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Whether you are a professional video editor or a casual editor whose work limits up to cropping video clips to preserve precious family moments. For this, you need a video editor tool to edit videos on iPhone. The video editing skill can go mobile once a quality video editor is installed on your phone, tablet, or pc.

This blog highlights an iOS application called the Video Editor. It is an intelligent app that can edit and enhance. You may even put additional songs and audio effects to a video on your iPhone and iPad. Now you must be wondering how to get it?

Simply download the Video Editor from the Apple App Store to your iPhone and iPad. Then, begin to set your footprint in the exciting field of video editing and enhancements. Keep reading this blog until the end. You will come across several useful features the Video Editor app readily offers in real scenarios.

Video editor on the go?

It is not always possible to carry a laptop or desktop everywhere. Does that mean video trimming and enhancing will remain at a halt? No, the video editor app is specially developed to edit videos on iPhone and iPad. So, that you can work on video configuring whenever and wherever you go.

The application is kept handy yet useful enough to deal with any onboard media file. It supports all the latest Apple phones that have iOS 9.3 or later versions and iPads that have passed at least OS 9.3. If you have a passion for movie making or video content creating, this app can readily come in handy.

Now you have a chance to unleash your inner creativity to edit videos on iPhone. Edit a video clip you have just recorded from your phone and make a jaw-dropping short film on the go. No heavyweight video editing application or high configured desktop is needed. All it needs is an active iPhone or iPad and the video editor app.

Essential Features of this video making app


Video editor is pretty straightforward as far as its functionalities are concerned. The iOS application interfaces three well-defined modules; Gallery, Camera, and Video. The Gallery pins in all existing media clips in the phone storage.

The next option is the camera module. Don’t waste those extra seconds stepping out from the app platform to switch between the device’s default camera module. You might miss the perfect moment! Video editor integrates one for the user’s convenience.


Now you can start shooting the video instantaneously straight from the application. Following that option comes the video module. Here showcase all the final video clips that scream out your video editing skills and creativity. All your video projects are kept organized in this drawer.

You can pull out any media content from this video container and start adding background audios that you can separately select from various external sources, crop and trim individually and implement on your video content.

Snip-out unwanted instances with a smooth video trimmer


Basic container functionalities are standard in most other typical iOS apps in the video configuring niche. But what makes the Video editor app distinct from others is its core facilities in the bucket. One of them is the video trimming facility.


You can’t think of a video amending application without having a video trimmer. Now you can trim out excess contents from your video smoothly and way faster without any extra complicacy.

Remove background noises and add melodies of your choice


You don’t want the hustle and bustle in your video background. Say, for example, you don’t want excess distractions in the background of your short film that you are trying to make in a suburban area.


With the video editor app, you can simply cut off the original audio from the video clip and replace it with a customizable track. You can source the audio file either from the existing library in the device, iTunes, or simply record a fresh one.

Key features at a glance


Video editor for iPhone and iPad features several distinct functionalities that seem simple at first glance but very useful as far as video editing is concerned. To make things simpler to understand, here are the key features you will get when using this app:

  • A standard gallery to park all video contents in the device storage.
  • An integrated camera module for instant access to video shooting.
  • Garage all your finished projects in the video drawer of the app. You can further edit and enhance your video clip here.
  • The app can separate an audio file from your video clip and replace the existing sound with a more customizable one.
  • Get audio files from external sources such as iTunes, sound files from device storage, and voice or audio records.
  • The app comes up with a complete video cutter tool. With this, you can trim your video clip short and keep only the useful portion to you.
  • Select and save finished content into your device and share the finished product with your social network online.

Drawing Summary

Video editor is undoubtedly a helpful app. It opens up a window of creativity before you consider having fonds of content creation and video development. Video Editor is easily accessible from the App Store, and further development scopes are kept available for other improvements. Most importantly, this gives you instant access to snip video files per your requirement and gives you the freedom to choose your favorite track as background sound.

However, this particular app is limited to video editing processes. It does not go parallel with the image editing and enhancing part, which again is another significant demand in the app market. Fortunately, our proactive team of iOS developers has come up with a photo editor in the market.


Anyways. If you want to try our brilliantly developed video editor, visit the App Store and free download Video Editor. If you are more into photo editing, don’t forget to read the blog on our brilliant Photo Editor app.

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