10 Best Spam Call Blocker Apps for iPhone

Call blocker apps for iPhone

Unwanted and fake calls are more than common for anyone using a smartphone. Every day, we get calls on our iPhone devices from unknown numbers, telemarketers, robots, and whatnot. Call blocker apps for iPhone can essentially save you this misery and stop spam calls for good.


If you’re tired of unsolicited calls on your iPhone and looking for means to stop them, look no further. Based on effectiveness and user reviews, we’ve gathered the best free downloadable spam call blocker apps for iPhone. Let’s take a look at the list in the following.

Best Free-To-Download Spam Call Blocker App for iPhone | Top 10 Choices

Call blocker apps for iPhone work better than iPhone’s traditional call blocking system. Why? Because they come with numerous other features and access to a large database of scammers for prior alerts.

Here’s a List of Top 10 Spam Call Blocker Apps for iPhone

  • Call Blocker for iPhone
  • Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker
  • Nomorobo Robocall Blocking
  • Truecaller
  • Call Control
  • T-Mobile Scam Shield
  • Call Blocker: Block spam calls
  • Hiya: Spam Phone Call Blocker
  • TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID
  • Numbo: Blacklist & Spam Block
Call Blocker for iPhone

Call Blocker for iPhone is the ideal app to stop robocalls and block unknown callers on iPhone. Unlimited call blocking, spam listing, and spam call alert system easily makes this app one of the best calls blocker for iPhone. Its functions are easy and effective; just access your contact list to block or unblock a number anytime.


You can also add a number manually on this iPhone app to block unknown callers. What’s more, its spam caller listing feature lets you categorize the types of unknown numbers with tags. For instance, you can put distinctive flags like Spam, Fraud calls, Prank, Robocaller, Threats, etc.


In addition, activate your spam call alert to block telemarketing calls and robocalls even before they reach you. All the features promise precision and effective call blocking, making it the best call blocker app for iPhone.


Key features of the Call Blocker for iPhone app

  • Block and unblock any types of unwanted calls
  • Unlimited numbers of call blocking
  • Access iPhone contact list or add numbers manually to block messages and calls
  • Personal spam list with categorized flags: Spam, Fraud, Threats, Telemarketer, Robocaller, Survey, etc.
  • Spam call alert
  • Extensive database of scam numbers

Learn how to block a number on iPhone

Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker

Robo Shield lets you filter calls to prevent annoying spam calls on your iPhone. Being one of the most innovative apps to block spam calls, it comes with custom call blocking and scan protection. In other words, you can stop telemarketing calls, robocalls, and any unasked calls with custom tags to prevent them.


Key features

  • Custom call blocking
  • Scam number protection and identification
  • Reverse number lookup
  • Call protection database
Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

Nomorobo is a popular app for blocking incoming calls on iPhone regardless of the caller. So whether it’s a robot call, telemarketer, or fraud, you can stop them simply by adding to the blocklist. Nomorobo Robocall Blocking app also comes with real-time protection and alerts for phone scammers and frauds to protect your privacy.


Key features

  • Identify and block robocalls
  • Block spam text messages
  • Best spoof call blocker app
Truecaller call blocking app

Trucaller is undoubtedly one of the best spam call blockers for iPhone with powerful call blocking features. Block messages and calls with this app to avoid annoying callers all day. You can also identify spam calls even before receiving them with the help of Truecaller’s vast database. On the other hand, Trucaller has a unique feature where you can identify unknown numbers and find the names of any caller on your iPhone.


Key features

  • Block spam calls and SMS
  • Identify and receive alerts for scammers
  • Large database of spam numbers
  • Lookup names and contact info of unknown numbers
Call Control

Call Control easily makes the cut in this list of best call blocker apps for iPhone. Block spam calls on iPhone and avoid millions of spammers, telemarketers, and robocallers. What’s more, you can block potential spam calls and frauds using the Alert section of this app. Add numbers to the blocklist simply by accessing your contact list and unblock them anytime.


Key features

  • Block any contact number
  • Stop spam calls on iPhone
  • Automatic alert for potential scam numbers
T-Mobile Scam Shield

T-Mobile uses a robust scam shield to block spam calls on iPhone and prevents any scammers from reaching the user. Its advanced network technology and built-in protection system take notes on millions of robocallers and list them in a database. It’s essentially used to block unwanted calls on iPhone and sending prior alerts for potential spammers.


Key features

  • Advanced scam shield to protect users from scammers
  • Report spam calls for future protection
  • Block custom numbers on iPhone
Call Blocker Block spam calls

This particular Call Blocker app recognizes dangerous phone numbers and blocks them to avoid spammers effectively. Identify and report potential phone scams and suspicious numbers annoying you every day. You can also block spoof calls on iPhone and common scammers using this spam call blocker app.


Key features

  • Block a number on iPhone from potential scammers
  • Identify commercial calls to block telemarketing calls
  • Report suspicious phone numbers
Hiya Spam Phone Call Blocker

Hiya is a popular call filter app to block pesky fraud callers on your iPhone. Its fast and secure call identifying feature allows you to block phone numbers on iPhone from anyone with ease. Moreover, you can view the caller ID of any unknown person with this app. It also has a phone book manager to organize your contacts and keep them accurate at all times.


Key features

  • Powerful and fast call blocker
  • Phone spam protection
  • Reveal unknown caller ID
TrapCall Reveal No Caller ID

TrapCall is a useful app to unmask no caller IDs on your iPhone and identify unsolicited calls. Track down stalkers, scammers, and fraud callers to protect your privacy and block them for good. You can also use the spam list database to get a prior alert for spam calls automatically.


Key features

  • Reveal no caller ID and block suspicious phone numbers
  • Identify frauds and ensure safety
  • Spam call alert for seamless protection
Numbo Blacklist & Spam Block

Numbo call blocking app comes with a large spam number database to filter all calls received on your iPhone. Featuring one of the best spam call blockers for iPhone, it detects caller IDs and looks them up for potential threats. What’s more, it has the reverse phone lookup feature and personalized blacklist for maximum flexibility.


Key features

  • Block unknown callers on iPhone
  • Stop spam calls and telemarketing calls
  • Inbuilt scam numbers database and SMS filter


Call blocker apps for iPhone can solve the daily hassle we all face from unwanted and spam callers. Choose your preferred app and learn how to get rid of unwanted calls and block a number on iPhone.

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