Record a Phone Conversation on iPhone

Article By: Abid Harris - June 7, 2021, Last Modified: November 18, 2021
How to record a phone conversation on iPhone

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Are you wondering how to record a phone conversation on iPhone despite Apple’s restrictions? Don’t worry! Download the Call Recorder for iPhone, a dedicated phone call recording app for your iPhone, and it is absolutely free to install.

Recording a phone call on an iPhone has never been easy as Apple doesn’t have a default call recording feature. Also, Apple does not expressly grant third-party apps’ access to the iPhone’s microphone or the integrated iPhone app. This is because there are US federal and state laws that prohibit secret recordings of phone conversations.


Whether you want to record outgoing calls or incoming on iPhone – the Call Recorder app is your best choice. Tag along because we’ll go over the procedures for recording phone conversations on an iPhone in detail below.

How to record a phone conversation on iPhone using a call recorder app

You may need to tape phone calls for a number of reasons, including personal conversations, business calls, or proof for possible legal proceedings. The problem is that doing it on an iPhone isn’t easy, but it’s entirely doable with the Call Recorder app.


It’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t permit you to record phone calls directly, even when using a recording app. So, call recorder apps allow you to record your phone conversations using a method called three way conference call. You do that by calling into a recording line provided by the call recording apps. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.


Here, we’ll explain the step-by-step guide on how to record a phone conversation on iPhone.

Step 1. Know the local laws regarding call recording

Although you are going to use an app to record your phone conversations, it is still prudent that you are aware of the local laws. It would be best if you didn’t violate any laws when you start recording unknowingly.


Some states simply need one-party consent to record so that you can be the one giving consent on the call. However, in other states, both parties must agree. So, always be careful before recording or accepting a call.

There are several call recording apps to choose from, but they are not all built the same way. Some app has better or more features than the other. So, you’ll need to install a good phone call taping application like the Call Recorder for iPhone. It is one of the best apps, which allows unlimited taping of incoming & outgoing phone conversations.

Step 3: How to record an incoming phone conversation on iPhone?

As we have already established before, call recording apps use a three way conference call method. The Call Recorder app provides a service call number that you must merge with your incoming phone call for your recording to begin. For taping the incoming phone calls, follow the steps below.

  • Accept the incoming phone call
  • Immediately launch the “Call Recorder for iPhone” app
  • Then click on “Tap to start New Call Recording”
  • Then call on the service number provided by the app
  • Tap on “merge calls” to start your recordings
  • Go to the app’s Call Recordings section to download your recording file

Are you interested in a screen recording app for your iPhone? Check out this Screen Recorder app, which has an impressive array of features. You can install this app for free from the App Store.

Step 4: How to record an outgoing phone conversation on iPhone?

Almost similar to the steps mentioned above, recording conversations initiated by you is also possible by the Call Recorder app. By using the 3 way call method, you can also record all your outgoing calls. So, for recording the phone calls you initiate, follow the instructions mentioned below.

outgoing phone call
  • Make a phone call
  • Once your call is received, launch the “Call Recorder for iPhone” app
  • Then tap on “Tap to start New Call Recording”
  • Then call on the service number
  • To start your recordings, tap on “merge calls”
  • Download the recording file from the “Call Recordings” section

Step 5: How to record voice memos on iPhone

Some people might find recording phone calls as described above as cumbersome. They usually prefer sharing their voice recordings. Fortunately for them, the Call Recorder app isn’t just for recording phone calls; it also has built-in functionality for recording voice.

Best voice recorder

You can tape important meetings, conversations, or lectures with just a single tape. You can share these recordings easily with your peers without fear of breaking any laws. To record voice memos on your iPhone, please follow these steps.

  • Open the “Call Recorder for iPhone” app
  • Tap on “voice memos” on the bottom section of the app
  • Then tap on the recording icon to start your recording
  • Once finished, just click on “Save”
  • Check on the “Recordings” section for your stored files


Call Recorder for iPhone is an excellent application that works with all current iPhone models. As a result, if you need to record phone calls on your iPhone, this app is your best choice. This app’s all-in-one bundle will take care of your phone call records and securely store them. You may record your incoming and outgoing phone conversations an unlimited number of times.


With the Call Recorder for iPhone, you will also have an added feature of sharing your recordings with other devices or edit them. You can also make, edit and share your audio recordings. If you haven’t done already check out the Call Recorder app. Also, you can review our other blogs on Call Blocker for iPhone and Screen Recorder for iPhone

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