The Best Deep Sleep App for iPhone to Help Fall Asleep Using Relaxing Music

Fall asleep to deep relaxing music

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  • The need for proper insomnia therapy apps using music for deep sleep
  • Relaxing sounds and how they help people fall asleep fast
  • The use of sounds from nature and its benefits
  • Steps on how to make a ready mix of sleep music and melodies

Let’s begin

When it comes to deep sleep music, one must choose the perfect mind-soothing melodies to listen to. Let’s keep it real; not all sounds and music are considered music therapy to help with rising insomnia cases. That is why we would like to recommend an app called Sleep Sounds & White Noise for iPhone.


With the rise of insomnia in many nations like the USA and Europe, sleep assist apps are a handy tool to have around. Sleep Sounds & White Noise takes you into a state of deep sleep. Usually, listening to music depends on the conversion of sound waves coming into an ear, turning into electrical signals in the brain.


While the brain translates these noises, numerous physical effects are triggered within the body. Most promote sleep and or reduces issues that get in the way of sleep.

How relaxing sounds and music therapy can help you fall asleep

Studies tell us that soft music increases sleep due to its effects on managing specific hormones, including the stress hormone called cortisol. Having a high level of cortisol and daily stress can make you more alert at night, leading to poor sleep. Music can lower cortisol levels.


Music activates dopamine which is a hormone released connected to the pleasure center in our brains. Because of this good feel hormone, people can fall asleep quicker with relaxing sounds and music like a waterfall sound effect or rainfall sleep music.

Fall asleep to deep nature sounds and sleep music

Enjoy music and sounds from nature for a deep sleep

With various sound effects and natural sounds such as soft rain, waterfall, and forest recorded from the most authentic sources, this relaxing sleep music app suspends any disturbance in your surroundings. It takes you to a land of peace and a better headspace that can cure insomnia.


Constant stress and anxiety lead to a lack of sleep. Relaxing tunes puts forth the inner peace insomnia sufferers need. Sleep Sound & White Noise brings joy to all listeners with immersive deep sleep music for both adults and kids with its customizable features. Play soothing lullaby songs for the children in your home. Try dreamy and mystical sounds to take you on a journey into a land of peace while in your bedroom.


With the help of natural melodies, white noises & night sounds effect put a wall between your sleep and the annoyance of outside noises & drama. Enjoy the high-quality recording of pretty birds, jungle noises, waterfall & other tranquil sounds to calm your soul and mind.

Create your own sleep music mix

Make a ready mix to treat sleep anxiety

This nap-friendly app lets you compose melodies according to your mood by mixing and matching many prerecorded audio samples. Self-created playlists are influential because it has been designed especially for helping the user with sleep deficiency.


Here are 3 simple steps on how you can create your sleep mix and get weekly recommendations,

Step 1:

Download the Sleep Sounds & White Noise app from the App Store for free to get started on your deep sleep journey.

Step 2:

Pick your favorite instrument from a band, or pick soothing tunes like ASMR, ambient sound, rain sound, melody, and white noises.

Step 3:

Create your ideal library of peaceful sounds and take control of your sleep anxiety and sleep problems with relaxing sleep music.

In addition, get recommendations based on your unique tastes. Discover new music every night to keep you up to date and relaxed. Plus, get eye-pleasing background animation of waterfalls, ocean sounds, and campfires that keep running while playing your sleeping music to support the transition between nature and listener.


Listen to the sounds of favorite destinations like beach cities and old country towns. Engulf your senses with the soft humming sound of bees in an Egyptian flower garden. You can also try the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the beaches of Bali. The options are many.

Sleep to a good bedtime story

Listen to soothing bedtime stories

While music is helpful for deep sleep, for many, so are bedtime stories. Bedtime stories may not be a dedicated music track or melody. Still, they can combine many songs and vocal audio clips. Sleep stories can also be helpful for young users who are seeking deep sleep with the aid of an app.


The sleep sounds & white noise app includes enchanting stories such as dreamy, fairy tales, motivational stories, and more. Bestseller novels and short stories are available in the sound mixer and will be easy on the ears. Plus, children can benefit from famous Disney titles and other fairy tale stories like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Myths of the Baby Dragon. Giving your little ones sound sleep will be a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Try music therapy with a deep music sleep app

In conclusion, music is a no-brainer when it comes to a person looking for deep sleep. With its natural benefits that increase dopamine levels in human beings, it is no surprise that users often resort to listening to a relaxing tune at bedtime.


In recent times, the National Institute of Health revealed new ways that music can benefit health in their research. An example of this is that in 2017 the National Institutes of Health partnered with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to announce the Sound Health Initiative. The program initiative supports research that focuses on using music in health care settings and has already funded several projects.


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