How to Screen Record Netflix on iPhone – A Complete Guide

How to screen record Netflix on iPhone

Netflix is an online streaming service with millions of users worldwide. It has an extensive collection of award-winning TV programs, movies, anime, documentaries, and other content. However, Netflix has a notorious habit of abruptly canceling or removing content from its platform. So, in such cases, you need to know how to screen record Netflix on iPhone.


You have a built-in screen recording feature on your iPhone, but any attempt to screen record TV shows or movies from your Netflix app will fail. The recording will go ahead without any problem, but in it all, you’ll see a black screen instead of your movie or show.


Is it illegal to screen record Netflix on iPhone or anywhere?


Yes and No.


Recording your Netflix content is breaking Netflix’s rules. In fact, even other streaming services don’t like screen recording their content. If you follow Netflix’s Terms of Use, section 4.6, you have agreed not to “reproduce, distribute, publish, license, create derivative works from, etc.,” their Netflix content. Doing so would violate copyright law. So, Netflix doesn’t want you to make any copy of their content, and to prevent it, they have offered a “Download” option for offline viewing.


However, if you use your Netflix screen recordings for personal use without any intention of distributing them, then it is free. It won’t be deemed a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and section 4.2 of Netflix’s Terms of Use.

Install the Screen Recorder for iPhone app for free. This app will help you to record your iPhone screen. Moreover, you can edit videos, add reactions, live stream on social platforms, and so on.

Can you screen record Netflix on iPhone?


The answer is yes.


One would assume you could easily capture Netflix with your iPhone’s built-in screen recorder or a third-party screen recorder app. After all, screen recording is a very straightforward process.


However, with the help of Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), streaming services such as Netflix can block screen recordings and screenshots. When trying to screen record or capture a screenshot, you’ll see a black screen.


So, if you are only going to use the native or third-party screen recorder on Netflix, you’ll see a black screen. Nevertheless, you can screen capture Netflix movies from your iPhone using a hack.


You can also read our in-depth post on how to screen record Netflix on Mac.

How to screen record Netflix on iPhone without a black screen


We’ll show you how to record Netflix on iPhone without the black screen in this article. Though the steps required to perform this task are straightforward, there’s still something you need to do first.


You need a Netflix account with an active subscription. Next, check to see if your iPhone has enabled the built-in screen recording function or if you need to download a third-party screen recorder app. And most importantly, you need to install the Rave – Watch Party app for free from the App Store.


So, here are the step-by-step guidelines on how to screen record Netflix on iPhone.

Step 1: Install and launch the Rave app on your iPhone


Rave is a video stream syncing app that allows users to start or join virtual parties with content streamed from platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and many more. Also, you can chat using voice or text messages with other people joining in the Rave.


So, you can download the Rave – Watch Party app from the App Store for free. After that, when you open the app, you’ll be asked to create an account. Luckily, you can make your Rave account using your Facebook, Twitter, Apple ID, VK, and Gmail account.


Step 2: Start screen recording on your iPhone

The next step for you would be to start the screen recording feature on your iPhone. You can either use your iPhone’s native screen recording tool or get a third-party screen recorder app. However, you would need to perform edits on your video screen recordings to trim unwanted clips and some other changes. So, with an app like the Screen Recorder for iPhone, you’ll get a built-in video editor. It would help you give your recordings some final touches before it is completely ready.

First, you need to ensure that the “Screen Recording” feature is enabled on your iPhone’s Control Center. If it isn’t, then open your iPhone’s Settings > Control Center and then tap on the “green plus +” button beside the “Screen Recording” option.

Whether it is your native or third-party screen recorder, you can start it from your iPhone’s Control Center. You don’t need to exit from the Rave account to begin your screen recording.


Here’s how:

  • Open the Control Center from your iPhone home screen by swiping down from the upper-right.
  • After that, touch and hold on to the “Grey screen recording” icon. (If you just tap the screen recording icon, it will start the native screen recorder, and you might not have the microphone turned on.)
  • Under the “Screen Recording” option, you’ll find that Photos is selected as the default app, which is the location where your recording will be saved. Alternatively, you can choose your third-party screen recorder app from the list.
  • Then turn on the “Microphone” icon to record the sound of your video. And afterward, tap on the “Start Recording” or the “Start Broadcast” option to begin your screen recording.

Step 3: Start a rave with Netflix on your iPhone


The next step would be to sign in, create a Netflix party on the Rave app, and start watching it. So, here’s how to start a rave with Netflix on iPhone:

Start screen record on Netflix on iPhone via the Rave app 01
  • On your account with the Rave – Watch Party app, tap on the “Plus +” button located in the bottom-right corner.
  • You can start screen recording on your iPhone before starting your Netflix video from the Control Center.
Start screen record on Netflix on iPhone via the Rave app 02
  • Next, select “Netflix” from the list of streaming platforms supported by Rave appears.
  • Then log in to your Netflix account with your credentials and play a movie or show that you want to record.
  • After you’ve enjoyed your Netflix show or movie, end the screen recording.

How to screen record Netflix on iPhone without an app


This trick of recording Netflix shows or movies is full-proof and doesn’t require any third-party or native apps. This method requires you to record your Netflix video on your iPhone with another device. Most preferably with another iPhone device. One thing to remember is that recording and sharing Netflix videos for purposes other than personal use may violate copyright laws. So we do not recommend in any way to use these recordings for non-personal or commercial use. Keep reading this guide on how to screen record Netflix on iPhone.


Steps on how to record Netflix on iPhone with another device:

  • Ensure that the room you’re going to record in has little or no background noise.
  • Play Netflix on your iPhone with high volume and take another video recorder device or iPhone camera.
  • Record the screen of your iPhone that is playing Netflix with the second iPhone.
  • Once your recording is complete, you could share your Netflix video recording with your iPhone.



You won’t be able to screen record videos from your Netflix app on your iPhone as you’ll get a black screen on your recordings. Luckily for you, we’ve shared a successful method on how to screen record Netflix on iPhone.


Another major issue for Netflix users is the inability to watch geo-blocked content. So, if you want to circumvent the location restrictions, find out how to use VPN on Netflix.

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