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Article By: Nasim Usman - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: November 21, 2021
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You cannot ignore the importance of an interpreter or a language translator in a foreign land, especially in a country where the native language isn’t English. When you need an instant live interpreter by your side, all you have to do is to download the Translator : Translate Voice app for free on your iPhone and iPad.

Whether translating Spanish to English, Russian to English, English to Italian, English to Arabic, or any other languages you can think of, Translator can interpret them all. Besides, the Translator gained good user responses for its text to speech and live voice translation functionalities.

Touring with the Translator app

Recently one of my cousins visited Spain for business purposes. As has doesn’t understand or speak English, he would have been preferred a professional interpreter. But unfortunately, the recent pandemic was a barrier. He couldn’t find anyone helpful, but what helped him throughout the tour was the Translator app on his iPhone.

The Translator app constantly assisted my cousin when conversing with native people for regular inquiries and also helped his way out when discussing businesses with Spanish corporates. The Translator app remained so responsive and helpful in that Spain tour that some local Spanish apprentices took the information of this app from him and installed it on their phones then and there.

What can you find in the Translator app?

Screenshot of app feature, voice to text translation with 30+ languages

Translator app is simple, with no excess clutters anywhere. When you launch this iOS-based interpreter, you’ll land directly on the Translator application’s voice translator functionality. Here you will get a clean language altering and choosing option.


Change the language you want the app to listen to and the preferred language that will come out from the app after interpretation. Check out this how-to guide to find out how to convert speech to text with the Translator app for iPhone.

Having a fantastic mobile translator means the particular app must have an extensive library of languages that this iOS app can recognize instantly. Translator app, in this context, can identify more than 30 different languages and give precise interpretations in live conversation scenarios.

Install the Translator : Translate Voice app for free on your iPhone. You’ll be able to translate text and speech across multiple languages. 

A practical tool built for everyone

Assisting deaf people with a translator app

Having a translator on your iPhone can be a good assistant for hearing-impaired or deaf individuals. In a live scenario, the translated phrases and statements first get automatically typed onto the screen. The perfect way to assist a person for whom voice reply is of no value.

This universal digital interpreter is an iOS-based tool that works only on iPhone or iPad. The reason behind this is that the app is developed for mobile usage. Suppose you are in a foreign land or conversing with a friend who doesn’t understand your mother tongue.


It is pretty impractical for you to fetch your colossal laptop every time for an online translator. So the most optimized way is to possess a compact yet versatile mobile app-based translator that works excellent in any given instance and moment.

A resourceful library of templates

Screenshot of a rich library of Pre-set templets

Time is precious, and every moment counts, especially during a live conversation. Suppose you are at Starbucks in Germany during rush hour and, you have to talk to a German waiter. You can’t use the voice translator efficiently in that boisterous environment.


The solution is a pre-programmed and already listed collection of translated templates. They include the most common queries and conversations used in public shops and services.

Key Features that make Translator app useful

A Wrap-up image of the app interfaces showing various functionality windows

Translator app is simple yet powerful and effective in a daily environment. This fantastic application gives some functional yet clean functionalities. So far in this blog, the functionalities are elaborately discussed. We want the whole thing one step easier for you to understand. Therefore, here are the highlighted features of the Translator app in brief for you:

  • One-tap to access the voice translator functionality
  • An extensive list of 30+ languages for interpreting purposes, for both listener and speaker ends.
  • A delicately responsive voice speech to textual representation facility
  • This iOS app has a well-categories Phrasebook containing 10+ environments. Each has at least ten pre-set templates covering the most common queries and conversations at any typical condition.
  • The templets work as an offline interpreter. Therefore, even if you don’t have wifi access, you can carry on basic emergency conversations with a person who doesn’t necessarily understand your spoken language.

Few end Suggestions

Speaking and Understanding different foreign languages are fascinating and often gets necessary. Like in traveling, foreign delegates handling, or simply communicating online with friends reciting on the other part of the world. The translator app, in this case, plays a vital role in creating a more meaningful communication path.


When in need of interpreting and making sensible conversation with a deaf individual in the group, we highly recommend you to download the Translator app. It’s free to download and fun to use. Also, it is one of the best translation apps for iPhone and iPad.

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