How to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone: Block Unwanted Calls for Good

How to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone

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Do you get a lot of telemarketing and spam phone calls? Do you always wonder how to stop spam calls on iPhone? Don’t worry anymore! There are apps on iPhone that can stop spam and robocalls using call blockers. Download the Call Blocker app for iPhone to entirely stop those unwanted and annoying phone calls.

Whether it is spam, robocalls, or telemarketing calls – use the Call Blocker app to block their numbers on your iPhone. Here are some instructions you could follow to deal with those pesky and unwanted callers.

How to stop spam calls on iPhone?

Your iPhone does have a built-in function that allows you to block particular phone numbers. However, if you want to entirely eliminate robocalls, blocking specific numbers one by one is a futile undertaking.


Even your mobile carriers are offering you a call blocking tool. You may also register your number on the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry, albeit this wouldn’t prevent unscrupulous telemarketers from ringing you.


Still, you will be receiving a barrage of unwanted phone calls daily. Robocalls & spam calls simply will not go away. Telemarketers’ calls always seem to return, no matter how hard you attempt to ignore them.


So, apps like Call Blocker for iPhone come in handy. It can easily stop spammers from troubling you again. It is these features that make this app one of the best spam call blocker apps for iPhone. Here, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to stop spam calls on iPhone.

How to stop spam calls on iPhone using the Call Blocker app?

The Call Blocker for iPhone app has features that will help you to combat spammers. You will no longer have to ponder how to stop spam calls on iPhone using this app.


Simply follow the steps below to avoid receiving those troublesome telemarketing calls in the future.

  • Install the Call Blocker for iPhone app if you haven’t already
  • Easily block unwanted phone numbers on your iPhone, or
  • Report numbers as spam
  • Put those numbers on a spam list under categories like spam, robocall, telemarketer, spam text, prank call and threat

Block a phone number & create a personal blocklist

Stopping robocalls will not happen overnight, but there are actions you can do to halt those irritating and occasionally dangerous calls. Although your iPhone has a built-in feature to block phone numbers, you can do it much more easily with the Call Blocker app.

block cell phone number

Follow the simple steps below on how to block numbers and add them to the blocklist.

  • Launch the Call Blocker app,
  • Tap on the “Contacts” section to access all your iPhone numbers
  • Select the number(s) you want to block and tap on “Block”
  • The number(s) will be added to your “Blocklist”
  • Or, on “Blocklist” section, tap on “+” to manually add unknown numbers

Once you have restricted someone, their number will be added to the “Blocklist”. You will never receive any calls or messages from them. If you know someone but don’t like that person, then you can add them to this blocklist. If you have censored someone by mistake or you no longer want to block someone, then you can un-block their numbers.

Report phone numbers as spam or robocaller

The difference between your blocklist and spam list is that the numbers added to the blocklist cannot call you. Whereas numbers added to your spam list can still call you, the app will alert you of their spam status.

spam callers

Adding numbers on the spam list is almost similar to the steps mentioned in the previous section. Instead of blocking the selected numbers, you have to report them as spam. This will add them to your personal list and the Call Blocker app’s database of spam numbers. Also, you can add spam callers directly to the list by simply tapping on the (+) sign.


The Call Blocker for iPhone has an extensive database of phone numbers of spammers, robocallers, or telemarketers collected from users’ spam lists and other call blocker registries. So, when you receive calls from numbers from either your spam list or the database, you will be immediately notified.

Categorize spam calls, robocalls on your personal list

types of spam calls

Keep the scammers at bay by creating your own unique spam list. Add numbers to your Spam List with individual flags from categories including robocallers, survey spam, text message, and prank calls by selecting call type from the drop-down menu.


You may categorize spam callers with your own tags, and a clear list may be used to avoid unwanted calls. Because of the built-in storage function, registering a number as spam will automatically identify future calls from a flagged number.

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Wrapping it up

The Call Blocker app for iPhone is the best application for stopping spam calls, robocalls, fraud calls, and telemarketing calls. You will get more effective results using this app instead of using other call blocking applications or methods.


Telemarketers or robocallers constantly use different phone numbers to call you. But immediately adding them to your Spam list database will prevent them from troubling you again. If you’re a victim of fraudulent calls, have a stalker, or want to do a good deed by notifying others about spammers, try our Call Blocker app for iPhone.

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