How to Unblur an Image on iPhone

how to unblur an image on iPhone

Before we begin


Did you take what you thought was a perfect photo and later notice that it was blurry? Would you delete the picture and lose it forever or try making the photo clearer? This comprehensive guide will show you how to unblur an image on iPhone.


However, if you’re trying to deblur a photo that has been deliberately blurred or pixelated, then you won’t get much success. You cannot restore such pictures to their unblurred state by any means. Photo blurring apps can only unblur photos that have been just blurred using their app, which is basically undoing their blurring effects.


This guide instead focuses on images that are a little unclear, grainy, or blurry and then tries to sharpen them to make them clearer. In this guide, we’ve tried multiple photo editing apps for unblurring an image on iPhone with varying results.

Before deep-diving into the methods to unblur images on iPhone, we should talk about an app that will enable you to blur part of an image on an iPhone. Blur Photo Editor is the best app to blur part of an image on your iPhone. We have a blog on “How to Blur out Part of a Picture on iPhone“. You can read it. It will help you to learn the process of blurring a picture on an iPhone.

How to unblur an image on iPhone using photo-editing apps?


With photo sharpening tools, you could somewhat enhance the quality of your pictures. We’ve used both third-party photo editing apps and your iPhone’s native Photos app to unblur your image.


Snapseed, Fotor, and Adobe Lightroom are some of the best photo-enhancing apps that you can find for your iPhone. Continue reading this post to learn the step-by-step process of how to unblur an image on iPhone.

How to unblur a photo on iPhone with Snapseed?

how to unblur an image on iPhone using Snapseed

Snapseed is a great picture editing app that is totally free. It has a large number of tools that help you enhance your picture quality. So, if you have a blurry photo, then use Snapseed’s photo sharpening tool to improve its clarity. Before you proceed further, the first thing you should do is install the Snapseed app for free from the App Store.


Steps on how to unblur an image on iPhone using Snapseed:

  • Launch the Snapseed app
  • Next, tap on “Plus +” or “OPEN” to import your blurry picture
  • Then tap on the “TOOLS” tab at the bottom of the taskbar
  • After that, select “Details” from the tools section
  • Then slide your finger up to select “Sharpening” and down to choose “Structure”
  • When you select either Sharpening or Structure, also move the slider at the top of the screen
  • Once you’re able to make your photo clearer, tap on the “Done” tick mark icon.
  • After that, tap on “EXPORT” to save your image.

How to unblur an image on iPhone with Fotor

How to unblur an image on iPhone with Fotor

Another amazing photo editing app is Fotor. It is also a popular online picture editing app. Fotor offers multiple image sharpening tools which you can use to make your pictures less blurry. You can download this app for free with in-app purchases for specific premium tools. Luckily, its unblur tools are free and don’t require any subscriptions.


Steps on how to make a picture clearer on iPhone with Fotor:

  • Open the Fotor app
  • Tap on the “Plus +” button
  • Select your blurry photo
  • Then tap on “ADJUST” from the bottom toolbar
  • Next, swipe-right and select “SHARPNESS”
  • After that, move the slider to improve the sharpness of your picture
  • Also, you can use other photo enhancement tools (If necessary)
  • Finally, tap on “Save” after completion

Find out how to unblur a picture on iPhone with the Adobe Lightroom app


Adobe Lightroom is also a great photo editor app compatible with different kinds of devices, like iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. It is a well-known app which makes it very popular. Although this app is free to install, some features require paid subscriptions. Fortunately, the sharpening tool of Lightroom is free to use.


Steps on how to make a picture less blurry on iPhone with Adobe Lightroom:

  • Open the Adobe Lightroom app and tap on the gallery icon to import your blurry picture from iPhone
  • At the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, swipe-right to tap on “Detail”
  • After that, try changing the Sharpening, Radius, Detail, and Masking control to make your picture clearer
  • In addition, you can make some more tweaks (if needed) from the toolbar
  • After completion, tap on the “Upload” symbol to save your unblurred photo

How to unblur an image on iPhone with the Photos app


You can also sharpen your blurry picture with your iPhone’s native Photos app. This tool is perfect to meet your simple photo enhancing needs. However, you cannot expect the best quality results from the Photos app.


Steps on how to unblur a photo on iPhone with the Photos app:

  • Open your Photos app and select the blurry picture that you’d want to unblur
  • Next, move the control slider to the right to enhance the sharpness of your photo
  • Then tap on “Edit” and then swipe-right on the toolbar on the editing page to select “Sharpness”
  • Additionally, you can make other tweaks such as contrast or brightness (if necessary)
  • After that, tap on “Done” to save your enhancements

Closing thoughts


A grainy or blurry picture should not be a cause for concern. Nowadays, there are apps for almost everything, including for unblurring parts of an image. There are hundreds of picture editing apps out there for your iPhone. We’ve shared four different apps in this guide, and our first choice would be Snapseed. This app is entirely free and also offers an incredible range of editing tools.


However, try a photo blurring app if you want to blur a picture on iPhone, like blurring a photo background or pixelating someone’s face.

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