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Article By: David Zaky - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: November 21, 2021
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Are you an avid gamer? If you play games for fun or compete professionally, the Screen Recorder app for iPhone is your match. No need to jailbreak or get third-party plugins for your iPhone any longer. Our free intuitive app records any game on your phone with precision and the best clarity.

Go ahead and download Screen Recorder for iPhone app from the App Store for free and put your skills to the test with many amazing features. Record your screen, give the best reactions, and voice commentary while streaming your live gameplay. Experience powerful video editing functions with this versatile and useful screen recording app.

Why screen recording is important for a game recorder

If you are reading this blog, you are most likely a mobile gamer who has a Livestream channel or plans to open one. Today, most gamers at some point will play competitively.


Whether it be for a side income or to boast to their friends about their skills. With millions of free and paid mobile games on the app store, there are new games to play every day.


While some are more challenging than others, there is a gamer in us all. With the Screen Recorder for iPhone app, recording on-screen gameplay has never come at a better time.

A single tap to start recording gameplay on your iPhone screen

Before you proceed further to record your gameplay on the iPhone, you need to do one thing. Install the Screen Recorder for iPhone app for free from the App Store. 

Start game recording with a single tap

Do you want to know how to screen record on iPhone? Just one tap and the Screen Recorder allow you to record your game of choice. But before you do that, turn on iPhone’s Do Not Disturb option. It’s simple; just press on the crescent moon button from your device’s control center menu. It will make sure that no notifications interrupt your game recording sessions. You don’t need to pause and play or take breaks in between sessions, helping you prioritize.


You may also find this article useful for tips on making video demos, tutorials, walk-throughs, and practice videos right from your iPhone. Let your gaming buddies know how much you have sharpened your background skills by downloading a game recorder. Never miss a beat with the Screen Recorder for iPhone.

Customize all your game recording needs

Set the pace of your game recordings

Need that perfect resolution? Or maybe you want to change your frame rate. All are at your fingertips with advanced video customization features. With up to 60 fps display, bit rate management, and full HD content recording, all your creative needs are met to enhance your gaming endeavors.

Give your best reaction using a versatile game recorder

Show off with built-in reaction mode

With the app’s face cam feature, add opinions and comments to your videos in real-time. After screen recording is done, creating a customizable thumbnail option is available to help you label which audio comments and edits you have made. Also, use the face cam feature to add reactions to videos currently on your gallery and YouTube.

Huge platforms like Twitch are crucial for gamer recorders looking to market themselves by opening a gaming channel. So this screen recording app is a must for twitch users and if you’re browsing through your favorite social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. In that case, you can record your friend’s gameplay instantly and save it to your gallery.

Powerful built-in game recording editing

Edit gameplay recordings with ease

Let’s be honest, when a gamer is recording, it is always in real-time, raw and unedited. With a robust video editing feature, you can adjust video duration, cut, trim and split unnecessary portions and even add a clip later.

Manage the volume and add music to your video by custom tailoring the volume rate for excellent pitch management. Also, customize any portion of your video’s playback speed or the whole video itself. This app offers more than 10 variety filters built-in, a useful addition for any game recording enthusiast.

Be ready to create awesome GIFS

Turn gameplay into a gif

GIFs are super popular amongst video and gaming fans today. GIFs create something cool, a mini clip sharing a specific moment or achievement.


Playing PUBG and want to capture every time you get the perfect shot? How about playing your favorite Pokémon game and entering your first battle? Turn it into a GIF instantly with this amazing recording app. GIFs make an excellent way to share your skills with your friends and peers. Let all your friends seen your best skills in motion.

Share your game recording skills with the world

Upload gameplay recording globally

Screen Recorder for iPhone has an integrated tool to share to community option. Livestream your video recordings and screenshots with other apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and more.


There is no need to switch through apps and have to upload your recording manually. Time to FaceTime all your friends and let them know that you can also use Airdrop to let your team see your progress. This  game recorder app streams your videos live seamlessly.

In Conclusion

With screen recorders readily available on the Apple App Store, the Screen Recorder is a ready-to-go and fun-filled app for you. Yes, iPhone offers an in-house screen recorder. Still, it is not nearly as advanced while being user-friendly as the Screen Recorder app.


For all the heavy-weight mobile gamers on iPhone, who frequently games hard and Livestream, the numerous tweaks and edit capabilities and commentary are a sure win. So, don’t wait for the next arena, opponent, or match; start saving your gameplay instantly and sharpen your skills with frequent revisits to your recorded content.

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