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There are millions of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people in today’s world. The need for fitness apps is on the rise. Today, we will get in-depth with the Fasting App for iPhone. This powerful app keeps track of things like your weight, food, and macronutrients (macros) efficiently. With a built-in calorie calculator and healthy food recipes, you will tell all your weight watcher friends, “I have found my fitness pal.”

Obesity and the need for intermittent fasting

With the rise of obesity worldwide, the World Population review says countries like the USA, UK, and newcomers from the middle east like Kuwait and UAE are currently among the most overweight countries on earth. Many doctors and health experts blame this due to fast food, binge eating, lack of walking, and other exercises. With fast-food chains readily becoming available at every other corner and healthier alternatives lacking, people tend to look for quick high calories and high carbohydrate meal on a day-to-day basis.

What are macros?

Macro is short for macronutrients. There are three categories of nutrients. These provide you with most of your energy, like carbohydrates, fats, and protein. As a result, when counting your macros, you’re mainly counting the number of grams of proteins, carbs, or grease that you’re consuming. If you ever wonder, “how many calories should I eat a day?” with an integrated calorie intake calculator, let our app be your low-carb manager.

Make a custom intermittent fasting routine

Make fasting fun

Make a checklist and get in shape. Our app intelligently stores all your requirements and suggests ways to implore your diet and lifestyle for macro maintenance. Create various lists for specific fasting plans like intermittent fasting. Go all in or take it slow with intermittent fasting plans for every type of dieter. And when it’s time to eat, enjoy a vast nutrition tracker with over 2 million food items. All foods are completely customizable. Enter your food in any serving size or edit an existing food to be any serving size you want.

Fasting plans are important because they are intended to reduce your weight and maintain it naturally. If you follow a fasting plan, your discipline increases. Keep an eye on it all with our easy-to-use app.

Make a goal and calculate your macros

Keep track of macros with featured graphs and charts

You have a target, so reach it easily with our Fasting App. Whether you fast daily or only a couple of times a month, our easy-to-use fasting app will assist you in monitoring your macro levels. Set your target and track your results. Start by setting up your personal details like weight, height, and age. This app also features crucial reminders like fast start and end reminders.

Why calculating macros are important?

Macro counting is beneficial because people of many different lifestyles and body types can adjust to it. Since you’re allowed to eat real foods without starving yourself, it’s a flexible type of dieting. Macros are custom-tailored to a specific person and their body.

What do you gain by counting macros?

Counting macros can help in losing belly fat and maintain lean muscle mass while keeping your body satisfied. Crucial for overweight people and fitness enthusiasts around the globe. Macro counting lets you get an idea of where those calories are originating from and how your body is affected by them. It also tells you that not all calories are equal. Say you have a calorie goal of 2,000 a day. One gram of protein would be a total of 4 calories.

Integrated step counter

Count your steps to verify the calorie burnt. Very useful after a post-meal workout. No need to guess how far you have walked today during your cardio sessions. Our app has a plan offers distance traveled with feet, miles, and kilometer metrics. Know other vitals of your evening walk like pace, speed, and location tagging. And, with our calorie counter, keep track of it all with precision.

Drink water regularly

Stay hydrated

A lot of people forget to drink water throughout their day. Sometimes it’s because of workload pressure, forgetfulness, and drinking beverages like soft and sports drinks. This is as bad as not eating healthy. Keep track of your water consumption with the Fasting App. With its graphs and charts, know when and how much you will drink.

Share your weight progress online

Let your results be known

Our app has an integrated fitness community feature. Proud of your results? Show your hard work off to your buddies and siblings. Our app takes all your graphs and stats with a simple tap and shares them with your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let your results speak for themselves and watch others join in.

In conclusion

The fasting app for iPhone is the ultimate solution for your fitness app needs. This carb-management app will surely help all fitness freaks and those on their weight loss journeys with many intuitive features. If the macro is your focus, the Fasting app comes in handy to monitor your food intake and fasting requirements. With helpful weight loss tips, daily calorie intake, this calorie counter app has it all.

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